Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bonus Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! New, Never Seen Ms. PIPY Image!

Doc here, a man who some say loves the danger of condiments... On Thursday, The Good Doctor featured Ms. PIPY, and hot little blonde who has been a contributor here at The Journal for many years.  The response was great, as it normally is when she appears.

This morning, when doing some file maintenance for The Journal, I came across an image of Ms. PIPY I have not published.  Shame on The Good Doctor. 

So, without further delay or ado, please enjoy this new image of Ms. PIPY enjoying the company of some nice gentlemen at an adult theater.

International Flash Report! The Traveler Raises The Bar at 2x2 on Grand Canary Island

Doc here, a man who some say attempted to kayak across the Atlantic, only making it 14 nautical miles before remembering that he left the stove on, and had to return home. 

2017 reports here at The Journal are off to a great start!  Earlier this week, a dynamite report from Hugh Mungus writing about Mon Chalet in Aurora, CO, and now The Traveler raises the bar on his International Flash Reports!  

The Traveler visited a lifestyle club on Grand Canary Island named 2x2, and it is all sorts of awesome (the report and seemingly, the club).  I have also dropped in a few pics from 2x2's Facebook page to add some eye candy to the report.

I suggest dedicating some time to this report, perhaps re-reading it after an initial review. I did, and discovered things I missed on the first pass. A lot to digest (in a very good way).

Fire up a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and maybe even a spicy taco (Hi K!), and enjoy this great report from The Traveler!  Take it away, sir...

2x2 Lifestyle Club, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Doc, my travel for the summer of 2016 was coming to a close but I had one last stop planned and it turned out to better than I could imagine. I was in the Canary Islands during the month of September. They’re located in the Atlantic Ocean several hundred kilometers from the coast of Morocco but they are a Spanish territory so it feels a lot like you’re vacationing in Spain. 

Canary Islands
I was in a resort area called Maspalomas, on Gran Canaria, the largest of the Canary Islands. The beaches stretched for miles and were as wide as a city block. Massive sand dunes separating them from the bungalows and hotels in the area.

This location is a favorite destination for the lifestyle community in Europe. A section of the beach is dedicated to the naturalist (nude) sunbathers and the sand dunes are a favorite place for sexual activates of all kinds. You can spend your days watching the nude sunbathers and participating in the sexual activities in the sand dunes, but for me it was the night time activities that made this place special. This is a review of a lifestyle club called 2x2, which is located in the Sandia Plaza in Playa del Ingles.