Monday, March 5, 2012

Blast From The Past! 2nd Time @ an Adult Theater by Lustman Al

Doc here with the 2nd report from Lustman Al.  His first entry was solid, and this one doesn't disappoint.

Here is Lustman Al and his 2nd time at an adult theater...


Dear Good Doctor:

Pursuant to my last email about my first time, I wanted to describe what really got me hooked on Adult Theaters.

As previously mentioned in my first outing in Cleveland, I wanted to go back and explore the other adult theater in town and go to one where no body might see me venture in.  I had wanted to visit the Heights Art Theater in Cleveland Heights as they were showing "Insatiable" staring Marilyn Chambers (oh we miss her)  but I didn't have the kahunas to go venture there as it was in a very populated residential district.
Paris Art Theatre
Cleveland, OH c.1974
What I did settle on was to go the the Paris Art Theater on West 25th in Cleveland.  Think it was evening time as I paid the man in the booth out front the fee and went inside.  The theater had a main foyer and then you went either to the right or left as that is where the entrance ways to the theater were.  The theater had a main center row section and right an left side sections.  It was a fairly large theater and could seat quite a lot of people. 

I took a seat about 6 rows from the back in the middle and watched the porn movies playing.  Can't say I remember what was on but I do recall hearing voices behind me in the last row.  Turning to look there was a couple sitting back there.  He was 50 ish, medium build, graying hair, business suit dressed.  Beside him was this absolutely, drop dead gorgeous blond who was wearing (I saw later) a black mini skirt, black Fuck Me Pumps and black hose.  Several men had gathered around them and they played, she gave him head and after a while they got up and walked out. I quickly followed and being the stupid, naive kid I was asked her if she was an escort to which she said not we are just a couple.

Well that's all it took from then on out.  This "thing of ours" had me hooked and I no longer went to the theaters every chance I got to watch the pornos but rather to view and hopefully hook up with the couples that went there.

Lustman Al.


Thanks to Lustman Al for another glimpse from the golden days of adult theaters.  His next report, chronicles his visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater and Bookstore in Melrose Park, IL.


Doc here with a Bob in Biloxi Two-fer!  No coupons accepted.  Prior sales excluded.

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

I had the opportunity to attend both Friday and Saturday nights at our quaint little theater and ABS in Biloxi this weekend.

On Friday I was to meet with the Red Headed Angel from previous reports, the King’s of Leon sing a song about her “Your sex is on fire”, she’s a petite little red head. I described her as favoring Christina Hendricks, and last night she was dressed in thigh high boots, a blue skirt and a pullover beige top.
Bob in Biloxi
We keep in touch via text; my mission was to secure a booth so the cock blockers and confused folks wouldn’t interfere with her pleasure. So I went in 20 mins ahead of time and simply went to a booth and leaned the chair against the wall and waited. It happened that while the back of the chair was against the wall, my shoulder was even with the hole. There must have been 6 or 7 “curious” folks that poked my shoulder with their finger (yes it was a finger). I would respond by slamming the wall with my elbow. This seemed to deter anyone from using that booth, because “Red and Hub” were able to walk right in and close the door to the booth next to me. I think that’s a novel idea, instead of playing musical booths and dodge ball with the CB and CF. (cockblockers/confused folks).At any rate I also was able to procure a “coke crate” was mentioned before she is a petite lady, think of it as a booster seat for aligning her sweet spot to the hole!

She started out undressing... she reminds me of those classic fairy tale nymphs that rule the forest, very feminine, soft, sexy and curvy, and did I mention she also has the cutest little bubble butt? I took a chance and stuck my hand through the hole and just left it there, seconds later I was greeted by that bubble butt, she had backed that ass up on my hand, and then I was able to explore her more thoroughly. I have to say Doc, her pussy is soft, clean shaven (no stubble) I also discovered our little red head has a pierced clit!, as she let me explore until the blood was cut off from my arm due to the hole. That was very nice of her! I just hope she enjoyed the attention as much as I did.

I then replaced my arm with my cock; her tiny soft hands started coaxing the lucky guy, followed by her hot wet mouth. When she envelopes a cock with her mouth, you either have to be hanging on to something, or sitting down, because it will make your knees buckle, she’s just that talented. After several minutes of her oral circus I heard the sound of that “coke crate” sliding on the floor, this could only mean one thing! I was about to be rewarded with sheer paradise!

She aligned herself with my cock and slowly slid it into the hottest tightest, wet sock of velvet I’ve ever experienced. Kings of Leon were playing in my head, and I began to hear that old wall creak and moan as she assaulted it with her more than sculptured ass. She started out slow and became faster and faster, like she was on a mission, this went on for several more minutes. I’m trying to think of baseball scores, football plays, anything that will make this last longer, she had other ideas and in the end I was at her mercy.

I blasted at least five gallons of Bob’s pent up baby batter into her heavenly well, I tried to remain at least heavy as she kept pounding the wall, nature had other ideas and soon the poor soldier was limp and had to retreat out of paradise and back to the real world. At least he had a vacation early this year! I soon recovered enough to speak and said my thank you ma’am, I later learned confused folks came in after me and they soon left. Doc, this lady belongs in the record books as soon as you can find them. Please file under Mega-talent.

I later found out as I was coming into the ABS a couple was leaving out the front door, one scout told me they had been in and was servicing all comers. I never saw them so I can only describe what he told me, she was a slender blonde, wearing a striped dress and high heels. About it, but I think they came back several hours after the red-headed goddess left, but they were with another couple and played between the holes with each other. Then they were joining up in a booth and playing, this left one booth vacant and one of the semi scouts as able to enter, but didn’t receive any attention.
Down at the theater a couple came in, but not Bob’s deal, so it seems all the action was at the ABS.

Saturday was a totally different story, and not in a good way. 6 couples showed up at our Theater during the time I was there. The sad part is no one played. Only one was dressed to play. Two couples came into together, but they were the giggle and text type. The lady that was dressed up to play, sat on the back row shaking like a mouse being starred at by a herd of cats.

Later after I left one of my scouts talked to them, they told him they were just too scared to do anything because: 1. A group of lurkers were standing along the wall starring at them. 2. The guy in the baseball cap who barged over everyone else to sit next to them looked like a cop. 3. Guys would come in look at them and leave. 4. The black guy dressed in white looked he was giving signals to the baseball cap guy sitting next to them. Not a conductive atmosphere for couples last night at our theater. Management knows about the problems and has promised to “fix” them, however last night they were so busy up front in the retail section I don’t think they had a chance to take a peek. The remaining couples just watched the show. At one point the theater was so packed with confused folks and happy fella’s there was no place to sit.

Down at the ABS, the parking lot was overfull, but alas all were confused folks and happy fella’s, not one couple came through the door when I was there, total contrast from Friday night. I would say at least one third of the vehicles parked in the lot were happy fella’s car pooling with at least two per vehicle. Some cars had more!

That’s it for the Coast report Doc. I fear unless behavior is modified at our theater, it may be a long time before couples start to venture in and have a good time. I think that’s a problem nationwide and not indicative of just our theater. Good manners and common sense can go a long way, it was on vacation this last Saturday however.

Until next week Doc, everyone have a great week!



Thanks Bob for your usual stellar effort sir.  At least Friday night made the weekend a memorable one.


Flash! New Gloryhole Nancy Videos!

Doc here with the best news you have received all day...  The totally awesome Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T have shot over two new videos of Nancy doing her thing to a huge cock at their portable gloryhole, as well as a quick update.

Here is the insatiable Gloryhole Nancy...


Hi Doc!

Just wanted to let you know we're still alive and kicking LOL. 

We're still playing at our private gloryhole, but are still staying away from the bookstores here in Toledo. It's not worth the risk. We'll be in Columbus this weekend, hosting at our hotel room with our travel gloryhole so please feel free to let your readers know if they are in Columbus this weekend and could use a suck job from Nancy to get a hold of us! 

Take care Doc and we'll be sending pics soon....
p.s. A couple teaser vids of Nancy at our private hole...

Nancy and T


Doc here again... I am a couple of days late getting this report up, due to my time away from the office.  I hope they had a long stream a cocks to service in Columbus, and a large number of pics and videos to share with us.

Thanks again to the rockstar that is Gloryhole Nancy (and her guy T)!