Thursday, April 14, 2011

Field Report: Love Stuff in Cordele, GA by WM

Doc here with a Field Report from regular contributing Journal reporter, WM.  WM finds himself in Cordele, GA visiting an ABS/adult theater that has generated a lot of positive buzz: Love Stuff.  Let's see what WM uncovered...



On a recent business trip to Cordele, GA, I wanted to stop by and see the new and improved Love Stuff and all the changes they have made.  It had been several years since I had been in and at that time, it was just a store with no theater or booths. 

Love Stuff
Cordele, GA

I entered the store and browsed around checking everything out.  I ventured over to the new area and found the owner.  We chatted for a while and he showed me around.  I paid my fee and visited the Theater.  I was very impressed with the place as it is extremely clean.  With no couples in the Theater, I checked out the Booths and found them to be clean as well, with doors and a few with gloryholes.  Since there were no couples I walked back out to the store and looked around.  The staff there is top notched and makes you feel welcome.

Even though no couples visited the theater or booth area that night, there was a lot of couple traffic in the store area.  I saw 8 couples come in with a few peeking into the new area, but none wanted to stay.  Several of these couples had very good looking women and would have loved to have had the chance to see them visit the play areas.  I am heading back there next week and will plan to make a couple of stops and will report on my findings.



Doc here again... This is also the theater that new Couple's Report contributor Darkangel attended a couple of weeks ago.  More reports from Love Stuff are welcome, and I think that this theater will be something special.

Thanks to WM for another excellent report!