Friday, July 15, 2011

Flash Report! Tonight Friday 7/15/11 - Berlin News Agency by The Traveling Man

Doc here with an outstanding first time report from The Traveling Man (not to be confused with senior reporter Tom Austin - Traveling Man).  The Traveling Man was at The Berlin News Agency TONIGHT, and filed this same day Flash Report with The Good Doctor moments ago.

Here is The Traveling Man and his first report... And it's a doosy.


Hey, Dr! Long time listener, first time caller, LOL.    I would have posted this directly, but I am VERY much against the monopoly Google is creating, and the info they gather.  You can no longer sign up anywhere unless you divulge your cell phone.  Fuck them.. I prefer to remain semi- anonymous.

I travel all around the country, and have been there, done that and truly have seen it all.  Tampa in its heyday, was one of the truly best.  I don't get out much anymore, but the Tampa scene is only a small percentage of what it used to be, anyway.  I've been to the San Diego scene, 15th Street, you name it, I've probably been there.  However, I must say, in all my travels, The Paris Theatre stands alone at the top.   Okay, that being said, I finally had the opportunity to stop in and check out the action at BNA (Berlin news Agency).  Last time in town, it was a complete dud, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Berlin News Agency
circa 2011

I left my hotel and grabbed some Chicago's Uno for dinner, then headed out early to see what might be seen.  On an earlier visit in the week, a regular said most couples start showing up around 9pm.  Let's just say I was "eager" as I hadn't cum in over two weeks, and my balls were hanging like two mean coconuts!

Around 8pm, I enter the theater, and passed the main room on the left.  As I entered the back area, which is broken up into quadrants, I noticed a number of swordsmen standing around the NE quad.  Hmmm, I thought to myself, something is afoot!   Sure enough, a couple is sitting down watching the action on the TV monitor.  Most guys are hugging the 5 foot high wall, looking over the top to see what they could see, while a few guys were lining the cubicle's bench seats hoping for a show. 

Now, I met Brent on one or two of my visits to The Paris, and he knows that I am not overly aggressive, but I am experienced enough in this thing for the last 30 some odd years that I know when to push and when to be polite and spoil 'em with honey, if you will. 

The lady in question was a white BWW, and I am not sure if she was even with the gentleman on her left.  One guy about two spaces away from her was openly stroking his flagpole, and everyone else was simply waiting.  She did nothing for about 10 minutes, when she stood up and removed her panties, leaving herself covered by her dress and sweater.   She got up to get some fresh air, as it is kind of stifling in the quads with all that body heat from all the guys hanging around.  She walked to the end of the wall I was looking over, and I was stroking my cock gently, as I looked her in the eye and offered to get her a soda, or water, or anything else she needed.  She thanked me, and (get this) asked me if she could stroke my cock.  After 1/1,000,000th of a millisecond, I said "PLEASE",   She had GREAT hands, and lovingly stroked my cock and felt how full my balls were, whereupon she got a quizzical look on her face.  She asked me if I would accompany her back to the quad?   Who am I to deny a lady?  She was about early 50's, and 5'2" tall, and as I said, a BBW, and she had a kind and attractive face.  

We went into the quad, I dropped my shorts, and she went to town with her hands, and, eventually, her mouth; both of which were great.   She asked if I had a condom, which I didn't, and she gave me a sad look, upon which she went back to sucking and stroking.  Now, the rest of the guys, maybe 15 or so, all around, were jealous, as she picked ME for the first to get the party started.  What can I say, I've always been shy, LOL.    Well, she didn't want me to come in her mouth, so I asked if her tits were fine to shoot my load, and she acknowledged it was a target rich environment.  Well, when I said I hadn't cum in over two weeks, I am not kidding.  I shot like I was 18 years old, again, and had three huge ropes of cum spurting about six inches up her large tits, up to her neck.  She was shocked and all she could say was "Whoa!" ala Keanu Reeves, and there were quite a few "holy shit's" going on around the quad, LOL.   Of course, I was totally spent now, and it was only 8:30pm. 

What to do, what to do?   Should I try to stay for hours to see what comes through the door, of call it a night?   I decided on a little of both.  I went back to the main theater and waited so I could see couples enter.   Not 5 minutes later, couple no. 2 walks in.  He was Hispanic looking, around mid 50's, and she was short, looked like she was pregnant (still not sure) but she was late 40's, so I have to admit I was confused about the package.  She wore a dress, and they really didn't do much of anything, but the did sit in the back quad and watch BBW take on all cummers.  

A short while later, couple no. 3 shows up, another white couple in their 50's/early 60's, and she was a regular, I could tell.   They were looking for something, but were not yet ready to play while I was there.  However, I know from the look, that if the right guy caught her eye, she would be on all fours howling at the moon.  Once in awhile, I'd walk on back to see if anyone else was doing anything, but it was only BBW still taking on all cummers.  

About 5 minutes later, another couples comes in, this one mixed - a large black man in his 40's and what once was a petite woman in her mid 40's.   I say "was", not to denigrate, but to identify.  From the top, she was still petite, but the bottom was, er,very large.  However, she was beautiful - a brunette resembling Pat Benatar and Marisa Tomei if she had short hair.  Very attractive woman.  I was standing next to her in the back quad as BBW was getting fucked by one of the regular black guys, and I stroked "The General" who, unfortunately, wasn't answering teh call to arms.  As it turns out, he wasn't needed, as she never watched, and they never did anything,  I decided to leave.

As I got in my car and exited the parking lot, I noticed a single black woman in her car directly out front.. not sure what she was doing, if she was picking up a video rental, returning, or if she planned on entering the theater?  As I left the parking lot, I noticed the mixed couple walking out of the theater heading to the parking lot.

So, all in all, four couples between 8pm - 9pm, not bad for an early Friday night anywhere.  In my younger days, I might have stayed until all hours of the morning, and would have cum three or four times.  Those days are long gone, but like the man sang, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was".  I just happened to be lucky enough to find a lovely and sexy woman who wished to share her desire with me, in a busy theater environment that we all love.

Before I forget, the guys that run the place make sure the women have water, that they are safe and cared for, and that plenty of clean towels are available.  While they don't have a flag system set up like Ray does at the Paris, they do have a website  and Yahoo Group where they post when couples are visiting.   Two thumbs up from The Traveling Man for BNA.  I was pleasantly surprised, and may go back tomorrow   ; )


Congrats to The Traveling Man for a great first time report.  TTM told me offline that has traveled the national scene for this thing of ours, and hopefully this is the first of many reports to come.  Welcome TTM to the ranks of outstanding reporters here at The Journal.

The Good Doctor still is in dire need of quality adult theater reports.  Please send in your reports to Bruce Banner The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, add a photo or two, and presto-chango you will be published.


Flash Report! Tomkat on Wednesday Night at The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with the first report on the HOT evening at The Art Cinema in Hartford that was the first of The Good Doctor's Coming Attractions.  Senior reporter Tomkat (on the prowl) was there, notebook and pen in hand (almost), and has provided us the play-by-play John Madden-style: BOOM!

Here is Tomkat and his just filed report...


Hi Doc,

Here's a trip report on my latest adventure at Hartford's Art Cinema, at 255 Franklin Street.

It's true.  We cats really do have nine lives.  Far too often, my eight other lives interfere with the life I write about here.  I'm sure many of you humans can relate.  However, once in a blue moon, the stars align and I find myself in the right place at the right time.  This was the case when I spotted Doc's coming attraction announcement of a "Hot" 30's couple coming to Hartford's Art Cinema between 7 and 7:30 p.m. on the 13th.  It just so happened I was scheduled to travel through Hartford that evening.  Purrrrrrrfect!

I arrived at Hartford around 6:30 p.m. and parked on Franklin St.  I locked my car and proudly Stray Cat Strutted right into the theater.  I paid the $12 admission and took my usual seat in the back row, where I could watch the theater and keep an eye on the stairway to the couple's balcony.  The theater was busier than usual this evening.  About 20 pole cats, more than the usual number for a week night, were in attendance.  An aura of anticipation was in the air.  It was obvious; the word was out about this couple.                                                                          

The couple arrived at precisely, 7:05 p.m. and headed up the stairs to the balcony.  He was tall, average build with dark hair, wearing a dark short sleeve shirt with dark slacks.  She was a shapely petite brunette in a red sun dress.  Her hair was not quite shoulder length.  She looked somewhat like the T-Mobile girl, but smaller with shorter hair.

I went down to the front of the theater to observe the action on the balcony. They sat in the back row and fooled around for a few minutes before moving up to the rail at the front of the balcony to play.  She lifted her dress and he got behind her.  More pole cats moved down front.  One guy stripped totally naked and started jerking off.  They were putting on a great show.  Suddenly, they stopped and headed to the back of the balcony and down the stairs.

They entered the main theater and headed down the right side of the theater, as you face the screen.  They took their seats.  I managed to snag a seat right behind them.  In no time she leaned over and began sucking her man's cock.  After a couple of minutes, they stood up.  He lead her to the aisle, where several pole cats were lined up against the wall stroking their poles She began stroking jerking off the pole cats.  After jerking off a couple of guys, they headed back upstairs. 

They played upstairs for a few minutes before returning to the main theater.  They took their seats and the pole cats gathered around.  She began jerking off pole cats onto her bare tits, one after another.  I got in line and patiently waited my turn. About this time, a BBW couple entered the main theater and took their seats in front of the wide exit aisle.  I was rewarded when the hottie grabbed my cock and began stroking.  I reached down and caressed her nipples and found that she had very thin nipple rings. I thought I died and went to Portland, er, I mean Heaven. I shot my load across her chest, adding to the already impressive bukakke.  I got out of the way so other pole cats could enjoy the hottie's talents. A few minutes later, the hottie couple headed upstairs.  I assumed they were going to clean up and leave.

I went over to check out the BBW couple.  He was a big guy about 60.  She was a platinum blonde in a black and white sun dress.  They weren't fooling around.  He had his arm around her.  And they were watching the movie.  I noticed a crowd of pole cats down front watching the balcony.  The hottie couple wasn't finished.  I went to have a look for myself and saw her riding him in the reverse cowgirl position.  The BBW couple noticed the action too and headed upstairs to the balcony.   The hottie couple moved up to the rail and continued fucking.  The BBW couple took their seats in the front row of the balcony, right in front of the hottie couple.

I think the hottie couple move to the floor because I couldn't wee them for a while.  Then they stood up and she got down on her knees and blew her man for a while, right in front of the BBW couple.  This couple had incredible stamina.  The hottie couple had finally had enough and let the theater.  The BBW couple returned to their seats at the front of the theater.  I took a seat in front of them to see if they would fool around.  The sat with his arm around her, rubbing her back.  By this time, I was tired. It had been a long day and I still had a long drive home.  The BBW couple didn't look like they were about to play, so I made my exit.

Some believe the 13th is unlucky.  I don't think so.  But, what do I know?  I'm a black cat.


(on the Prowl)


Doc here again... The preliminary reports I started getting in Wednesday night right after the fun at The Art Cinema ended were a precursor of this outstanding report by Tomkat. It looks like the new "Coming Attractions" section is working nicely so far, and the crowd was treated to great time by this lovely young lady.  Next weekend two more CA's will be setting up shop at 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL, and CTs in Gary.  Let's see if we can make it 3 for 3 by the end of next weekend!

Report #2 from this crazy night at The Art Cinema is due in soon... And it will be a corker (like this one).




Dark Angel Diaries: Theater X in Florida

Doc here with the latest adventure from Dark Angel.  This time she visits Theater X in Florida.
Theater X Report:
Ya Doc,  it's a short one. We enjoyed our drive out entertaining the truck drivers flashing my big melons. We all had fun!!! Sorry no pics raining when we arrived & left. 
Theater X was comfortable, and we plan on returning! Didn't really play just not compatiable w/the one couple & 1 elderly man there. The couple left the theater which left just the three of us. I needed to use the restroom (or as the lady's here in this part of the south say "pay the water bill"). 

Well we stepped outside for a break and as we were in the ABS for the usual get a vibe for the "new place"(to us). In the theater for over an hour and as we stepped outside the couple were out  taking a smoke  break. Chatted for a minute, and the man then commented to his wife "he  needed to find her a lady, and since as we said before just not our type we told them we were going to the car to get a smoke and we RAN to the car, "because it was raining". We deciced it was time for us tooo leave !!! 

So  next time we plan on getting there later in the eveing and hopefully the crowd will be a little younger. 

Sure wish we had a place closer than 3 1/2 hrs away!

Dark Angel


Thanks Dark Angel!  Sometimes the vibes is there, sometimes it isn't.  Hopefully next time it will be.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at  I will edit and format your report, and you get the glory.