Monday, August 29, 2016

UPDATED w/ New Pic! Flash Report! JP's Slut Toy (and JP) Hit Portland & Starts a Heat Wave by Brent in Portland (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say once mistook his smartphone vibrations with a bluetooth vibrator carefully inserted into a gorgeous blonde at lunch one day...

A week and a half ago, a plane landed at PDX in Portland, OR. On board were two good friends of The Good Doctor, as well as Chicago area legends: JP's Slut Toy and JP.  They were in town to soak up the Portland nightlife, and to soak a few lucky participants. You see, this fitlilslut is a top shelf, five-star squirter.

FYI: Follow JP's Slut Toy at @fitlilslut on Twitter . You will not be disappointed!

Luckily for all of us, the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland, was their guide for part of this extraordinary trip. 

Let's see what Brent saw with his own eyes...

Take it away, sir!


In the hot evening she looked stunning, a submissive queen under his regal command. She wore a collar, he had the chain, unique high heeled shoes, a short, tight black skirt and a flimsy top. Attractive women were walking in and out of the hotel lobby, but she stood out, like a flash of colorful flowers in a green garden. 

Her body is fit and sexy, a triathlete's , built for pain, endurance and intense pleasure. She is a beautiful Morgan Fairchild/ Kelly Ripa blond, long legs and a perfect little ass. You could imagine her as the cheerleader coach at a suburban high school, where all the bad girls go, where the fathers hang around a little longer than necessary and all the teenage boys hope she is that teacher. From the moment I opened the car door for them until I said goodbye, she was listening quietly to him, and eagerly doing everything he told her to do. She is his slave, after all.

In another world, I would never know her, so I was happy to be a small part of her Portland adventure.

He, JP, was dressed in a casual, but expensive shirt and perfectly tailored, leather pants. He is handsome, like a king or a Pharaoh, and powerfully built. During the ride over to the theater, he made her sit with her legs spread, and after, she put on the chaps, in my car, I tried to pull alongside a pickup truck to show her off, but the truck sped up , when the light changed. They’ll never know what they missed:)