Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Freeze Frame! The Awesome Ms. PIPY with 4 Brand New Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say won the hearts of the world by rescuing 18 miners from a collapsed cannoli mine near the town of Ragusa in Sicily. By eating his way through the carnage, he brought the brave 18 to the surface, and saved himself a pretty penny for not having to buy dinner that night.

One of my favorite contributors to The Journal is the bubbly and plucky Ms. PIPY. She is relatively new to this thing of ours, and I have enjoyed watching her take her steps deeper into the scene. 

Ms. PIPY and her partner in crime, The Escort, have been very generous in sending The Good Doctor pics of their exploits. The following 4 new images are brand new, and gives you a sense of what Ms. PIPY enjoys and desires. 

Please welcome back Ms. PIPY to Freeze Frame!  (Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Couple's His & Her Flash Report: The Adventurous MD Couple Attends Nightmare on 15th Avenue Halloween Party on 10/24/15 w/5 Exclusive PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say needs to get to Maryland frequently and soon, with a GREAT His & Hers Couple's Flash Report from my good friends, The Adventurous MD Couple.

A little background for you, the good readers of The Journal... The Good Doctor had been speaking to The Adventurous MD Couple for almost 2 months prior to their visit to Chicago, talking about the event and the Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween Party I hosted on 10/24. I was a) excited to meet them, and b) looking forward to introducing them to the Chicago adult theater scene.  

Lastly... Ms. Adventurous MD Couple was even hotter in person than I had seen in her pics from prior reports, but more on that later. And the pics in this report are Ms. Adventurous MD Couple, and the outfit she wore to the event. 

Onto the His & Hers Couple's Flash Report from The Adventurous MD Couple!  This is a page turner, so pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy.


The Adventurous MD Couple Attends “Nightmare on 15th Avenue” Halloween Party

We arrived at the 15th Avenue Adult Theater about an hour later than we had hoped due to crazy driving conditions from downtown Chicago. When we arrived around 9 PM the parking lot was totally packed with cars. We parked across the street and changed into our Halloween costumes right in the parking lot since we weren’t sure the upscale Chicago hotel would appreciate a sexy Ms Adventurous MD Couple walking through their lobby. 

We came to Nightmare on 15th Avenue dressed as “Chicago mobsters” which we thought was appropriate for the scene! Upon walking in the door and paying our entrance fee we were immediately greeted by Doc. It was our first face to face meeting with the Doc and we found him to be as warm and gracious as he always is in responding to our emails. Doc gave us a great tour of all the facilities, which we found to be very clean and had a very comfortable feeling. Doc left us in the big party room and promised to check back on us later and he then went back to greet more of his guests (which kept him quite busy that evening!). 

The 15th Avenue Adult Theater had plenty of play space depending on one’s preference – the theater had a couples-only section with a gang bang room behind the big screen, private rooms in the spa area, as well as the stadium seating area and play rooms in the big party room. With 100s of couples and single guys the party room was packed tightly with sexy bodies and mostly inaccessible after 9 PM unless you worked hard to force your way toward the front. We stood in the back and listened to the music for some period of time and then spent our evening cruising back and forth between the theater, which was packed with single guys and couples, and the party room with the music and bar area.