Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blast From The Past! Moaning Lisa and the 50th State

Doc here... Here is a GREAT Blast From The Past from my good friend, Moaning Lisa.  Lisa has been recovering from surgery over the last few weeks, and was kind enough to shoot The Good Doctor an awesome report from the early 1990's.  The cool thing about this report is that it happens in Honolulu, Hawaii.  That is a first for The Journal, and another notch in our bedpost of cities profiled in this thing of ours.

I encourage you to put on your lei, drop a little Don Ho on your turntable, and sip on a cocktail inside a pineapple.  Here is Moaning Lisa and her words of wisdom...


Aloha Doc-

No, I'm not in Hawaii (wish I was)...I'm still recuperating from surgery.  Since I have a little time on my hands, I thought the good readers of The Journal might enjoy this  Blast From the Past report.  So travel with J and I to Honolulu in 1990...

We stayed in a hotel that was a couple of blocks from Waikiki Beach. Our balcony overlooked Kuhio Ave, which was a fairly busy street with restaurants, shops,  bars and nightclubs (both gay & straight).  At night the street was an eclectic mix of locals, tourists, business men, hookers, couples and T-girls. 

Before we left for our trip, I bought a few special dresses for evenings out. And by special, I mean very skimpy, revealing dresses with low cut tops and very short hemlines.  I would always dress extra sexy on vacation, under the guise of anonymity. 

The Swingers Theater (current day), and no longer an
adult theater.
Honolulu, HI  circa 2011
One late afternoon, we decided to go to a ABS/theater called Swingers in the Chinatown area.  Ok, not the safest part of town, but the allure of experiencing  something naughty was very compelling.  The bookstore  portion of Swingers was downstairs.  It was a medium-sized store that carried a typical selection of movies, toys and magazines.  They had a great selection of magazines featuring hot Hawaiian men & women, which was fun. They also carried red t-shirts with the word Swinger in gold letters... Still kicking myself for not buying one!

The theater portion of Swingers was upstairs.  When we walked into the theater, we were a little taken back at the seating arrangements.  Up until this point, the adult theaters we had visited were large, and had multiple rows of theater seats.  This theater looked kind of... well, like the basement of a Frat house. It had an assortment of couches, recliners, loveseats and chairs in every color and style imaginable. The screen was large, and bright enough to reveal that the patrons were all guys, no couples. The guys were a pretty good mix of age and locals/tourists. 

J & I settled down in recliners which were next to each other, close to the screen.  Very shortly, a good-looking local guy in his early twenties came and sat next to me.  He was tan, clean shaven, with jet black hair and a lean surfer's body.  He introduced  himself as Leonard.  His eyes kept darting from the screen to me.  I had worn a jade green sleeveless dress, with a very plunging neckline, and no bra.   Leonard tentatively touched my thigh.  I smiled at him, letting him know that his touch was welcome. 

Almost immediately, he was on his knees, asking if he could taste me.  I was a bit surprised by his boldness, but felt very turned on by the idea.  I nodded, and pulled up my skirt.  I had a G-string on, which Leonard quickly pulled aside as he dove in.  I don't know how much experience he had for his age, but if he lacked any, he made up for it in enthusiasm!  For about 10 minutes, Leonard licked and sucked my pussy like there was no tomorrow.  I tried to keep my moans quiet (I have since learned better, as many 15th Avenue patrons can attest) but his tongue was driving me crazy.  We had plenty of onlookers, but everyone kept their distance during the "show".

As Leonard came up for air, he suggested that we go somewhere more private.  J & I  decided to meet him back at our hotel room.  Off we went, feeling a bit nervous, but excited and hopeful.  When we arrived at the hotel, the first thing Leonard did was asked to use the shower, to make sure he was very clean (note to guys: this goes a long way with a least this woman).  When he came out of the shower, we picked up exactly where we had left off at the theater:  with Leonard's face buried deep in my pussy, and J suckling my tits and kissing me.  I began to suck J's cock which was already rock hard. I was so wet, and really wanted to have his prick deep inside of me. 

I asked J to lie down on his back, so I could top ride him.  Leonard positioned himself between J's legs.  As I leaned forward, Leonard tongued my pussy and ass, and was licking my juices off J's shaft.  This was really my first full- on threesome with 2 men, and I was totally loving it.  After a few minutes,   I turned around, to a reverse cowgirl position.  This  time I leaned backward, so Leonard could lick my clit as J continued to thrust deeply into me.

Then Leonard did something totally unexpected:  he stood up on the bed, bracing his hands against the ceiling, so his cock was right in front of my face.  He was about 6-7" long, very straight and uncut.  The skin on his cock was shiny and taut. I could not resist, and took him into my mouth, with one hand cradling his balls and the other gripping his tight ass.  I licked and sucked his cock with the same enthusiasm he had given me earlier.  As I pleasured him, he asked, no, he BEGGED  me to  finger fuck his ass. 

I raised myself off of J's cock, and got up to grab some lube.  At this point, Leonard was standing on the floor, next to the bed.  His leg was up on the bed, giving me easy access to his ass.  I laid down on the bed, propping my head up with my left arm, allowing my well lubricated hand to explore him...I eased in  one finger, then two, and began to piston them in and out.  Leonard was pumping his cock furiously and moaning loudly:  Yes...yes...yes!  And he exploded all over my tits.  NEVER had I seen a guy cum so hard or so much... The cum was everywhere... Hot creamy stickiness covered me from my throat to my waist.  I just sat there, dumbfounded,  in pure amazement.  Leonard composed himself, and brought me a warm towel to clean up.  He had to leave, but wanted to get together again.  We tried,  but the timing never worked out. 

One of the more amusing anecdotes about this story:  Leonard told me right before he left, that he "always wanted to be with an older woman"... Funny thing was, I was only 27 at the time...

If only he could see me now!! 

Mahalo for reading,

Moaning Lisa


Doc here again... Now that was a great Blast From The Past!  Many many thanks to the lovely Moaning Lisa for another great report.  She is a real trooper for submitting this report while recovering, and the staff here at The Journal is thankful she is a-ok and on the mend.

With my audition with Cirque du Soleil coming to an unpleasant end, The Good Doctor will be doing his best to catch up on reports in the next week.  If you have sent a report in, and have not seen it up yet, please resend the report to me and let me know what a knucklehead I am for not publishing it.