Tuesday, August 25, 2015

UPDATED! Single Female Flash Report! Snowy Spends a Saturday Afternoon at The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas w/PIC

Doc here, a man who some say once punched a moose at an amusement park, with the return of my good friend, the extra naughty Snowy, and a great Flash Report from the Lido Adult Theater in Dallas, TX.

It seems Snowy was running an errand on a recent Saturday afternoon, but not your typical errand. This errand included a stop at the Lido to see what kind of mischief she could get into, and boy did she find some!

If you are the kind of person who would rather enjoy a matinee at an adult theater rather than buying a seed spreader (not that kind) at Home Depot, then this report is for you. 

Here is the lovely and naughty Snowy and her adventure...



It was a beautiful sunny day and I was at home feeling so horny I couldn't concentrate. So what is a girl to do ....well this girl headed to Lido to see what trouble could be had. I knew I was just going there and back and it was a hot day so I figured I could risk no underwear, a little short skirt rolled over so it barely covered my ass and a low cut see through vest ( I mentioned the no bra part right?). 

The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
I pulled into the parking lot about 2pm. Fairly quiet so I thought I'd have a cigarette pull my top down more and wait and see what happened. A few guys looked but didn't come over (tip - if the girl is flashing it's safe to approach ). 

Then all of a sudden a biker dude on a Harley drove in. He circled my car a couple of times then pulled up and told me I had nice tits. I of course thanked him as he got off his bike and came to window. He looked down and noticing my cunt peeking from my skirt asked if he could touch it. I replied by spreading my legs. At this point a Mexican guy was also watching from his car. The biker guy reached in and started finger fucking me right there in the parking lot. He pulled his finger out and pushed it in my mouth telling me to suck it! Which of course I did. 

Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper Hit Secrets in Des Moines, WA with T-Man w/PIC

Doc here, a man who some say can sling a fish through an open air market like nobodies business, with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from senior Journal scribes, Bambi & Thumper.

Bambi & Thumper were lucky enough to visit the awesome Secrets in Des Moines, WA over the weekend, met up with their friend T-Man, and have filed this report to the newsdesk here are The Journal.  

It sure looks as though they had a great time at one of the fastest-rising couple's friendly adult theaters in the country in Secrets.

Please welcome back to the Journal, the awesome Bambi & Thumper...


Hey Doc,

Just a brief report about our visit to Secrets in Des Moines this past weekend (8/22/15). We have been trying to meet up with our friend T-Man since our missed connection that time you were last in Portland (in 2014). 

We arrived at around 9:30 to find the parking lot fairly full and awaited his arrival. After exchanging some text messages, we made our way inside to await his arrival.  The proprietors at Secrets have put in a new entrance, off to the side away from the main highway. Much appreciated by Bambi in her five inch black mules and tight jean skirt (black stockings, see through top and the ever present HW anklet). 

The Lovely Bambi & her HW Anklet
Entering, we were welcomed with a very friendly hello. Bambi and I made use of the washrooms after our long drive, and has been reported before, they are some of the cleanest in any theater we have been to. In fact the whole place is clean and neat. 

We then went into the largest of the theaters and sat down on a free couch. The guys were polite and kept their distance. T-Man made his entrance and sat down beside Bambi. We had tried to arrange to meet before hand, but due to matters beyond T-Man's control, we were not able to arrange it. Doc you may remember how our attempt at meeting him at the Oregon went last time (ed. note: I do!). Bambi and T-Man chatted for a while and then got to know each other. After a while she decided that she would like to make use of the smaller theater that has a locking door.