Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final Reminder: Laney Visiting CTs Adult Theater in Gary This Friday and Saturday (w/more PICS!)

Doc here with a FINAL reminder for this coming weekend, May 20 and 21st. Laney from Texas will be making her much anticipated return visit to CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Hwy., in Gary, IN, and she is hungry for lots of guys and lots of cocks.

Don't believe me? Here are her own words:

"Hello to all my friends at CTs. I have missed you all so much. I will be in town to play Friday 5/20 (11am to 2pm and evening) and Saturday 5/21 (evening). I hope to see some of my old friends and I really am hoping to meet more. I am really a gang bang slut and love to fuck as many men as possible. I do suck cock but only to get it hard so that you can fuck me. Please come and see me on Friday and Saturday. I would like to invite all couples and single females to come play with me as well."

Still don't believe me? How about more hardcore photos of Laney at CTs last year (click to ENLARGE pics - They are hi-res photos):

Laney is a great time, and should not be missed at CTs Adult Theater this weekend!

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.


Flash Report! Daisy Train On Her Fantastic Night At The Oregon Theater

Doc here with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal: A recap (with pics) of Daisy Train's wild night last Saturday at The Oregon Theater in Portland. 

I have reposted the report as it was submitted, and it speaks for itself...

Take it away, Daisy!


Hello Dr. Lizardo,

I have a couple of reports for your readers to enjoy; I sure enjoyed these two gentlemen!  This first one is a reprint from my Yahoo Group by bennyinpdx:

"Daisy asked me to post what it was like for me last weekend at the Oregon Theater, so here goes.

I've been to the Oregon quite a few times. Sometimes it's deader than dead.  Other times there's some voyeur action going on. And occasionally it will be really hot with two or three sluts taking on all cummers. I first stopped by around 8:30 and there was nothing happening. I sat around for a while, stroked my dick to some porn, but figured I should leave and check back later. Besides, I had seen on craigslist that a couple would be stopping by and wanted to play.

I returned around 10:30 and it was probably the craziest scene I've ever come across at the Oregon.

There was a woman in the couples section naked and sprawled out exhausted from whatever she was doing, but the real show was up front at the "come fuck me" bed. There was maybe 20+ guys just in awe of Daisy.

The first thing I noticed about her was her big round ass as a Hispanic guy was fucking her for all he was worth doggystyle. Then I heard Daisy's moans though the cock she was sucking off and I knew I had to bust my nut to this. But with so many guys I had to stake out a position and politely wait. I could just tell Daisy knew how to blow dick like a porn star and that's what I wanted.

Doggystyle seemed to be the position of the night, and honestly, I'm not sure if my dick is big enough to hit it from behind and please her at the same time.  (I'm an average six inches. Not a lot of girth.) So just as I was next in line to fuck that mouth, Daisy noticed a guy in a wheelchair in the group. I guess
they had talked online prior and that's when the bed action stopped. Daisy got down, opened up the guy's pants and leaned over while still standing to deep throat his cock. By the look on his face, he was in heaven.

A couple of minutes later, Daisy was determined to fuck him. And here's something I thought I'd never see. A team full of perverted theater slut
fuckers (hey, I'm one of them) came together to hoist Daisy over this guy's wheelchair and onto his dick. Once Daisy was settled in, she rode him good and even came all over him.

Still, I remained waiting patiently, dick in hand, for my turn with Daisy.  After wheelchair guy was done, the group swarmed Daisy again. She went right to work deep throating. She even yelled out that she needed a cock in her cunt, just to let even know when was ready for more group action. She must have liked one of the cocks in her mouth because she asked its owner if he'd fuck her with it. He obliged.

Soon Daisy got back up on the bed, and I was in a good position to finally get my dick sucked. There was one guy ahead of me with a pretty long dick who was getting serviced by Daisy. Eventually he came all over her face. And just when I thought it was my turn, another guy with a much smaller dick hoped up on the bed. Damn! He didn't last long though and I think he busted in Daisy's mouth.  Finally it was my turn.

After Daisy's master gave her some napkins to wipe the cum off her face, she started sucking me off. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING!!! I knew I wouldn't last long, so I kept trying to do things to keep my mind occupied, including reaching down to squeeze those amazing tits of hers. A couple of times once I thought I was about to blow, I'd pull my dick out for a few seconds and just stroke it.

One time Daisy started sucking on my balls, which was a whole different slice of heaven. At this point no one was fucking her pussy, so it was just me, on my knees on this fuck bed in a seedy porn theater as more than a dozen guys watched a horny gang bang girl work my cock over. I told her I was ready to cum and she started to jerk me off. In seconds, I was exploding all over her tits. She said "see what you did?" and I said "thank you" before getting off the bed to let another dude take my place.

This pretty much ties my best public sex experience. (There was that one time pornstar Ava Devine showed up at a swingers club and sucked me off twice during a blowbang). I'll be looking to see when Daisy shows up again in Portland.  Unfortunately I can't make it Sunday for the gangbang at the Oregon, but maybe some other time. Thank you, Daisy. Oh, and a question for you. Do you like to be in control during a blowjob, or will you let a guy fuck your mouth deep?"

I received the following email the morning after I played at the Oregon Theater last Saturday and I am reprinting it in it's entirety with permission. He wishes to remain anonymous.

Many of the patrons that were there that night saw a young man in a wheel chair.  J was in email contact with me before I went that night and when I saw him in his electric wheel chair parked by the pleasure table I was thrilled that he had shown up.  He's a nice looking man with a sweet face and even sweeter personality and I'll have more to say about him in my personal journal entry.
I think the close of his letter is a bit much!  But I have reprinted it here unedited.

Here is J's letter:

"thank you master wolf and ms.daisy!!!!
that was one hell of a night.

daisy you took my theater sex cherry tonight
i went to the jefferson long time ago but no luck.
been to the paris but they say its not accessible.
been to the oregon a few times even with a gf but we left cause guys were being pushy.

it was kinda crazy at first, like a bunch of starving refuges fighting for food handouts.
but after you settled in people seemed to relax.
you looked fucking fantastic! those black stockings and the guarder belt made your legs and ass look sexy as fuck.

You sucked me soooo good and I loved how you hoped on me and straddled me in my chair, that is after we found a condom that fit :)
you grabbed the back handle bars and rode me like a champ.
i grabbed your ass and pulled you tight as we fucked surrounded by a pack of horny men.
seems like someone slipped in your back door for a minute and then you came all over my cock.
i love a squirter as i was soaked.

you were so friendly, sweet and amazing.
you made sure i was happy and i was.
i then watched you do everyone who wanted you, young, old, white, black, asian, latino, it was a sight to see.
by the end of the night, the full theater was empty and ms.daisy ws declared the winner!
Although I think we were all winners thanks to master wolf and you ms.daisy.
i think you should receive sainthood status."


Doc here again...Thanks again to the amazing Daisy Train for providing us with a compilation of reports from last Saturday at The Oregon Theater in Portland, as well as the terrific pics.  From what I have heard from my friends and colleagues in Portland, it was as crazy a night as they have seen in awhile.  And we have on person to thank...

Thank you Daisy Train.