Friday, September 14, 2012

Flash Report! The Black Hat Hits The Berlin News Agency in NJ

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from senior reporter, The Black HatIt seems he dropped a line in the water at the Berlin News Agency, and got a few nibbles on his line.

The Berlin News Agency is a constant Top 5 in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Power Rankings.  And it's action like this which keeps it there.



Doc, Black Hat here with a quick report from the road. Friday evening 9/7 in the I-95 corridor. Stopped in Berlin NJ to check out action at Red Barn and Berlin News.

Red Barn Books was first stop.  Crowded parking lot. Went in and paid for theater, discovered booths are closed for renovation. Complete manfest. Out the door and headed to Berlin News Agency down the road.
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
BNA was crowded and one older couple was present maybe late 50's or early 60's. I'll call her Ma Parker. They sat in the big room taking it in. A guy who works there rolled in with a younger gal and rolled right out again. Couple 3 arrives shortly after, mid 30's gal is curvy with long brown hair. They came in and quickly vacated. Couple 4 then enters, Blond soccer mom, curvy with soccer dad. They took a seat but seemed to be newbies taking it all in. Couple 3 returns and curvy gal announces that she is sucking dick and fucking guys with condoms. The swarm follows. 

Older couple moves into curvy couples cube and Ma's man is second to step up for a curvy gal suck. I sit down next to Ma Parker and take out the boy. After a few play by play comments between Ma and me I am directed to stand up where I received an excellent BJ cumming all over Ma's face and big boobs. Ma then started on a well endowed gent to her right, a porn buddy of mine (friend I travel with and share this thing of ours with). All the while curvy gal is the center ring attraction. 

At this point couple 5 arrives.A petite brown haired gal, looked like a grad student or young wife out for some fun with her man. Again, in and out quickly just surveying the scene. I decide to take a break and learn that there is a woman in fishnets back in the booths taking on cocks so I decide to check it out. 

I arrive in the booth area and catch a peak through the door crack, she is late 30's, thin and average size tits (top pulled down to expose them) sucking a mid 50's dude with a younger 20's dude standing behind them waiting his turn. I decide to wait. 50's dude is traveling with a buddy who is laughing his ass off saying, "hurry the hell up or I am leaving your ass here." I respond channeling my best Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson, "porn buddy's don't leave porn buddy's behind!" Gets a laugh.

50's guy goes off and exits, 20's guy steps up and I step in the booth behind them. After a good long while 20's guy unloads and the hat steps in for round two. My boy was ready and late 30's gal makes quick work and the Hat scores 2!  I thought about going back to the theater and going for the "Hat Trick" but thought better of it. Learned from my porn buddy later that Petite Brown haired gal returned (couple 5) and started taking on a number of cocks needing servicing. 

We left NJ and continued North.  Contemplated a trip Saturday night to the Art in Hartford but it was going to be a 2 hr ride from our base of operations and we would not have arrived until 9PM, as I think they close at 10PM and with the heavy couples action only being reported from the balcony of late, we decided to pass and save it for another day.

OK friends, be clean, be cool and be careful. Till next time, I remain...

The Black Hat.


Doc here again, with a big thank you to The Black Hat for yet another great Flash Report.  Keep them coming this way, sir.