Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flash Report! Carlito on Deja Vu in Ontario

Doc here with a first time report from Carlito.  The featured adult theater is Deja Vu in Ontario, CA, the same location as a recent report from Captain EO.

The scene there is heating up, based on the activity from several comments under the recent Deja Vu reports here @ The Journal.

Personal note: This report was susposed to go up last week, and I scheduled it incorrectly.  I just caught the error, so my apologies to Carlito.  It won't happen again, sir.

Here is Carlito and his Deja Vu Flash Report..


Hola Dr. Lizardo,

After many months of reading your posts I finally have something to report. This past Saturday bored and horny, I set out to see if I could find some entertainment at Deja Vu in Ontario CA... I arrived around 10 pm to find the place packed since they have an adjoining strip club (fully nude) I thought at a minimum I could buy a lap dance, then go home and jerk off. Then I remembered in your posts that they have a theater and gloryhole upstairs. So I went up to take my chances.

I paid the 10 bucks and went into the theater - small with several rows of large lounge chairs with porn of all varities playing on 6 screens...all the seats were full so I took a standing spot in the back...the porn was good...I was stroking my cock with a few others when a couple walked in probably in their 40's.

Deja Vu
Ontario, CA
She was gorgeous..a tall blonde..barbie lookalike..her husband was a black dude with dreads. I have to say they looked hot together and I was really excited that I might get some real live action. They took a seat on a couch right in front of me. They watched for a few minutes, and they started making out. Then her man undid her dress, and out came a set of pretty damn amazing tits. Real ones at that!

Things started to heat up, and before too long, her long legs we spread wide for all the guys who were in front of them to get a great view. I moved around the corner to get a closer look, and by this time we were all forming a circle in front of them. The action between them was pretty hot, and I was hoping to somehow get to the front of the pack. We were stroking our cocks, and a couple guys were allowed to touch those big tits.

Her man said they could jack off on her if they only took a minute and she had several huge loads blasted all over those tits. I really was hoping she would suck someone (ME), but it seems that she was saving that for her man. I finally came up to the plate. I hung my cock down in front of her and jacked off my cock till hot cum was all over her. She rubbed her tits and seemed quite happy to be covered with all our hot juice. I would have loved to have tried to stick my cock in her mouth..but that wasn't was she was there for I guess.

She did give one guy a hand job, but he blew his load pretty fast. After we all had our shot, she leaned over and pulled her mans cock out and gave him a Class A blow job. Damn to have my own girl like that! The lucky bastard got to blow is load in her pretty mouth. Every guy in there had their turn at her. A few guys were lingering around maybe hoping for a round 2. 

Shortly there fter she dressed and they left. It was really hot, and I hope the next time I get bored I will have some luck at the gloryholes.

Thanks for your reports and I hope I will have more stories to share when I go back next week!



Doc here again... Thanks again to Carlito for a terrific Flash Report.  Keep up the good work sir, and we look forward to your next reports.


Flash Report! The Hot Asian Couple at CTs Adult Theater 6/18 by Southsuburbanguy (w/pic)

Doc here with a great Flash Report from first time contributor, Southsurbanguy, and his encounter with the force of nature now known as M&A (The Asian Couple) at CTs Adult Theater.

This encounter took place on Friday 6/15, and was the first time that M&A ventured back to the gloryhole booths at CTs.  Luckily for us, SSG was there, and he also exercised the first rule of this thing of ours to his (and our benefit): "Be patient, and you'll be rewarded" .  You'll see why in his report...


Hi Dr. Emilio,

I actually went to CT's on Friday night 6/15..  The hot Asian woman was still there in the booths, and a heavier blond was in the theater.  There was a line at the booths, and the guys said the Asian girl was giving bjs that were awesome. 

The Lovely "A"
I went in, and watched her give an amazing bj to her man.  I reached through the hole, and started fingering her pussy.  She backed up and let me slide a finger inside that tight hole.  I don't think anyone had fucked her, as it was very tight and not super sloppy yet - only moist with her sweet juices. 

She ground on my hand for a minute, then pulled away.  She whispered through the hole for me to give her my cock, which I did.  She lubed it up (was an amazing hand job, then she shoved it inside her tight pussy - no condom!  I fucked her good, blowing a load inside that tight hole. I thanked her and left for the next guy.

I went into the theater, but the couple in there had left already.  I decided to wait awhile, and see if I could get round #2.  My wait was rewarded shortly after, when the Asian girl came in, along with the dancer Nicky and another of CT's dancers. Nicky was wearing a strap-on.  The other dancer got up on the exam table, and Nicky started fucking her with the strap-on.  The Asian girl started sucking the dancer's nipple.  Then Nicky started eating the dancer's pussy.  The moaning was incredible!  Then the Asian girl got on the table, and Nicky started fucking her with the strap-on while the other dancer was playing with her tits.  The Asian girl came several times, loudly! 

THIS was an incredible sight!  I am glad I waited!



Doc here again... See what happens when one excercises Dr. Emilio's golden rule? Your time spent being patient is an investment, and that investment can pay big dividends.  This happened to Southsurburbanguy in the form of a great show to cap off the evening at CTs.  Thank you sir for a great first time report!

Coming this week to The Journal will be a House Call Report from The Good Doctor, capturing the swealtering scene at CTs this past Friday night with M&A (AKA The Asian Couple). It was another crazy night, and I'll have the details for you this week.

Stay tuned.


Field Report! Nu Art Theatre in Monterey, CA by The Gentleman Pervert

Doc here again with an excellent Field Report from a new contributor to The Journal, The Gentleman Pervert. In my conversations with TGP, I discovered that he is originally from my old stomping grounds in Upstate NY. We lamented the loss of some legendary adult theaters, such as the Monroe and Lyell Theaters in Rochester, as those places were something special back in the day.

This brings up to today.  Neither The Gentleman Pervert, nor The Good Doctor are Empire State residents, but we are still engaged in this thing of ours (AKA our favorite hobby). Today, TGP is a West Coast kind of guy, and brings us this update on the Nu-Art Theatre in Monterey, CA (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Here is The Gentleman Pervert and his Field Report...


Hi again Dr,

Been enjoying your site since we last spoke. Impressed by your dedication, and great input from your field reporters. Really heartened to discover that there are many of us into "this thing of ours"!   

Nu-Art Theatre
Monterey, CA
Here in Monterey, CA, the pickings are slim for this thing of ours. Stopped by Nu-Art Theatre on Fremont Street after work today. Monterey Blues Festival traffic had the area busy, so I thought I would check out the theatre.

 Immediately noticed as I walked in that the place was cleaner and stock had been updated. Was greeted warmly by a new female employee, which is unusual. Nice change. Theatre was empty so did not enter, thinking I should come back tonight after the festival ends and some visiting couples might visit.

As I was checking out some videos, another female employee came in and the two ladies were commenting and enjoying the movie from theatre they had on small monitor. The older 30-something encouraged me to check out the flick, "Mothers and Daughters".  Very friendly I must declare.

As I was in the lot in my truck, that same employee came out and we engaged in a very nice conversation where I discovered she was part of new management team. She shared some of their plans for upgrades and we had a short conversation about her job running porn shops and my enjoyment of porn. Cool lady. Sounds like they may turn this place around and try to make it couples friendly. One can only hope. Will advise further as changes occur.

The Gentleman Pervert


Doc here again.  Many thanks to The Gentleman Pervert for his concise Field Report.  Looking forward to your next report, sir.

TGP's report is exactly what separates a Field Report from a Flash Report:
  • A Field Report is an overview of the adult theater/theater-ABS combo itself. Layout, staff, parking, etc.  In other words, the data needed to update their database entry, but fleshed out with commentary.
  • A Flash Report is a detailed report of the action inside an adult theater/theater ABS, most likely from a first or third person point of view.
Both kinds of reports are needed, but take different routes in providing us the information helpful to couples or singles (or anyone in between) in order to enjoy this thing of ours.

My name is Dr. Emilio, and I'm your bartender.  What can I get you?