Thursday, March 28, 2013

Epilogue on The Big Shield's Flash Report! Mrs. Claus Has Been ID'd!

Doc here with a follow-up report on yesterday's terrific Flash Report from The Big Shield.

The original report HERE is focused on a holiday visit to the Summit Street News in Warren, OH. It was at The Summit that The Big Shield ran across a lovely vision - That of Mrs. Santa Claus.

Upon hearing this, I deployed the Lizardo I-Team to investigate exactly who this Mrs. Claus happened to be. 

At 6:30 Wednesday evening, I received the following mysterious e-mail message:

Hi Doc,

We just read the The Big Shield's report - here's a picture of "Mrs. Claus" from that night at the Summit.

Let the Big Shield know , that it was a very enjoyable experience for Mrs. Claus.

BTW- she passed out candy canes to all of the patrons of the Summit theater that night.

Wait a minute, said The Good Doctor to himself... I know this body, those long sexy legs, those lovely pair of Christmas ornaments, and that long curly black hair...

And just think, regular readers see her pics at least once a week here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, and on Sunday night.

The mystery has been solved... Yes, it is the lovely and insatiable "R" from regular contributors C&R.  Maybe this image will help you recognize her...

Whether you encounter R at The Summit Street News, Youngstown Ohio's Foster Art Theater, or even at Chicago's 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa, you will be in for a special treat.  I'm even trying to talk them into traveling to Hartford's Art Cinema, since it is right up R's alley.

Who knows where and when C&R will visit, what sexy outfit will she be in, and what party favor she might be handing out.

Many thanks to C&R for the investigative reporting and the new pic!