Sunday, November 2, 2014

Couple's Flash Report! Lil Breezy and Hubby Hit Pleasure Palace in Brooklyn, IL (w/10 PICS!)

Doc here, a  man who some say was once the poster boy for Movember, with a great Couple's Flash Report from first time contributors Lil Breezy and her hubby Bill.

Lil Breezy & Bill hit Pleasure Palace in Brooklyn, IL, and have filed this great report from their visit, along with some HOT PICS of Lil Breezy at the gloryhole.

Here we go!


Hello Doctor -  Long time listener first time caller here! 

My sexy wife, Lil Breezy and I have talked before about letting her try her skills at a true gloryhole, but was unaware of one in the St. Louis area - until last week, when we stumbled across an ad on Craigslist for a place called Pleasure Palace in Brooklyn,  IL (address info in the adult theater database off the home page). A little research and an ad on there gave us the info we needed, and she was ALL IN!!
Pleasure Palace
Brooklyn, IL

She is an incredible cocksucker who wakes me up pretty much every morning with a blowjob, and we are experienced lifestylers... but this was something new and different for sure!  We had placed another ad stating our intentions,  and showed up a little after 9 on Saturday night. 

Brown, nondescript building, and we entered the left door, where there was a bar that was empty except for a bartender and one lonely dancer... and both were very nice. Breezy got a shot of Patron, and then asked the bartender, "So... where are these booths at?" He told us that the bookstore was next door, same building. 

Updated 11/2 at 12 Noon! Attention SLS Members! The 15th Ave. Adult Theater Group is Now Online!

UPDATED 11/2 AT 12 Noon: Doc here...We now have 109 members signed up for the 15th Ave. Adult Theater SLS Group   in only one week!  Thank you for all who have signed up for the new Group!

Information on the next big 15th Ave. Adult Theater party, the Holiday Ball on December 13th, 2014 is now up on the SLS Group under EVENTS.



Doc here, a man who some say once swam down Mississippi River wearing only his aviators and a pair of flippers, with some big news for SLS and 15th Ave. Adult Theater fans.

The Good Doctor just started a Group within SLS to connect it's lifestyle members in one community, and also introduce this top-notch adult emporium and it's hugely popular monthly couples/single parties to SLS members.

The new group is called (oddly enough): 15th Ave. Adult Theater (Please note: Only SLS Members can access this group). To join SLS, go to the home page on  and follow the steps.  It's easy...

The Good Doctor will be moderating the group. Please apply to join the group.