Monday, August 23, 2010

The Results Are In...

Doc here with the results from the Top 3 Adult Theater Women!  After 2 1/2 weeks of voting, the accounting firm of Weiner & Cox has verified the results and has handed the envelopes over to The Good Doctor.

The envelopes please...

We have a tie for 3rd Place!  Coming in with 19 votes a piece and 15% of the popular vote, we have Nina the Bakery Slut and Lynn the 3rd Grade Teacher.
Nina the Bakery Slut

Lynn  the 3rd Grade Teacher - Camera Shy.

This was a neck and neck battle all the way to the end of voting.  Both Nina and Lynn are legends on opposite sides of the country (Nina in the Pacific Northwest, Lynn in Upstate NY).  However, speak their name at any of the adult theaters they frequented, you will be met with a smile and a story or 3.

Congrats to both Nina and Lynn!

In 2nd Place, with 43 votes and 34% of the popular vote, is Robin from When I feel Naughty.  Robin is an internet legend, and her legacy of videos and still photos are still some of the hottest images on the net depicting "this thing of our's".  Congrats to the now-retired Robin!
Robin of "When I Feel Naughty"

And, the final envelope...

1st Place in the 2010 Top 3 Adult Theater Women goes to...

Tina from CTs!  Tina received (get this) 69 votes and 55% of the popular vote!

Tina has been a force of nature in the Chicagoland adult theater scene for a few years now. Her preferred playground is CTs in Gary, which is a place that excels in exactly what Tina is looking for in an adult theater: A hardcore environment, glory holes, and a theater filled with horny yet very well-bahaved guys.  Her signature finishing move (no, not The People's Elbow from off the top rope), is a circle jerk at the end of a frenzied fuck and suck a-thon.  Her insatiable appetite for cock is a sight to behold.
Tina from CTs

Tina from CTs

The Good Doctor will notify the winners (or those nominating them), and hopefully we will get an acceptance speech or two from the winners.

To those of you who voted and participated in the 2010 Top 3 Adult Theater Women nominations and voting, thank you!  The nominations exceeded my wildest expectations and this was a lot of fun for the staff here at The Good Doctor's office in The Valley near the small women's college.

Drive home safely, and we will see you for the 2011 Top 3 Adult Theater Women.