Sunday, August 8, 2010

UPDATED! Vote For The Top 3 Adult Theater Women

Updated 8/8/10:  Voting continues for the Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  Get your votes in today! 


Over the last few weeks, we have covered many nominees for the prestigious 2010 "Lizzie's", our version of the Oscar.  The Top 3 will take home the award, as voted by you, the great readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Here is how it will work:  I will list and link the stories below, and you will vote via the poll on the right side of the web page.  You can vote for up to 3 women.  Review the nominations, and then vote for your favorite. 

The poll will close on Sunday 8/22.

The Nominee Recaps:
  1. Robin of "When I Feel Naughty" by OldBeatNik
  2. New Year's Eve Girl by Brent
  3. Jenna at The Jefferson by Brent
  4. VooDoo Girl by Brent
  5. Angel by Bob in Biloxi
  6. Mrs. Partridge by Dr. Luv
  7. Suzie Seat Slut by Old Marine Corps Guy
  8. Barbie from The Belvedere by JaxBchBum
  9. The Hairdresser by Justa Reply
  10. Red by Wine Guy
  11. Ruth by Major Voyeur
  12. Liza by Video Randy
  13. Mystery Celebrity by Old Marine Corps Guy
  14. Charley by Buster
  15. Lynn the 3rd Grade Teacher by Dr. Emilio
  16. The Squirter by Dr. Emilio
  17. Nina the Bakery Slut by Dr. Emilio
  18. Tina from CTs by Dr. Emilio
  19. Slave Girl by Dr. Luv and Dr. Emilio
Enjoy reviewing the nominations, and vote early and often.  Will your girl win "The Lizzie"?


I-Team Report: Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut, Part 8

Doc here with Part 8 of Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut. As we join our heroine, she and "B" are making the journey from Washington to Portland.
On our way down to Portland (because of my old man problems), we always stop at one (at least) of the rest areas to pee. Our dogs always travel with us and we sometimes take the opportunity to walk the dogs. This also gives Nina a chance to do a little flashing, as long as there are no children around.

This night Nina was wearing a long summer dress that she had cleverly cut the lining out making it a see through dress. Of course she was only wearing a garter belt, stockings, and high heels underneath. I went in to pee and Nina waited in the car. When I came back I said slyly lets walk the dogs. I quickly looked around to see if any children were within view of us. The coast was clear and I got out to put the leashes on the dogs and Nina got out of her side of the car, about the same time a car pulled in a couple of parking spaces down shinning their headlights on to her exposing all he sexy charms. The lights shining through her dress was indeed a sexy sight. It made Nina really nervous because she always envisions a family with a car load of kids in it. She quickly headed back to get in the van. I told her I could see it was four young men with big lustful grins on their faces. She grabbed her dog from me and headed out to the pet area.

These young men got an excellent flash and were not going anywhere; they just sat in the car hoping to get another look at Nina in her now famous see through dress. We continued to the rear of the pet area away from the parking lot. As I expected one of the guys got out of his car and followed us out there. He was acting like he was just stretching his legs, but not missing a move by Nina. You understand it was around 11PM and dark, the only time you could see what was under Nina’s summer dress was when a car pulled in and the headlights shined through her dress, but when it did I swear I could see the young man do a little happy dance.

Nina headed for a park bench that was nearby, and sat down. I started to walk my dog over his way, I could tell he was uneasy as I approached him but he stood his ground, as I walked by I greeted him and struck up a conversation. He said him and the guys in his car were returning to Portland where they attend college. He complimented me on Nina’s dress and her rare beauty. I asked him if he would like to meet her and he anxiously said “yes he would”. (Who wouldn’t?) I told him to go over and introduce himself while I take my dog back to the van. By the time I got back Nina had cougered him and he was already on the receiving end of one of Nina’s excellent blowjobs. Even in the dark it is very exciting to do something kinky like that in a public place (as long as you don’t get arrested).

We walked back to the car and I told him we were on our way to the Paris Theater in Portland. “He said he had never heard of it”. I told him where it was and that he should go there sometime, and that he would like it. I told him nothing more about the Paris. We said our goodbyes, he thanked Nina for her attention and we continued on down the road to the fabulous Paris Theater.

We usually park in the pay for parking across the street behind Dante’s. We didn’t waste any time getting across the street because Nina’s attire would cause a stir and maybe get are names in the paper. As it was she got several whistles and wolf calls before we got in the theatre door. We chatted with Ray a little (he is always a pleasure to talk to), and went in and sat in the couples with benefits section.

Nina did not even have time to pull her dress up and get her tits out when in the door came the four young men we had the encounter with at the rest area. Obviously after hearing about the brave young man’s good fortune the other young men thought if they showed up at the theatre they might experience the same good fortune as their buddy. Of course they did, the three that waited in the car received special blowjobs and the one with the good fortune at the rest area got laid. All left with big grins on their faces experienced a new and exciting place to hang out, so to speak.

I hope this doesn’t interfere with studies. In the future I bet in that they will never miss stopping at that rest area on their way back to school. I wonder if they still have to write “What I did on my vacation”.

End of Part 9
Thanks "B" for a another great snapshot of one of the "Tales of Nina"... So dear readers, the next time you pull into a rest area and you see a sexy blonde walking her dogs wearing a see-through dress, take notice.  You might get rewarded for your attentiveness.

Special Note:  If you have not yet voted for your "Top 3 Adult Theater Women", do so now!  It's a tight race so far... Let your voice be heard!