Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! The Amazing Mrs. Sexual Athlete

Doc here, a man who some say went to high school with Paul Cicero, Stacks Edwards, and Jimmy Two Times, with today's Pic of the Day. 

One of The Good Doctor's top highlights in 2013 was meeting The Sexual Athletes from New England. Your old friend in the white suit and aviators set up two gang bangs for them (with my crew of extraordinary gentlemen, The Black Sox) in October, and a hot time was had by all.

Flash Report! Smoke Encounters a Juicy Lady @ The Theater

Doc here with a report from first time reporter Smoke. He visited his local adult theater back East, and has filed this great report to The Good Doctor.

Here we go!


Hi Doc

Well I took the chance and went to my local adult theater on Friday night. I found the Staff to be friendly and helpful. When I arrived in the early evening nothing was going on. I sat for an hour and a half. Texted a friend that was too worn out to come. I was about ready to leave when I saw a couple come in, so I went back in and sat down.