Monday, January 26, 2015

The Good Doctor's Showcase! The Legendary Robin (from WhenIFeelNaughty) Returns to the Gloryhole - A Preview with Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say gets lost in the nostalgia of the early days of internet, where a few legendary ladies cut a path into our hearts (and into our pants).

It was in March of 2013 when one of those legendary ladies re-appeared on the scene after an absence of 10+ years. That legendary lady is Naughty Robin, otherwise known as Robin from WhenIFeelNaughty.

Somehow, I came across her re-launched website that was just in the process of being built, and reached out to her. What resulted was her first interview since she re-appeared back on the adult theater and GH radar (the Double Doppler 69).

Flash forward to last night...I had just finished my Sunday sauce (Sunday is always sauce day at The Chez Lizardo), when I got a message from Naughty Robin.  Here is an excerpt of that message: 

Upcoming Event! This Saturday! Couples Pleasure Party at The Westwood Theater Private Members Only Club 1/31/15

The Good Doctor's Showcase! Hawaiian Eyeful & The Good Doctor - Report and Photo Shoot (w/21 PICS!)

Doc here, with the first report of 2015, and the debut of The Good Doctor's Showcase. I am glad you have stopped by to spend the next few minutes of your day with an incredible report from the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful (from Portland OR), and some photos of Ms. Eyeful by your old friend in the white suit, The Good Doctor. 

The Hawaiian Eyeful did an amazing job with this report, and I guaranty you will immerse yourself into the scenes she details, just as I did (and I was there!).

The photos that accompany this report were taken by your humble narrator at the time this scene played out. The outfits, the hidden stairwell, the elevator...Every pic taken as Hawaiian Eyeful unfolds her report in very hot detail. 

Last note... The photos with this report can be ENLARGED by clicking on them. Trust me, you will want to...

So without further ado, please enjoy the first Good Doctor's Showcase, featuring the outstanding reporting of the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful!



Saturday November 15th, 2014
It has been a very whirlwind weekend and this is one exhausted girl.

It’s Saturday morning, and we arrived promptly at 9:30.  As we entered the hotel,  I kept thinking to myself; wow, I can’t believe I am doing this. With suitcase in hand, I knocked on the Doc’s suite’s door and entered.   

Emptying out my attire, the suite now looked like a girl lived there; sexy lingerie, club wear and high heels were now scattered about.  Our first pick, dark blue lingerie.  Our second pick, black dress with red sequins and red high heels. Our third pick, a black netted one piece and red high heels.  Our fourth pick, we added a trench coat.  Our fifth pick, au naturale.