Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flash Report: Old Marine Corps Guy Goes Fishing & Catches One @ Just For Fun in Phoenix

Doc here with a Flash Report from our good friend Old Marine Corps Guy. OMCG covers this thing of ours for the Phoenix scene like a blanket, and this report is a great example of OMCG at his best.

If there was a Hall of Fame for this thing of ours, Old Marine Corps Guy would have his bronze bust in the Hall of Champions.  He knows the west coast theaters better than ANYONE I have ever encountered, and may have even encountered a celebrity or two in his day inside a dark adult theater.  That alone makes him a legend in this editor's eyes. 

Now couple all of his experience along with being located in a city (Phoenix) that has many adult theaters, and we all win.

Here is Old Marine Corps Guy and his report:


Hey Doc,

I finished some errands early Tuesday morning and stopped by Just For Fun (address information in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) to talk with a buddy who works there.  As soon as I got there he told me to hurry up and get upstairs because a couple had just gone up.  He said it was a tall older guy with a  short  petite woman in her early 20's dressed in a sundress.  They had looked around the bookstore and arcade for a while and then asked about the theater.  My friend told them that they had"private" rooms upstairs, but the guy said that they prefer the theater, so they bought a ticket (only one needed, ladies free) and went upstairs.
Just for Fun
Phoenix, AZ

When I got up they were seated in the back row of the straight theater, she had her legs crossed and was showing a lot of leg.  She had her head going back and forth like in a tennis match because right in the row in front of them there was a guy on his knees sucking another guy off.  There is only an open doorway that separates the str8 and gay theaters, and there was other sausage gobbling going on in there that she was watching too. 

Her man was talking into her ear and rubbing her arm while she watched the  guys. She was more interested in them than what was up on the screen and getting hotter by the minute.  You could tell because she couldn't sit still. Crossing and uncrossing her legs, leaning forward to get a closer look at what the guy in front of her was doing to the other guy.  It was a turn on just to watch her get turned on!!

Finally the guy started playing with her tits and she started rubbing his dick.  He stopped with her tits and undid his belt and zipper and took out his cock and she started giving him a hand job.  By this time her dress wasn't covering much and he reached over and began rubbing her thighs.  The higher he went on her legs, the faster she jacked him off.  He finally got tithe pussy and she just spread out.  He pulled her dress up to her belly and started playing with her shaved pussy (she was not wearing any panties....this girl came out to play). 

After about 5 minutes of this he whispered in her ear and she stood up and took off her dress.  She looked hot.  Very "college-girl/girl-next-door,ish).  If I saw her on the street I would never guess she got into exhibitionism like she did.  She looked around at all the guys (there were only 4 of us in the str8 theater) stroking our dicks, smiled and squatted down and started sucking her man off. 

The guy waved us over and we got up and got a closer look.  He pulled her head off of his dick and told her to look at all the cock that was there for her.  She gave each of us and look and a lick and went back to sucking her man off.  He came and she swallowed all of it.  He then told us to get in a circle around her and told her to suck each of us off.  She followed orders REAL well.  She gave real good, sloppy,head and when it came time to bust a load, she didn't stop until it was all gone.  I like this girl. 

As soon as we all we refinished, everybody got squared away/dressed, and they just got up and left.  I talked with my buddy and told him what happened with them, and he said he talked with them when they left and they said they enjoyed the theater and would be back. 

There's still hope for "This Thing of Ours" after all.

Semper Fi


Doc here again... Glad to see OMCG back in action, in the trenches, and patrolling the perimeter before inserting himself into the firefight.  Thanks again for the terrific report on Just for Fun.

Do you have a adult theater report?  Good, because I need them! Just e-mail Ted Williams The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, and you get the byline and the glory.  Fame is right around the corner.