Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Poll! Ladies: What is Important to you in an Adult Theater Visit?

Doc here, a man who some say once played the role of "Hans", the overly handsy valet in the movie "The Gloryholes of Madison County", with a new poll for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

This one is for the ladies...

Ladies: What is important to you when visiting an adult theater?

Here are your choices:

1) Couple's Section
2) Nice Ladies Restroom
3) Lockers
4) Other Couples There (when you are)
5) Security Staff
6) Well Behaved Single Guys
7) Themed Events/Parties

The poll is located on the right hand side of the home page under the sonar map. You can vote for more than one important element.

Voting ends on Sunday 10/5 at midnite.

I-Team Deploy! Rumor: Is Cinema Arts in Bay City, Michigan Closed?

Doc here... I received a note this afternoon from my friends and contributors to the Journal, Cute Couple, that they heard rumors that Cinema Arts in Bay City, Michigan is now closed.

I-Team...I need you to deploy and see if this is true. 

I called Cinema Arts a short time ago, and the phone just rang until it disconnected. Never a good sign.

So, cub reporters out there, The Journal needs your help. Can anyone verify this news about Cinema Arts?

Please e-mail me directly at with any intel on this developing story.