Thursday, December 27, 2012

Velvet Skye's GH Tour Update: The Wheels Came off @ Annabelle's

UPDATED 12/27/12:
Doc here... The winter storm that hit Ohio and Pennsylvania on Wednesday caused a change of plans for start of Velvet Skye's trip.

After driving straight 18 hours to Winston Salem, NC, Annabelle's was the first official stop on the tour.

And it went south... FAST, thanks to the wisdom of the management of Annabelle's.  Velvet reported that there were a lot of guys in attendance who ended up wasting their money, since she and her Mr. V were kicked out of Annabelle's in about 2 minutes. After driving almost 18 hours straight there to beat the storm, they were treated like this by Annabelle's.

Velvet relayed to me that in all her years in this thing of ours, she has NEVER been treated so poorly by an theater or ABS. 

Based on this event, I strongly recommend staying away from Annabelle's. Period.

It is obviously not couple's friendly, and apparently a hostile environment. They do not deserve your business after treating Velvet and Mr. V in this way.  I do suggest taking your business to CVE in Gastonia, NC and taking Annabelle's off your radar.

Right now, Velvet is on her way straight to Tampa.  I will Tweet update at my Twitter @Lizardojournal , so if you want the latest info on the GH Tour, you will need to follow my Twitter feed.



Doc here with some of the most exciting news to come across the news desk all year!  The Good Doctor's good friend, the incredible Velvet Skye, will be spreading some holiday cheer in and around Route 77 this coming week.
And what is the best way to spread that cheer?  How about having this tall, leggy, Canadian beauty on the other side of a gloryhole, or inside a theater, just waiting for you? 
Well, The Good Doctor has all the details for you...
Heading south from their home base in Toronto, here is their schedule (and subject to change):

Dec 27-28:  
Fantasyland I, 4715 Lois Avenue, Tampa, FL
Fantasyland II (a short distance away from FL I), 5006 N. Grady, Tampa, FL
Dec 30th:
Ft Lauderdale - Location TBD


The best way to know when Velvet Skye has arrived to the locations above is to do the following:
  1. Subscribe to my Twitter Feed @Lizardojournal
  2. Velvet will be providing updates to me during their trip, and I will post them to Twitter only.
  3. Please keep in mind weather and other uncontrollable conditions may delay a vist, or cause a reschedule.
And if you need any additional persuasion, here is a gallery of Velvet Skye pics to wet your whistle:

Doc here again... Stay tuned for updates, but the best and most current info will be through my Twitter feed.. @Lizardojournal  Sign up today and get in the loop! 
Happy Holidays!

Bulletin! The Bayou Boudreaux & Friend to Visit Biloxi Saturday 12/29!

Doc here with a preview of a coming attraction at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater for this Saturday.

Making a return appearance will be The Bayou Boudreaux, and his companion, "Lil Slut".  Their last visit put the Gulf Coast Theater on it's ear, and the are looking for more of the same this Saturday.

Here is a brief statement from The Bayou Boudreaux regarding Saturday.


Hey Doc,

I know a few people from this area keep up with your reports. I am taking the Lil Slut out for cock/cum and we'll be bringing a couple new to the experience.

I'd like to put out the call to all that want a fun time Dec. 29th.
We ask you are :

Thanks Doc and Merry Christmas!



Doc here again... Go on out to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater, and support the effort that the BB and his Lil Slut put out there.