Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mon Dieu! An Acrobat No More

Doc here with a quick note... As many of you have noticed, The Good Doctor has not been updating The Journal with any kind of regularity over the last several weeks.  Sure, you got a report here and there, but not in true Lizardo style.

Regular readers will remember that I left a few weeks ago to pursue a dream. A dream of performing with Cirque du Soleil as an acrobat.  Yes, a somewhat chubby MD with a dream was trying something out of the box and on a trapeze.

Well, over several accidents and mishaps (and a near-death experience with a French guy in a swan outfit), I have walked away from that dream and I'm heading back to The Park near the giant interstate highway. Full time, and guns blazing.

I have plenty to catch up on back at the office (namely, the reports submitted to me but due to the time constraints never were edited and posted).  So please bear with me while I get acclimated to the altitude change and stronger Bloody Marys.

If you submitted a report to me, and I have not published it yet, please re-send the report to The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  This will allow me to get to it without digging through hundreds of e-mails which declared me the winner of a Nigerian lottery to get to your report.  My apologies in advance. I suck.

Another thing I'm apparently not very good at is reporting.  I was smoked by everyone in the poll of your favorite adult theater reporters, thus I will stick to editing and Photoshopping myself into photos of circus people.  The tribe has spoken.

Tomorrow at noon I will have a great Blast from the Past report from my good friend, Moaning Lisa.  It's a hot one folks, and full of tiny bubbles.

Lastly, and against my better judgement, I am opening up comments again on The Journal.  They will be moderated, so be patient while I approve the comments. If you post a link to your crappy website selling crappy consumer electronics, rest assured I won't approve your comment. Otherwise, have at it and play nice.

So from the airport near the landfill, I'm on my way back to The Park near the giant super highway...


Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's St. Patty's Day

Doc here with a catch-up report from our good friend, Bob in Biloxi, from St. Patty's Day weekend. The Good Doctor is still playing catch up with the reports, and this one slipped through the cracks.  Many apologies to Bob... It won't happen again.

Here is the painting O' the Green with Bob...


Hey Doc,
This weekend (St. Patty's Day) gobs of couples were out and dressed to play at the Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi.  One such couple had been a regular, but I’ve not seen them in over a year. Their modus operandi is to troll the theater and ABS looking for a suitable cock for her. She’s about 5’4 dark hair, medium size boobs, and a very nice ass.  Last night she was wearing a brown wrap         around dress and flashed me her ass as we talked.

Bob in Biloxi

I’ve been with her numerous times, and while she has pretty good talent and really gets into it, she’s somewhat flaky. With her, everything has to be just so, and she has to be in the right position, her heels have to on, her hair has to be right, etc. etc. They left the ABS and word has it they picked up some lucky guy and went back to his place (an RV!, which reminds me I have to get mine ready for this summer). I didn’t see them after that as I had to leave early to be back on the Coast by 10 am.        

As you know, I and many others have been complaining about the difficulty with the glory holes at our little ABS. I and others have been beating on the owner for almost a year to let us renovate the openings. He finally relented and gave us the go ahead, so I along with a helper did our best version of “This Old Porn House”,  and the results rival Mr. Peeps in the Portland! Very proud of that job!!

But that was Sunday, later on after the brunette left trolling for cock, our English Professor lady arrived dressed up in a flowing earthy type dress. The type that’s easy to get out of quickly and she did too! As soon as she saw me, she pointed to a larger booth with no holes. As soon as the door shut, she was out of her dress and seated in the chair sucking me. She gives great head, not as good as the red headed goddess of course, but well enough that when I blasted off it went clear into her mouth and out her nose! She was gagging, laughing and had tears running down her cheeks all at the same time.

After she cleared her sinuses she looked up at me and said “Wow! That was a lot of cum!" I said my thank you and cleared out for the drive home.

Later on my helper and scout told me a beautiful young girl (part of a couple) showed up at the theater dressed in a short mini and loose fitting blouse, of course the assemble was capped off with a pair of ass jacker high heels. They hadn’t sat down long when the first couple I told you about came back to the theater and picked them up too! They left to play elsewhere as well. Maybe they worked out a deal with the RV guy?

Several other couples showed up and the theater, but I think for the new ones it was more a less a recon mission to get the feel of things. All total for the theater Saturday night was 8 couples, the ABS had 5 couples total. So things are getting back in the groove!

My hope is that once word gets out about the convenience features at the ABS, more ladies will frequent the place and start having fun. We even installed coat hooks so ladies can hang their purse or their clothes on to keep them off the floor! Classy huh?

Until next weekend Doc, wishing all your faithful readers have a good week and better weekend!!



Thanks again to Bob for another all-star submission to The Journal. We are now officially caught up on his reports... Now onto the other reports.