Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blast From The Past! Tatooed VooDoo at The Paris Theater in Portland

Doc here with a dynamite Blast from the Part report from our good friend, Tatooed VooDoo. Enjoy.

Hey Doc,

Tattooed VooDoo here with a Blast from the Past for you. I have not been back to Portland since my early Oct. outing. But I've been playing some previous trips through my naughty head. Here is one memorable visit.

It was a Hot August Night in 2008. My boyfriend and I arrived via Max train downtown well lubricated by booze and looking for fun. It was maybe 11:30pm when we swung in, showed our card, and signed the clip board and in we went. We sat in the annex area, scoped out the room and got comfy. Soon my bf had his hand up my skirt stroking my pouty pantyless pussy lips. Getting turned on, I laid him on a bench near the rail and started sucking his cock. My ass peeking out of my skirt for the gents on the rail to see.

Soon one brave soul softly caressed a cheek and receiving no resistance, I soon had hands all over me. The strangers found my slit and one slid 2, then 3 fingers inside me, hitting that spot we ladies love. Soon I was climaxing hard around those magic fingers as my man filled my hungry mouth with cum. It was hot in the Paris this night a lovely rail watcher offered me a bottled water which I gladly accepted. (Way to get noticed sir!) I remained by the rail bantering w/ the gallery and watching a hot scene unfold in the oasis. There was a beauty of a couple and he had his lady squirting for all to see and hear. It was amazing to me. Hotter than hell obviously!!!

A hot blue eyed bald gent had caught my eye and I invited him into the annex to play, but he declined ( more on that later)...The gents at the rail asked to see my tits and I pulled the girls out for all to admire. I'm leaning over the rail watching the crowd some stroking some just taking it all in. I notice the sweetheart who gave me my water is now stoking a serious BBC. Something I've not had much experience with. I motion him over closer. He plays with my big tits and I'm getting wet once again.

My guy is sitting behind me watching as his lady is the center of attention and he's loving it. Mr BBC asks if I'd like my pussy licked!! Indeed I would. He joins me stepping over the chain. Several more railbirds surge our way. We move the bench as close to the rail as possible I lay back as he gets between my thighs and slides his tongue in my sweet cunt. Man can he eat pussy. I am aching to get fucked and he slips a finger in my ass. Holy hell what a rush. I'm brought to the brink twice while he's massaging my back door. Fuck me please I begged him.

He comes up for air all smiles and positions himself to enter me. He sucks my tits and he smelled delicious. He tried a few times to give me what I wanted but wasn't able to. I think the eyes on us were just too much. So he returned to his dining at the Y and in no time I was moaning and cumming and loving it all. Time for a break.

We stepped out front me for air my guy for a smoke. The hot bald guy joined us. He wanted me to know he's married and a long haul trucker. First time to Paris. I didn't need an explanation as we all have our place in this thing of ours but was flattered when he told my guy. You're one lucky mother fucker! If you change your mind I said...and winked as I headed back inside. We gathered our things said our farewells as we had to catch our train out of downtown or be stuck till morning. Ah yes the Paris it's an amazing place when the vibe is good and the juices are flowing you just can't beat it. So there u have it Doc one memorable visit.....

*** Doc here again...WOW!  Loved  the report.  Keep up the great work!!!