Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flash Report! The Tycoon @ Theater X in Orange Heights, FL

Doc here with a first time Flash Report from The Tycoon. He visited Theater X in Orange Heights/Hawthorne, FL, and this is his report.

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

Flash Report!

I was heading down 301 coming into Orange Heights, FL and thought I would stop in for a bit to Theater X,  since I had an appointment down the road anyways. There were 2 cars in parking lot, so I headed in and it was dead in the theater. I went outside to have a smoke and thought it was too early (approximately 10.30am) for anything to happen.

Theater X
Hawthorne, FL
Just as I am getting ready to leave, I'll be dammed if a couple pulled up, so I thought I would go back in. The couple was no where in sight, so I slipped back in the theater and there they were!  She was sitting on his lap facing him getting him ready! They were a late 40s couple and she was stocky, nice DD's and cute.

Another guy walked in and sat to the right of them, and I was on left.  I sat there relaxing, letting them warm up and the guy on right was a little antsy to touch them (I thought here we go -  he's gonna scare them off). However, it didn't and then she turned around and sat next to her man and he was relaxing her by rubbing her DDs and the shirt came up.

They invited me and the other guy to touch, and we did! She said she was a little nervous, and I said relax and enjoy yourself  - that's what this is all about.  They sat there for a bit, and the guy on right got up any stood in front of her. She liked what she saw, and she blew him like she had known him for a long time and she loved it! She then told him to cum on her tits and he did that! Hubby loved it, and he asked me if I would like to cum on her tits.  I said hell yes, and I did just that.  

This was very hot, Doc... I about tipped over after I unloaded and became weak in the knees. I said thanks to them, and they said and thank you too!

It was time to get going, and I peeled out for my next appointment. My first report to you Doc... I will keep you informed on the next adventure!

The Tycoon


Doc here again... Thanks to The Tycoon for his first Flash Report.  Keep on sending them in, sir.


Flash Report! The Bare Boater @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa - Saturday 5/11/13

Doc here with a first time report from new contributor, The Bare Boater. TBB hit Chicagoland's 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa this past Saturday afternoon, and this is his detailed report of the festivities at this excellent theater.

Here we go...


Dear Doc,

Long time reader - first time reporter.  I, The Bare Boater went to 15th Avenue Adult Theater on Saturday 5/11/2013 at noon for a little fun and relaxation in the spa.  

First, I want to say that all your teaching of patience is true and paid off.  A total of four couples came to 15th Ave between 1:30pm and 5:00 pm Saturday afternoon.  The first couple looked a bit like The Captain and Tennille... They were dressed nicely; he in a sport coat and Tennille in a black and white wrap around dress (very easy access).
C&T watched the main movie for a short time and then recessed into the spa.  I followed at a distance and went to the back lounge with them. The Captain would leave Tennille alone for short times to get a drink or wander around.  The small group of watchers were polite and kept their respectable distance.  Tennille was very cute, kind, and talkative as we all pretended to watch a collage baseball game.  It turns out Tennille is a huge baseball fan.  For a minute I thought we were all in a sports bar with our pudgys at the ready. 

15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL

Well after awhile C&T went to a booth and took care of their own business.  When they emerged, they both were friendly and talking small talk to all before leaving.  Well back to the spa for The Bare Boater.  

In the spa area a couple had taken a private room and left the door open.  I took shower (again), and wandered over to the open door. The man waved me in and closed the door, and motioned me to sample his lady on the bed. Much massage, finger, and oral play was involved for all.  She had nice small breasts with perky nipples and a very cute lightly furred pussy (tasty also)!  About an hour of this I thanked the man and his lovely partner and went back to the steam room.  

In no more than a minute, I heard a woman's laugh and thought it had to be the man and his lady but was I wrong.  It was a young couple that joined a couple of us pole vaulters in the spa.  She was cute as a button, with beautiful b/c breasts and sweet body mounted on gorgeous tan lean legs and he was very nice and in good shape. 

15th Avenue Adult Theater
 Well, she must have been hungry because she was sucking on his cock in no time.  That got all of the pole vaulters pumping up.  Mid suck miss b/c said it was too hot (heat wise) in the steam room and said to her man she wanted to visit the back lounge.  Once again I tagged along at a respectable distance.  

Well they didn't waste any time as she was all ready mounted from the rear in the standing position by her man, as she sucked the lucky dude in the upper row. Doc, I have never seen a simultaneous three way orgasm before then and it was amazing! She curled her toes up as her breasts swung back and forth. Suddenly her man groaned, she moaned and the lucky dude gasped as he shot his appreciation in the air. The young couple left a flash flood on the floor that she quickly cleaned up with one hand while doing her best dutch boy impression with her other hand.  

Once again Doc, all gave them a nice distance and many a thank you to the young couple as they retreated back to the showers for a nice encore!  I dressed and was walking around when the next couple came in. They also were young, as she was big breasted and headed straight back to the video booth area.  I was fourth in line as she was going about her business.  She serviced the three guys in front of me with guy number two coming out saying "wow she's good" and a few other bone aching statements.  

Well, Miss Big Breasts only serviced three guys that day. She exited the room and was very kind as she left with a smile and a wave to those still in line.  So of the four couples I saw that day all were very nice, and I had a great time with the couple in the private room. The show in the spa was a thing of beauty.  I felt waiting in line  at the video booth was a bit greedy, so I just laughed at my luck at being number four of the three served.

Well Doc, that was my Saturday at 15th.  I hope to get Mrs. Bare Boater there someday soon!



Doc here again... Very nice job by The Bare Boater on his first Flash Report.  Bravo, sir.

The Saturday afternoon scene at 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL, is consistent and highly recommended by The Good Doctor.  Rare is the strike out on a Saturday afternoon.