Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 2 - Brent in Portland

Doc here with Chapter 2 of First Time at an Adult Theater series... This chapter is written by the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland. If there has been anyone who has "been there, done that", it's Brent, and this report on his introduction to adult theaters does not disappoint.

Here is Brent and Chapter 2 of First Time at an Adult Theater...



"The only thing I regret about my misspent youth is that I didn't misspend more of it."

I first got hooked on adult theater sex partly because when X Rated films were first shown in the United States, the only place to watch a full length porn movie was was in a theater. There were no VCRs, DVD players or Internet "Tubes" in those days. I probably would have never ventured into one of those places if I could have watched porn, cheaply, at home.

 I used to go to the local adult theater and sit as far apart as I could from everybody. I never took my dick out. I waited until I got home to jack off.  Sometimes a few of us, college class mates, male and female, would venture to a nearby theater to watch "Deep Throat" or "Behind The Green Door" out of "I've never been to an adult movie," curiosity. I hoped that the girls would get turned on and I might get laid out of it, but I couldn't let on to that fact.

Back then I would meet  girls at concerts, in bars, on campus, through friends, inside coffee shops, walking down the street near the campus and even through hitch hiking. These were the "free love" years and New Mexico was full of laid back ladies.

I thought the X-rated  theaters were  full of creepy old men to be avoided. I even stayed away from couples that were there, although, now, I'm not sure why.  I never realized what a turn on it was to watch couples play inside dark porn palaces or participate in sexual adventures with them. One night I partied with a couple in a theater in Albuquerque, but I insisted we go to a motel for the actual sex.

Eventually, I discovered that, not only did women and couples go to adult theaters and watch porn, some of them liked to show off and have sex with their fellow theater goers.

I first became aware of this when, on a summer Sunday night in August ,1977, I went to the Pyramid Adult Theater, located at 3401 Central NE in Albuquerque NM.  (ed. note: I could not find a photo of The Pyramid Theater, but in researching the theater discovered it was only open between 1974 and 1978.  If you happen to have a photo of it, please send it along to me for the archive.  There is a Red Wing Shoes store now located at that address).

A couple came in to watch the movie and the woman immediately started talking dirty to her old man while watching the movie. She was describing in vivid detail about how turned on she was by what was happening on the screen. She was saying things like "God, his cock is as big as a baseball bat. Honey, Id sure like to have that thing inside of me," While she was talking dirty she had raised her white dress up and was masturbating furiously. I was in my 20s then and the scene hit me like a Sherman tank. I was as turned on as I've ever been. 

Later another couple came in. The girl was a sexy young Hispanic with curly hair on her head and between her legs. She and I ended up in the bathroom, kissing and fondling each other. I didn't fuck her because I was unsure how far I could go. That night at The Pyramid got me hooked on Adult Theater Sex. Although it seems relatively tame now, it still ranks as my most exciting moment in this fantasy world, "this thing of ours."



Doc here again... Many times, our first impressions in this thing of ours are tame, like Brent's described above. But those impressions are what keeps us returning to the darkened aisles of adult theaters.  Many thanks to Brent for his terrific First Time report...

Next up is Alex and Lauren, from North Carolina.  Alex and Lauren were one of the first contributors to The Journal of Adult Theaters back in 2009, and the first that were a couple.  Their "First Time" report is a must read, and goes up Wednesday at The Journal.

OK veteran reporters at The Journal, it's time to step up and submit your First Time reports.  Use Brent's and Katie X's reports as a template if you wish.  And senior reporters, it's time to flex your writing muscles.  Send them in to The Good Doctor with a subject line of "First Time" HERE.

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