Monday, September 12, 2011

Flash Report: The New Eros Adult Theater in Colorado Springs, CO by Jim

Doc here with a Flash Report from a theater I have never heard about (until today)... The New Eros Theater in Colorado Springs, CO.  I have added this theater's information into the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database, and have dropped in a photo of the theater into Jim's fine report.

Here is Jim and his take on The New Eros...


Hello Doc,

Last week I had the oppurtunity to visit the New Eros Adult Theater, 519 South Tejon Street in Colorado Springs, CO.  It's the first time I'd been there and found it a fun time.  

New Eros Theater
Colorado Springs, CO
Upon entering, I sat in the 2nd row from the screen as the entrance is besides the screen up front.  There were a couple other guys there. About 5 mins after I sat down and my eyes adjusted, a couple entered.  She was tall and had on a short skirt that barely covered her ass and pussy.  She had on heels and a nice blouse.   I sat there for a couple minutes debating whether I should sit closer to them and thought to myself, "if she's dressed that way, they must be here to play and have no problem if someone is watching them".  

By now there was a few more guys that entered and were scattered about.  I got up and walked to the back, they were sitting in the last row, on the asile, I sat across the aisle from them.  Behind both our sections, the theater has a big open space where several rows have been removed, I guess for people standing in the back making it able to play.   In my row there was 3 chairs and a box against the wall that was waist high right next to the last chair.   Soon the couple got up and walked behind me and against the wall, standing behind the box.   Another guy had moved behind them about 10 feet in the corner of the theater and was stroking himself. 

The couple started playing as the husband had her skirt up and was feeling her ass and pussy.  At that point the girl leaned over the box and layed on it as her husband felt her ass and pussy.  The husband said something to the guy in the corner and he approached them.  I moved over in the seat next to the girl and put my hand under her to feel her tits,  she reached back and undid her bra to allow me access to them.   Her husband took ahold of the strokers dick and guided him into the girls pussy , telling him to fuck her.  I was a bit surprised as he was doing her bareback and after several minutes of him fucking her, me feeling her tits and her husband feeling them both, the guy came in her.  He pulled out and her husband replaced him for sloppy seconds.  

After the husband came and pulled out the all stood up , the girl pulling out some paper towels from somewhere and they all cleaned up.  Shortly after she told us thanks and they walked out.   It was all very hot and erotic and the theater seemed couple friendly.



Doc here again...Thanks to Jim for a great Flash Report, and congrats on catching a great scene on his first trip there.  We look forward to more from Jim in the coming days and weeks here at The Journal.

The Good Doctor is still in desperate need of adult theater reports. Please send your reports to me at  I will edit, format, and get your report in tip top shape.  You supply the words.


Flash Report: Liz Reports On the Full Moon at 15th Ave in Melrose Park IL on 9/10/11

Doc here with another 5-Star Couple's Flash Report from that Energizer Bunny herself, Liz.  The table was set for a big night at 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Melrose Park, IL. A bachelor party next door, a full moon in the sky, and a theater full of couples,guys, and CDs/TVs, dinner was soon to be served.

Here is a great report (and some helpful advice) from the very sexy Liz...


Hi Doc,

Just a brief report of the fun at 15th Avenue this past Saturday night.  I arrived around 9:00pm, & before even going back to the parking lot I could tell it was full as cars were parked up front.  Was a little worried that word of my arrival got out and this was the crowd for the evening.  I was happy to hear that there was a bachelor party in the adjoining premises. 

Since it was free for couples/single women/CD/TVs, we simply chatted with the front desk, paid for the private room and went to the spa area.  Walking through the establishment to the spa area, you could tell it was going to be a very busy and interesting evening ahead.  When we entered the spa I noticed a regular "G" and made my way through the talkative crowd to simply give him a hug and kiss. 

After dropping our belongings off in the room we proceeded to the theater and sat in our usual 3rd row from front spot.  The place was pretty full, but not filled to capacity (as will be indicated later).  After sitting for a minute and checking out the crowd we noticed one couple sitting in the couples section, not playing just sitting. 

After sitting for a few minutes, men came up and sat in row in front and behind us.  One of the men in front of us asked if I was Liz and when I confirmed that, he told me to tell you "Hi from Doc". (ed. note- Liz, meet Journal reporter The Editor).

It seemed like the men were going to be very well behaved and wait for me to make first move, so I took off my top and immediately you could hear the theater seats going up and men approaching.  My play partner reminded all the men that I don't like for them to come up from behind me.  (Note to men:  Most of us women don't like this and it creeps us out)  This statement from him seemed to offend some as I heard a comment "Really like what does it matter" we ignored, and he didn't get to participate. 

As the men started coming up I was blowing and stroking and letting the men from front and sides feel as they wanted, stopping if they got too aggressive (which seemed to be the course of action this night).  While in middle of entertaining several men I looked up to see "J" and knew his wife "L" would soon be following.  We acknowledged "J"'s arrival and I kept entertaining.  "J" and "L" sat in the front row, and some of the men that lined the aisle for me quickly approached her.  So, at that time there were about 20 men and 3 couples in the theater (who knows how many other places).  I excused myself to shower and the men went up to wait for "L"'s loving touch.

After a shower we made our way back to the room and told a familiar face to come join us.  "H" had been to the establishment before and has always graciously waited for me and for one reason or another never seemed to work out.  So we took "H" back to our room and I went quickly into play mode humping like bunnies.  After we were done took another shower, dressed and saw "J" and "L" come into spa area.  Chatted about what was going on in theater since we were heading back in, "L" told me be aware it's packed and they are wanting tonight. 

 We went into theater and sat in the couples section, immediately after that "J" and "L" joined us.  We were talking about how packed the place was and at my estimate there were probably 25 men in the place.  "L" asked if I was comfortable told her no problem.  In front of us were 2 couples with one of women being fingered and having her breast sucked.  Men in row in front of her were touching as well.  We watched and obviously got worked up and "L" and I began to play. 

At first it was some fondling, with my partner lifting my dress playing with my pussy and me playing with hers.  Then I took top down and she was sucking on my tits.  Soon I moved into a better position so that I was sucking her tits and fingering her moist pussy.  Might I say she has a wonderful pussy to play with and if anyone is lucky enough to have a chance, you should enjoy!  Some men took liberty of stepping into the couples section to touch but were reminded that it was a couples section and they backed out.  Soon I took liberty of getting down on the floor to eat her as my partner played with her great tits. 

We were getting really into it (all of us), when all of a sudden I felt a hand grab my ass and start to finger my ass.  I quickly pushed hand away and looked up only to see one anxious man in the couples section, dick out and hand under the theater seat to finger me.  That didn't sit well with me and me of all people actually yelled at him that it was a couples section and for him to back out.  He took one step, still in couples seating and I told him that he need to back the hell out of the section completely.  I am sorry if anyone reading this was there, but come on guys you just don't do that!!!  Unless you are invited into the area, it's for couples to play without worrying about various outside things.  Respect it ok!!!  You are getting a show, so just respect some of the boundaries set up.

Well, it just set me off and we left to take "L" back to our room for some fun.  THIS is what happens when people don't respect boundaries, you loose out on a very HOT show!!!  Luckily there were other couples that would go in and out of the theater putting on shows. 

So back in the room with "L" we all take turns entertaining each other and it was a HOT fun time.  We all took showers and went outside to get some air.  While out there "J" noticed on his cell that the management sent out a notice saying "People and MORE people".  There were so many individuals entering that they couldn't keep up with the normal announcements.

After some talk outside and air, we went back into theater.  When we entered all the men were around the couples section watching an AA man get a very good BJ from his partner. Sitting next to him was another couple and we sat in couples section 2 rows ahead.  Men were not taking the liberties they did earlier, but management had to remind them to step out of main aisle and an AA man on opposite side of room playing with his tool watching had to yell at men they were blocking his view. 

We watched as the man was getting very wet attention from her, and as soon as the couple sitting next to them left two single men took their seats.  I told them it was a couples section and unless they invited you to play you aren't suppose to sit in.  In a very snide comment he told me, "sorry it's first time and thought it was a way to get action".  I told him no it was a way to get kicked out.  The AA man thanked me and gave me thumbs up for taking care of that issue. 

Then another couple came in and sat in row between AA couple and us watching as well.  After she finished him, they left and so did we to go back to room for some alone time.  Walking through to spa that booth area was packed with 4 doors closed with various play, about 10 guys lined the hallway of the booth area and there were still a ton of men in the theater.

The place was packed with everyone, and here is my approximate overall count.  3 TV/CD - 7 couples - and probably about 30 single men at various times usually about 20 during most.  It was a lot of fun, but the men were very over anxious crossing some of the unwritten rules, or just pushing the limit with playing couples.  I don't know if it was because of the party next door, or the full-moon but even though there was a ton of fun and I love every minute at the 15th, but it felt as if I had to be on defensive end all night.

Well, can't go this coming Saturday but trying to work in a visit Friday night!!!!

My thanks to "J" and "L" for a great night!!! 



Doc here again... I'm trying to catch my breath after reading the report... Where to start?  Like most adult theaters today, crowd control (at times) can be challenging.  Liz encountered this on a few occasions alone Saturday night, and handled it expertly.  When it comes to adult theater going couples, one has to be the alpha dog and control the crowd.  There are different techniques that are effective to control the dimwits who don't understand the rules. 

I personally use the technique Liz employed Saturday night... If I see something not cool or uninvited, I will call out the individual loudly, ask what the problem is, and confront the perp.  Getting management  involved is also important, so they can handle the dimwit(s) outside the theater itself. 

The best theater escorts I have seen (and I have been around a LONG time), are the guys who command respect because they project that they "might" be a prick.  Escorts that lay back and don't say anything when actions violate their own rules will have an uphill battle.

Those of you who read my House Call Report from last week with Mr. and Mrs. X may remember how I had to get pricky with three guys who took it upon themselves to get grabby with Mrs. X.  I addressed it quickly (prickly), gave them direction (as in "back off"), and that was that.  No more problems.

The guys in general at 15th Avenue are very good... But in certain situations, every adult theater can have an issues with it's patrons.  It's the nature of the beast.  15th has excellent management, and I know they have banned certain guys from there due to their behavior.  That sends a message to the rest of the dimwits that can't understand or read the rules.

The full moon strikes again, but there was plenty of fun to be had despite a bad apple or two.

Thanks again Liz for your report! Awesome stuff!


New Feature! The Good Doctor's Mailbag

Doc here with a new feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters: The Good Doctor's Mailbag. No, this isn't an analogy to my scrotum. It's a forum to publish comments or ask question to your old resort waiter looking buddy, The Good Doctor.

This letter from senior Journal scribe Enzyte Bob was posted on the Uncensored Adult Postings Yahoo Group and it's pretty fantastic:

Good Afternoon My Good Doctor,

I read with a sly smile your post regarding being "outed." Initially, I was concerned that the best editor on this thing of ours would be required to find a safe house in which to hide, enter the this thing of ours witness protection program or, God fobid, shave the mustache, until the provebial heat was turned down. I now realize that your "outing" has been a giant leap forward toward this thing of ours becoming more mainstream. Three cheers for Dr. Emilio Lizardo...LOL

Oh, and I think you compare favorably to Jack Lord in Hawaii 5-0. There was an old Saturday Night Live skit that asked the question, Quien es mas macho: Jack Lord or Ricardo Montalbon? I say, Dr. Emilio es muy mas macho!!

Have a great day and hey....Let's be careful out there!!

Enzyte Bob
Still Smilin'

Doc here again... Thank you for your concern, Enzyte Bob.  I am safe and sound, identity intact, but now being proud for who I am... A background artist/respected MD/blogger.  It has taken years to perfect the "resort waiter" look, and with the commercial's popularity I now have a slight paparazzi problem.  When I went out to investigate, one of the photographers ordered a rum and coke.

Mission accomplished.

Flash Report: Gentle Tongue Reports on Horse Cave, KY

Doc here with an entertaining Flash Report from that old smooth talker himself, Gentle Tongue. His report is focused squarely at Horse Cave, KY, a legendary adult theater/ABS.  Inside his report you will find information about location, safety bulletins about the parking lot, and an overview of the facility.

So kick back, open up a PBR, and enjoy GT's Flash Report...


Our Good Doctor,

Another note to the faithful followers of “This Thing of Ours” and again giving the beautiful Blue Grass State credit.  I can say that if you leave the Blue Grass State with blue balls, you haven’t look well enough.

After stopping in the Richmond locations (see previous update), I eventually found myself surrounded by Vettes and the collectors of such fine machines.  It spurred on the need to put some “Varoom” into the day on Thursday (SHIT Day – “Sure Happy It’s Thursday”), sorry for those offended.

Traveling north on I-65 towards the destination of Clarksville (Exit 58), IN, a second time visit had to be made to the location known as “Horse Cave”.  For those never having experiences this location, it is a 2 building large former strip mall, and the back one being where the store is located.  There is plenty of parking, however, those with cars, please insure you enter into the driveway for cars, saves you some bottoming out, and keeps the Varoom in the old 4 wheeler.

You enter through the rear from the parking and enter the hallway leading to the store, gotta love those sensors for the parrots and there colorful comments, nice touch.  Just give-em a nut for a treat.  The size of the store may overwhelm some.  Make the immediate right to the entrance of the Theaters and booths.  No have that Jackson with you, $20.00, couple or single and this gives you access to the unlimited time for all areas. 

The main theater to the right has a small screen with about a half a dozen couches and chairs throughout the room.  Couches are in nice bouncy condition and the room is dark enough you won’t even see you hand.  You can walk out the back of the main theater and find the restroom and a hallway tot eh 2nd theater, featuring those rainbow movies.  The booth area is located to the left inside the main entrance and a good number of them have glory holes connecting them.

Now having only visited once before on a very rainy mid-week night I kept and optimistic outlook.  The typical clientele was present.  Those on patrol like a storm chaser or spotter at a race.  One in particular stood out, for not so good reasons, he was kind enough to insure my zipper was up, not needed.  This guy would make “Speedy Gonzalez” look slow, he circled the place quicker than a Jerry running from Tom.  Another 2 fine gentlemen took care of one of finest in uniform.  After an hour or so I thought the Varoom would not be achieved and that the engines were still idling without a green flag, I know the Paris has a “Red” flag. 

However, a short time later a mature couple entered.  Of course the dynamics changed in the group, those looking for tube steak now were looking at a taco dinner.  The couple was followed and spied on during every move.  The couple was looking to see when booth 18 and 19 became free.  These 2 booths sit together by themselves and have a nice hole between them.   The fine lady entered #18 and her husband in #19.  Another gentleman joined the lady and all was moving well.  Once the revolving door spun around another guy took the first’s place.  The walls of the booth was severely tested and could have exceeded the previous week’s earthquake. 

Seeing that the door was again spinning the GT had to move into to Varoom and squeal the rubber.  For a woman of in her sixties, her sundress hid a beautiful pair of mummeries and a nice peter cotton tail bush with a very tight tunnel of fun.  Oh I nursed and moaned.

Couples are known to come around on Fridays and Saturdays more frequently.  Overall the place is good with plenty to offer.



Thanks again to GT for another outstanding report! 

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail it to The Good Doctor at  I will edit and format that bad boy for you...And you get the glory.

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