Friday, January 18, 2013

Field Report! Deja Vu in Hollywood by Captain EO

Doc here with a Field Report from senior reporter Captain EO, and the new Deja Vu theater in Hollywood.

Take it away, Captain...


Hey Doc,

Hope all is well! Just wanted to update you that a new theater has opened up in the LA area. Deja Vu has opened a new strip club in the heart of Hollywood off Hollywood and Vine. With it, they've opened a small theater in their Love Boutique.

Unlike the Ontario Deja Vu, this Love Boutique is small, and the theater is smaller, and I didn't see any booths. There are 3 rows of 3 comfortable movie theater chairs for 9 seats total. There is plenty of standing room up front and off to the sides and they have 5 screens running 3 different movies. It's new, so it's nice and clean, but not a lot of people know it's there, so it was empty when I went. It's $10 to enter and per the guy working the register, unlimited in-and-out privileges. Like Ontario, it has a light flash system to alert if anyone is entering and you have about a good 10 seconds to get it together before the door can open. Deja Vu's have always been play friendly from my past experiences and since it's not on the Tiki side of Hollywood, it seems to be safe and fun for play.

The only major downside is the place is only open nights: 6-6 daily, 8-4 sunday... and being in the center of Hollywood is parking is difficult on weekends. Playing Sun-Weds probably won't be an issue, but Thurs-Sat, you may have to pay to park or walk a few blocks. It's not discreet, but it's Hollywood, no one really cares. So I just thought I'd pass the word along to encourage anyone looking for a couples-friendly theater that is off-put by Stud's (since that is in a more gay-centric part of town and is less couples friendly) or the Tiki Theater (since that is in a dangerous part of town and is not really friendly, period), this can hopefully become LA's little secret place for fun!



Doc here again... Thank you Captain for this update.  The new location may not be like the old Ontario location, but at least it's something.


Flash Report! Koral's Cumplay/Gokkun Party! (w11 XXX Pics!)

Doc here with a mind blowing Couple's Flash Report  from senior reporters, Koral & Sam.  There is alo a gallery of 11 brand new pics of Koral at the Cumslut Party.
Here we go!
So here it is Doc. The long awaited story and photos of the CumPlay/Gokkun party Koral and I attended this past Oct. in Washington State.  It all started when Koral became online friends with another woman who shared her extreme fetish for man-sperm. Yes, another Cum-Slut. 
After about a week of the two of these Cum-Sluts emailing one another and sharing stories and desires, I was informed that we were invited to Washington for a party we would never forget. A Cum-Play/Gokkun party.

  The Party was set one month away, and Koral and I would have to get a complete STD/HIV test. Also, I would have to save my sperm and freeze it for the rest of the month, and bring it to the party. All male participants (8 guys in all) would have to do the same.

  The morning of the party we packed up the SUV and headed north. The party started at 3pm and was located at the residence of Korals Cum-Slut friend and her husband.  On arrival, Koral was very nervous. She always is when meeting new people. But it was only a matter of minutes after meeting the other couple and the six single guys before we could tell that we were going to fit right in with them all. Right away the two Cum-Sluts went to the bedroom to get dolled up, and after a little conversing with the guys, I was surprised to find out that they all knew one another and have played/partied with each other in the past. 

  I gave the husband the sperm I had been saving and when he put it into the freezer, he showed me the collection of cum from all the guys.  Needless to say, I had the least amount (a container the size of a baseball full).  Some of the other guys’ containers were 1 liter containers. In all, we had over 4 liters (give or take) of man juice for the woman to play with.

  The girls came out of the back bedroom and let me tell you, they are both freakin sexy and dressed to play. The host/husband handed out 3 digital cameras to the guys and told them to take as many photos as possible and to share the duty of photographer. Then he guided us to the garage, where there was a sex swing set up. The hostess jumped onto the swing first and a few of the guys got busy with her. Koral was still a little shy, so I instructed her to get a cock in each hand and let nature take its course from there. The host then pulled out a Sawzaw with a dildo attached and began to fuck his wife with it. Koral was on her knees and sucking dicks, one after the other.  A great way to start a party.

  After a while we returned to the living room. There was a big mattress on the floor, and the Cum-Sluts got comfortable. The host went to the kitchen and returned with the first run of cum. The guys were fucking the woman, and the women were sucking cock. Everyone was rotating and taking turns with the cameras.  It was very nice knowing that we were all recently tested and we didn’t have to bother with protection.  The host/husband began to chip chunks of frozen cum from the first container and was putting it into the women’s mouths. It was a great feeling having my cock in a mouth cold with frozen cum. As it thawed, the woman let it run out of their mouths and onto their tits and rubbed it all over themselves as we took turns fucking them. 

  Then the host announced it was time for a gargling contest. Both the woman lay side by side on their backs and opened their mouths wide, and the host began to slowly fill their mouths with cum. He would make sure it was thawed by their mouths (the proper way to thaw semen-do not microwave or heat it ever) before giving them some more. Eventually, both of the Cum-Sluts mouths were overflowing with cum, and the contest began and they started to gargle. Baby batter was splashing all over both of their faces and began running down their cheeks and chin. After 5 minutes of gargling, and both girls not willing to give up, we called it a tie. The host instructed the Cum-Sluts to swallow their mouthfuls, which they did without hesitation.  This was followed by more fucking and sucking, and more frozen sperm deposited into the women’s mouths to thaw and hold.

  Then the host came into the room with a contraption called a dental dam. Dentists use this plastic ring to hold a person’s mouth wide open and their lips stretched open even farther. We inserted the dental dam into the women’s mouths, and then proceeded to fill them up again with now half frozen sperm.  A honey bottle of thawed sperm was also provided to us for sex lube, which we all enjoyed squirting into the Cum-Sluts pussies as we took turn fucking them.  It was amazing the way that felt to my dick, I really enjoyed that.  It wasn’t long until the two girls had mouthfuls of cum again, and thanks to the dental dam, there was even more of it. As the guys took turns fucking the women, the women were pulling out handfuls of nut and covering themselves with it.  It was getting everywhere.

  Then the Sluts were instructed to remove the dental dams, and out came a clear tube about 2” in diameter. The Cum-Sluts were instructed to each put a mouth on either end of the tube and to use the tube to transfer the cum in their mouths back and forth to one another.  The first transfer was messy, beings that there was more cum than one mouth could handle, and the extra cum ran down the hostesses face going ever where. After that it was clockwork, and back and forth they transferred the mouthful of cum through the clear tube.  Then they were instructed to split the cum and swallow it, which they did.

  Then the host provided both Cum-Sluts with a smaller clear tube similar to a drinking straw, and they were instructed to suck up as much spilt cum as possible and swallow it. Both girls went straight to work, on their hands and knees sucking cum up from the bed and surrounding area. The whole time they were being fucked doggy style by all the guys.

  And as soon as I thought I had seen it all, the host whips out a couple of diving masks. I notice the clear lenses have been removed from the mask. The Cum-Sluts were then instructed to put the masks on and lay on their backs again, which they did.  By this time, the cum that was collected and frozen was mostly thawed. The host pulled out the larger of the containers and slowly began to fill the inside of the diving masks with the thawed white gold.  I know from experience that Koral is not a fan of cum in the eyes, and all I’m thinking is that she better close those eyes tight.  Eventually, the mask fills up with cum and I can’t even see her eyelids through the white goo. Every time either of the women moves their head right or left, cum spills over the edge of the mask and down their faces. 
  Then the host instructs the Cum-Sluts that they are having another contest. The contest is to see who can hold her eyes open under the pool of sperm the longest. I am in pleasant disbelief.  One, two, three, now open………. and there eyes opened.  After about 5 minutes and both girls not wanting to give up, we called it a tie again. Then they were instructed to remove the masks, and the pool of cum that covered their eyes ran all over both their faces. the perfect mess.

  By this time, it was pushing 7pm (4hrs of mind blowing fun) and the host announced that it was time for the last contest and the grand finale. He entered the room with two giant goblets, both full to the rim with the remaining saved cum.  He instructed the Cum-Sluts that they had to drink it all. Again, another tie, for they both gulped it down without hesitation. 

  The hostess then disappeared to the back room to clean up and Koral (still getting fucked on by the guys) was told to join her whenever she was ready, no hurry. I then remembered seeing a pillory style box in the house. I instructed Koral to put her head in it, and I locked it down confining her head in a dark void and her ass in the air. I then cuffed her hands to the straps on the side of the box, trapping her to do as we wish with her. All the guys took turns fucking her for about 30 seconds before giving up the pussy for the next guy. One after the other we kept the line moving. All the while we were squirting her pussy full of cum from the honey bottle. I have always wondered what a creampie gangbang would feel like for my dick, now I know.  Let me tell you all, it feels GREAT. We were spanking her ass HARD and we were fucking her hard, and we could hear the light muffled screams coming from Koral through the box. At one point, I told Koral (through the box) that I was going to get pizza and that I would be back in a half hour. She screamed “NO”, but I just went silent pretending I was gone.  Then the host got out the Sawzaw dildo, and we began to rapidly fuck her cummy pussy with it. She was wiggling, twisting and turning, screaming my name in hopes for an answer. I stayed silent. I’m sure she was going crazy in her head wondering what she got herself into.

  After a while, we set her free. She was very relieved to see I had not left her there with people we had just met 5 hours earlier.  One by one the guys said their goodbyes. Koral cleaned up a little, enough to get to the hotel a few miles away. 

  After returning to the hotel, Koral fell quickly asleep. I was so high on perverted thoughts; I stayed up and looked online to see if there were any adult theaters or gloryholes we could visit on the way home the next day.  I was very surprised to find out there was an adult theater (APV North) only a few miles away. By midnight, I was waking Koral up and telling her we were going out exploring.  She’s such a trooper, she pulled back her still cum dried hair, put on a slutty outfit, and out the door we went. I already wrote about that experience for the Lizardo readers a few months ago.  I had to wait for my copy of the CumPlay/Gokkun pictures before I could share this story with everyone…..I hope it was worth the wait.
Sam & Koral
Party Photo Gallery  (click to ENLARGE the thumbnail images)

Doc here again... A huge thank you to Sam & Koral for this great report and smoking hot pics of Koral at the party!  Keep up the great work, guys!