Monday, December 31, 2012

Flash Report! The Yogster Couple @ Swingshift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario (w/10 PICS!)

Doc here with an amazing Flash Report from now-senior reporter, Asslvr. This report about a theater gang bang at Swingshift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is top shelf.  And the pics that came along with the report are over the top (and The Good Doctor doesn't impress easily).

The couple in the spotlight here is The Yogster Couple, and they were kind enough to share a ton of pics from the actual event with us.

Fasten your seat belts... This one is HOT!


Hello Doc,

Sorry about not keeping in touch. I've been very busy these days and not enough play time at "this thing of ours". Well I'm back in the saddle and have a wild Swing Shift Gang Bang experience to report with some super hot pics from the event. Special thanks to Yogster Couple who were great at putting on the hottest performance I've ever experienced in a porn theater.

Mrs. Yogster
 Mrs. Yogster is a hot tiny spinner who is very sensual and really got into the event as it progressed. She is truly a special person and thoroughly enjoyed fucking and sucking almost everyone at the event. Mr. Yogster was a great guy, very secure in his relationship with the misses and happy to accommodate and direct traffic for her pleasure.

The event planning started with myself and Yogster touching base and confirming a date for the event. They had previously dropped by Swingshift Theater in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and had a great time but with limited participants. I hoped with my connections and promotional abilities, we would have a better turn out. Boy was that an understatement!

The Yogster Couple showed up on time and there were only a few guys that had come for the GB. I got them a private room so they could make base camp and get ready for the fun. By the time they came out, we had about 10 guys ready to go. Mr Yogster had brought a blanket (must have been a cub scout, always being prepared) and laid it down on the theater floor. Mr. Yogster was very considerate and offered me the lead off hitter position with his very sexy, hot wife.

We started off with some passionate kissing and exploring each others bodies in front of the penis crowd. Mrs.Yogster is very passionate and quickly opened my pants and took my cock into her mouth. Her oral skills were excellent (a true master) and I didn't last long until I was squirting my load down her throat. That was just her warm up. Mr. Yogster then encouraged the next BBC gent to have some fun. She started to go down on him while another gent started to finger her from behind. After that point it was a steady stream of fucking and sucking guy after guy in every position possible.

I stepped out a few times and the sounds of her pleasure from outside the theater room was very erotic. Every time I popped in, a large crowd of 10 or more guys respectfully watched and waited their turn as Mr. Yogster selected the next batter. A friend who had previously written a Swing Shift review on your site with Kinkybicpl had showed up and was patiently waiting for his turn. It was quite the scene when he commented how tight Mrs Yogster was even after doing so many guys. It really didn't take long before he came and then gave Mrs. a slap on her butt surprising all with his enthusiasm.

Mrs. Yogster was not into slapping or rough play and it was quickly addressed by Mr. Yogster. What was great is that it didn't stop the fun and festivities. The Yogster Couple continued to play with the willing crowd well into the second hour of their visit. As much as I wanted to stay to help Mr Yogster run the event, I had to leave with the GB still in full swing. What a wild sexually charged event that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Again a huge thanks to The Yogster Couple for making this event possible, and I hope everyone enjoys these sexy pics of Mrs. Yogster fucking and sucking to her delight.


Gallery From The Yogster Couple's GB (click to ENLARGE the thumbnail images)


Doc here again... I wanted to send 2012 out with an outstanding Flash Report, and this one from Asslvr and The Yogster Couple was pretty fucking amazing. A huge thank you to both (actually, all 3 of you) for a fantastic Flash Report.  Please keep up the great efforts!

Happy New Year!