Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flash Report! Mr. Bubble Hits Secret's in Oakland

Doc here with a first time report from new contributor, Mr. Bubble. mr. Bubble hit Secrets in Oakland, CA, and this is his nicely detailed report.

Here we go!


Great site Doc! Your site has me ready to gas the car and make the eight hour road trip to Portland from Nor Cal! Lucky for me your site also helped me find my way to Secrets in Alameda here in the Bay Area.

I'm new to this and never filed a trip report let alone visited a porn theater. But with a work trip planned for Portland next month and another planned for Tampa/Orlando in July it looks like your site has given me good direction for where I can find some adventure! I'll be certain to check back in.
I’m a clean cut, suit wearing professional pharma rep and I had an opportunity to stop by Secrets last week during lunch. I feed the meter out front and slipped into the dark porn theater after paying my 8 dollar entrances fee. There were maybe 8 to 10 creepy critters stroking in the dark, so I pulled my twitching hard on out of my suit pants and began to do the same. After about 15 minutes of watching some good porn a stocky looking Dom Daddy walked in with his hot blond subbie on a leash!

Oakland, CA
She was a slim, sexy, 40 something MILF. It looked like the games were about to began! For the first 10 minutes or so he paraded her in the back of cinema under the lights for all the horny men to check her out she was wearing a little black leather mini, black alter top, sexy nylons and the requisite naughty heels. He had her pull her little black skirt up and spread her wet, pink pussy for all to see in the light. She stayed that way, bent over at the waist and he started to tan her ass with a belt, making her cute little cheeks flaming red.
There was a lot of DOM action for the first 15 minutes or so, as he lead her around the dark theater, spanking her and degrading her. She ate it up and loved the attention. FINALLY he bent her over a row of chairs and started fucking her. I had been walking through the theater with my cock out, following along like a puppy dog watching the whole scene! I was so horny after being in the theater for 30 minutes at that point I was trying not to cum! I was standing directly in front of her as he plowed her from behind. He offered her mouth to me, and I quickly stepped forward and buried my twitching, precummy cock deep in the back of her throat. It wasn’t long before I filled her hot mouth with my sweet treat. I came so damn hard, she drained every spurt out of me and didn’t spill a drop!
The scene was so hot, I never lost my hard on as I watched her mouth offered up to several other cocks, she had such a hungry mouth and really worked some magic. This scene was way over the top, the certainly had a fantasy they were fulfilling, it was more like watching a play…with very turned-on and excited actors no less!
Unfortunately I had a meeting with my boss and had to leave while Dom Daddy worked the crowd with his hot little girl. So hope that they make it back to the theater soon. Secrets will have to do until I get a chance to make it to Mecca, which is Portland.  


Doc here again... Many thanks to Mr. Bubble for a great first time report.  Your luck was with you, sir... Nicely done, and we look forward to more with you.