Monday, May 12, 2014

UPDATED TUESDAY 5/13 AT 8AM! Visit Announcement! The Good Doctor @ Berlin News Agency on Tuesday Evening 5/13/14 @ 7pm!

UPDATED 5/13 AT 8AM: The travel gods were not kind to The Good Doctor on Monday, and I couldn't get into Philly early enough Monday to make my appearance at BNA. My apologies if you ventured out last night.

Tonight is a different story... I will be at BNA this evening at 7:30 ET. I will be there to answer questions, offer advice, and do hand shadows if requested. 

I look forward to seeing you tonight, Tuesday May 13th at 7:30pm. 



Flash Report! PT Mania on 5 Different Adult Theaters

Doc here with a terrific first time report from PT Mania.

PT has visited five different adult theaters, and is here to give us the quick review of each theater.

Take it away, sir!