Thursday, October 28, 2010

House Call / Flash Report! Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle

Doc here with the first of several House Call reports from his west coast trip this week.  This report chronicles events 3 hours old... Here at The Journal, we focus on accuracy and timeliness.

I started the week in The Emerald City of Seattle...Home of flying fish, scenic vistas, and lots of rain.  Since my last visit in September, it is about 20 degree cooler.  That is not usually conducive for theater sex (especially mid-week). 

On Tuesday 10/26, I invested 2 1/2 hours at Hollywood Erotic Boutique. This investment yielded nothing other than a sausage fest.  I was tired, jet lagged, and frustrated.  Muttering under my breath just like Yosemite Sam, I left HEB a beaten man.

Earlier this evening, on Wednesday 10/27, The Good Doctor's luck was much better.  I had enough time to hit both HEB, as well as Airport Video in Everett, WA. 

Round 1 at HEB started at 8:30pm... As mentioned in earlier House Call reports, HEB has a very unique set-up.  The main floor is the ABS, and the front desk with the friendliest clerks I have run across in recent memory.  The $12 admission gains you access to the downstairs screening rooms.  After walking down the 2 flights of stairs (that are outside, mind you), you enter into the main screening room.  To your left are two more rooms...One is small and holds maybe 6 or 7 seats.  This room is adjoined by the largest room, which is at least 30' x 30'. The large room, plus the screening room you enter initially show straight porn.  The other two rooms show gay and/or TV/TG/TS porn on flat screen televisions.

Nothing is

At 9:15, I decided to drive 25 minutes to Airport Video in Everett, WA.  I didn't go there last night due to the fact that Tuesday are gay movies only.  No thank you, I'll wait until Wednesday.

I spend 30 minutes there...You guessed it...

Back to HEB... My last trip in September was identical...No luck at either place early in the evening (both places are 24/7), so I end up back at HEB.  There are noticeably more cars there now...A good sign.  I walk back down to the theaters, and while there are more guys there, no couples. 

Hollywood Erotic Boutique
12706 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA
 30 minutes elapse, when the door opens at the rear of the main screening room.  Two sets of steps can be heard... Finally, a couple enters the dark, almost "Fight Club" atmosphere of HEB.

The couple is of the May/December variety.  He looks like Billy Batts from "Goodfellas" ("Go home and get your shine box, Tommy!"), and is probably 60.  She, on the other hand, is HOT.  She has a Sasha Grey look to her... Late 20's, 5'4", 125 lbs, but with blonde hair, pulled back into a pony tail.  She is wearing tight jeans and a red top.

"Billy" and "Sasha" walk into the large screening room... The chairs are set up against the back wall.  They sit on the far right hand side... There is one other guy in that room on the opposite corner.  The Good Doctor decides splitting the difference is the best course to follow, and sits down 2 seats away from Sasha.  This proves to be a good decision.
Sasha and Billy are talking and laughing (as almost always a good sign of being comfortable)... After some whispers between the two of them, she stands up, and starts a slow strip tease.  Under her tight jeans, is a bright red thong (magically delicious).  She flipped up her top showing us a black and red bra, covering a pair of 34Cs.  She kneeled down and started giving Billy a BJ...

As The Good Doctor was watching Sasha and Billy, Billy gave me "the knod".  You know "the knod"... It's the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval to move in closer and participate by the male part of an adult theater couple.  So, quicker than you can say "bada bing, bada boom",  I sat in what was her seat, and got a close up view of her expert cocksucking skills.  She then leaned over, and swooped in on what I was bringing to the party. Her soft lips and wet tongue glided up and down in the shadowy corner of the screening room.

Sasha Grey

She was very skilled to say the least... And in the middle of Sasha's fluffing, Billy hands me a condom. It seems Billy is the corner man...An Italian version of Mick from the Rocky movies. 

Sasha stands up, turns around, and slips off the red thong.  She placed her hands on the sides of the chair we both sat in, and stuck her tight ass in the air. The guy that was across the room was now sitting just to the left of her, standing at attention.  She grabbed his cock at the same moment I plunged deep into her wet tight pussy. There was not an ounce of fat on this girl...Just enough meat on her ass for me to grab onto while she got fucked.  I started slow but quickly ramped up the intensity and the roughness.  At one point I had my hands on her shoulders, pulling her back toward me while my balls were slapping against her ass.  After a few minutes, she said she needed a break...


I had not even gotten close to finishing.  So off they went for a smoke break outside the theater.  Would they come back?  Would the Good Doctor need to be treated for blue balls?

Thankfully, 5 minutes later they came back.  They resumed sitting where they were before, but the "other guy" was now sitting closer to them.  The same situation unfolded as before... Strip tease, Billy gets a BJ (was that an "After School Special"?), and then move to the anonymous cock.   Sasha gave this guy a good BJ, and finished him with a handy all over his stomach. 

Now it was my turn... I had bigger plans.  No handy on my tummy, thank you very much. 

She started with a more intense BJ...I ramped up the dirty talk, telling her to look at me while sucking my cock. When I was getting close to lift off, I told her I wanted to cum on her boobs (you never know if you never ask). She was into it, and pulled her red top down by the neck, exposing her gorgeous tits.  After fucking her mouth a little bit more, I pulled out and showered them with a heavy load of cum. Somehow, I even managed to get some in her eye.

It was collateral damage...I apologized, she accepted.

She was making a comment about another smoke break, which I saw as my cue to exit stage right.  I thanked her as she was putting her thong back on, and made my way up the "Fight Club" stairs.

Just as in my last visit to HEB, the fun starts there late.  It was 11pm by the time I was saying good night to the friendly brunette clerk.  Thursday is a long day, and will be capped by a summit meeting with Brent prior to a visit to The Paris.  It was time to call it a night.

Next stop...Portland.