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First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 7 - OldBeatNik

Doc here with Chapter 7 of "First Time an at Adult Theater"... This chapter is authored by senior Journal reporter and all around great guy, OldBeatNik. OBN has been around the block a few times (as the kids say),  providing reports to the Journal since it's inception from up and down the East Coast and Midwest.  However, his original stomping grounds were in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and where his First Time report takes place.

So order up a Juicy Lucy and enjoy OldBeatNik's "First Time" Report from the Twin Cities...


Hi Doc:

My first theater experience was over 40 years ago and there were so many theaters in the Twin Cities at the time that I really don't remember where or when was the first time. I do know I would give what ever couples that were in attendance a wide berth; thinking they would want to be alone. I also remember all the men sitting as far apart from each other as possible.

Fine Arts Theater
E. Lake St, Minneapolis

I do remember the first time I took a woman, she was a college coed at the time at the U of M. There was a theater or bookstore theater on Dylans famous 4th St. near Dinkytown. She asked me if I would take her. She wore jeans, we never played, and there was a guy jacking off which we thought was pretty weird.

I took another coed one time, she wore a long skirt, hiked it up her legs as she put them on the seat in front of her. She wouldn't let me touch her, nor did she touch herself. She giggled and laughed the whole time we were there, which probably wasn't very long.

I guess I really learned that adult theater going was a contact sport with Rita. (Earlier "Blast from the Past" report HERE).

Faust Theater
St. Paul, MN  c.1982
The first interaction I can remember with a woman I didn't know was when I went to one of the bookstore theaters on Lake St. There were 3 couples sitting in a row playing with each other. I sat in front of them and turned around to watch the action. After a few minutes one of the women saw me and asked if I would like to eat her pussy. I soon found myself in the very uncomfortable position of kneeling between a narrow row with my head buried in the woman's thighs. I tongued her and played with her pussy, clit and finger fucked her as best I could, but it was impossible to get comfortable and I didn't stay very long.

The Faust Theater in St. Paul was great. It had strippers between movies, lots of space between rows and on weekends it was a free for all. The best for me was one night when a very good looking woman came in wearing a short loose skirt, heels, thigh highs and a button up the front blouse. She and her escort took the seats right behind me, so when I turned around I had a great view of her. I soon learned she was not wearing a bra or panties. She spread her legs and began playing with herself.

Her escort got up and walked into my row and sat next to me. I remember him saying he wanted to enjoy the show too. She was quickly joined by two men who sat on either side of her and a group of men lined up in the row behind her. She leaned her head back and began sucking those men off one at a time, while the other two fingered her pussy and played with her tits. They were there maybe an hour when he got up and retrieved her. The last look I got of her was a gleaming face in the light; she was covered in cum.
Those were the days indeed.



Doc here again... Thanks again to OldbeatNik and his recollections of his "First Time an an Adult Theater".   The Faust Theater was about as notorious an adult theater as there was in the 1980's.  Crazy stories abound from this theater, and it's on my list of theaters to profile down the road.

OK, it's now your turn to submit your "First Time at an Adult Theater Report". OldBeatNik did a great job of setting the scene and describing the fun, so use it as a template.  Submit your "First Time" reports to me directly at, with "First Time" as the subject. As always, I will edit, format, drop in some photos, and make you look good.  You provide me the byline and get the glory.

I need your reports!


Blast From The Past: Phillipspet on The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas (w/9 HOT Hardcore Pics!)

Doc here with a WILD Blast From The Past Report from first time contributor, Phillipspet.

Phillipspet emailed me a few days ago with a few questions on submitting a report with pics. After providing a few suggestions, she submitted this HOT report, complete with 9 hardcore photos of the real Phillipspet in action. 

Remember, click on the photos to enlarge because they are very hi-resolution images!

Here is Phillipspet and her terrific Blast From The Past!


Dear Doc,

I am a single woman living here in Dallas and enjoy sex.  I have a nice boyfriend who appreciates that situation and does all he can to make sure I get what I want.  That has included some trips to the Lido Theater in Dallas (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database HERE).

Our favorite nights are Friday and Saturday, after 9, when it is couples only upstairs.  Yes, there are a few single men there, but, they pay a premium to have the opportunity to go upstairs.  They cruise the long hallway with the smaller rooms off both sides but are not allowed into the actual theater itself.

This will be a rendering of the facts of one of our visits there several years ago.

We arrived just before 9pm and walked around the bottom of the store area looking at various products buying some lube we thought we might want later.  After we paid our admission. we walked up the stairs and were buzzed inside.  The hallway has waiting areas at both ends with simple black vinyl couches.  Restrooms are at the end closest to the theater.  We saw one nice-looking guy who seemed dressed well, we three smiled and said hello, and my guy and I headed into the theater thinking we'd look to see what was happening there knowing we could come back and check him out later in the evening.

The theater was empty as all the single men had already been rounded up and escorted out by management to make way for the couples that would arrive later.
Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX c.2010

I was wearing a short black skirt and a low-cut knit top that allowed easy view access to all a man wants to see and get his hands on.  I was not wearing a bra and no panties either.  I was wearing black suspender-type stockings and comfortable heels.

We went in and sat down to watch the feature presentation.  After a few minutes, two couples came in and stood at the back of the theater watching the movie.  They were soon joined by others with some taking seats throughout the small seating area that had probably a hundred seats or so.  The movie was boring and the typical fare of sucking and fucking accompanied by caned moans and groans.  My boyfriend was fingering my pussy and I was sitting back in my seat, eyes closed, and getting off by the small orgasms fluttering through me.  When I opened my eyes, I noticed couples sitting all around us and watching what was being done to me as they also played with each other.
The Real "Phiilipspet"

I put my hand in the lap of the man seated next to me and rubbed him moving it up to see if I was having a nice effect on him.  My boyfriend told me to play with the cock if it was offered to me.  It was.  I did.  His gal smiled at me and I repositioned myself so I could suck the cock and in doing so, my ass was exposed to the people in the next row who began to run it and finger me.  The man's cock grew in my mouth and I reached for the ample breast of the woman and played with it as I sucked him.  She asked me if we wanted to go and play in one of the smaller rooms.  We did.

The smaller rooms have the quarter-eating video screens and a large black vinyl couch that seats four people.  We locked the door and selected a movie and partially undressed.  My boyfriend asked if the woman liked having her pussy licked and her breasts sucked.  Duh, what woman does not love those things?  He asked her to sit on the couch and I got between her legs to lick her pussy as he sat beside her and suckled ber nice nipples.  Her man got in behind me and fingered me some before sliding deep in my pussy.  He was not too long but was very thick and my first fuck of the evening was a delight.

The woman's pussy had that tart-sweet taste I crave and she climaxed hard against my mouth just before her man creamed deep in my pussy.  I was feeling pretty good at that time and her face was beaming too.  She said that was the first time they had come to the Lido and her first time to be licked by a woman to climax.  We exchanged contact information (yes, I still see them) and went back towards the theater where we stood at the rear of the room.

A cute young woman was bent over a chair in front of us and was sucking the cock of a black man whose knees were on the seat as he faced her.  Behind her was her man fucking her like crazy, the sounds of her pussy being louder than the sound track of the movie.  One of the guys she was pleasuring pulled her top down exposing her smallish titties with outlandishly huge nipples. 
My man pulled my top down as well and soon, hands were all over my body.  He started to finger a woman who had crowded into us with the man she was with and she began to suck my titty.  Her man started fingering my pussy that was still wet from the creaming I had just gotten.  I soon felt cum running down my legs.  I wanted more.
We went to a room and her man was on me like a chicken on a june bug.  She took my guy's cock out and started sucking it, but he was larger than she could manage and she started to gag.  Her man was in my pussy and climaxed before I thought he was all the way in.  She said there was no way she could fit all my guy's cock in her pussy and declined to continue.  We started to walk back out of the room and noticed several men in the hallway.  My guy told me to go back in the room and bend over the back of the couch.  Being good, I did as I was told.  Soon there was a cock being offered to my mouth which I eagerly took.  I wanted to taste some cum and gobbled on it greedily.  My pussy was soon filled as well.

Truthfully, I lost count of the number of cocks I got to enjoy and the number of orgasms that rocked my body.  Some were done with condoms.  I did get most of them who wore condoms to pull out and cum in my mouth or on my titties so it did not go to waste.  As I felt my knees were getting wobbly, I asked to go to the theater and have a bit of a rest as I had been bent over for a while.  He cheerfully led me back, pussy juices and cum running down both legs and the tell-tale smell of sex filling the air.

It was not that I wanted to stop.  I just needed to sit for a bit and rest my legs.  By this time, there were dozens of couples scattered throughout the theater with half in the seats sitting in clumps and half at the rear positioning themselves to watch, be watched, and attempt hookups.  I sat there and played with my man's cock with one hand and fingered my nipples with the other. 

It was not long until couples came to sit around us.  After several minutes of caressing, three couples, including us, left for one of the rooms.  The men fed the required quarters into the slot and we women undressed some to play.  The door was left unlocked and soon there were other couples in the room watching the three couples playing and playing themselves.

I was the beneficiary of two nice cocks and their sweet loads of cum before my boyfriend decided he was ready to have me.  Using the accumulated cum from the evening, he lubed his fingers and fucked my ass with them as he slowly fucked my pussy.  He asked me to reposition my body so my knees were on the couch and my face was looking over the back.  I felt him slowly enter my ass with his cock and fuck me there. 

A cock was offered to my mouth which I readily accepted.  I felt another orgasm building inside my body.  As it rolled over me, the man in my mouth exploded.  He was in so deep I never tasted it.  He pulled out and another cock was offered to me, a very nice and very black one.  I gladly took it and let him fuck my mouth and throat.  I climaxed just at that.

I felt my boyfriend stiffen and knew my ass was boing to receive his built-up load of cum.  Feeling him cum in me is what I long for and I was to get it all.  Deep.  Hot.  Delightful.

We took a moment to recover and I declined another cock to suck off.

Going back into the theater, we again stood at the rear for a while to take in all that was happening.  It looked like some couples had left only to be replaced by new ones.  Plus, there were a number of single guys standing around without women, including the one we saw earlier in the even when we firsat arrived. 

I smiled at him and my guy motioned him over.  We asked if he had gotten to play yet and he said he had been waiting on us.  I rubbed his cock through his jeans and felt him respond.  My guy asked him if he liked to do anal and if he'd like to fuck me right there.

A soft yes was said and I turned my back to him and bent over slightly so he could take me.  He slid right in and pumped me as we three watched the movie and the couples around us.  I could feel a hand on my clit and rubbing my pussy and more hands on my bare titties. 

I was in sensual overload and started to climax again.  I heard my new lover start to grunt. I knew the orgasm was causing me to tighten around his cock and I could not help it.  His hands gripped my hips drawing me onto his cock that was sawing inside my ass.  I wanted him to cum and add to what was there and he did not let me down.  He exploded in me and slid out.  I took a butt plug from a plastic bag in my purse and slid it in me so I would not lose any of the precious cum in my ass.

It was around 1:30 AM and I was feeling weak from all the sexual attention, tension, orgasms, and fucking.

We left for home, smiles on our faces.



Doc here again... Thanks again for the terrific first time report and HOT pics (and hopefully not the last) from Phillipspet!  With this report you are in the running for "Rookie of the Year"!

Where to begin on this one...

The Lido Theater in Dallas in truly unique, as it is possibly the most couples friendly adult theater in the country on Friday and Saturday nights.  The couples that attend these nights are hot in appearance and in intentions, as I have been there to witness this first hand.  For single guys, Thursday nights can be a lot of fun, as the couples will mix with the single guys upstairs, or they may hang out in the downstairs theater (for couples only fun). The action described by Phillipspet is right on the money, and why The Lido is one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters.

Do you have a Blast From The Past Report, like Phillipspet?  Good, because I need your reports now more than ever.  Just e-mail Mr. Peabody The Good Doctor at, and I will hook you up... I will edit, format, drop in your photos (or archive photos), even Photoshop them if needed... You get the byline and the glory.

Be large. Be a reporter at The Journal of Adult Theaters.


Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Starting December Off With A (Gang) Bang and a Teaser Pic!

Doc here with a Quick Note... The Journal will be starting off December with a BANG!  I received what may be one of the hottest Blast From The Past reports ever yesterday (from first time contributor Phillipspet), and it will go online Thursday morning, December 1st.  A detailed and action-filled report, along with 9 hardcore pics of theater sex featuring Phillipspet.

Here is a little something to wet your beak...

Put checking out this report on your to do list for Thursday.