Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flash Report: Gentle Tongue Reports On The Summit News Theater in Warren, OH

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from now senior reporter here at The Journal, Gentle Tongue. GT visited the Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH, which has become a consistant Top 5 location in the weekly Power Rankings.  The scene there is active and worth checking out if you get within sniffing distance of Warren in NE Ohio.

Here is GT's report...


Good Dr.,

The true keeper and wise one of this “Thing of Ours”.

I must confess I am a bit tardy on filing a timely report.

On or about Sep 29th this year of 2011 the action was through the roof and worthy of the front page.  This Hump Day was one for the archives for NE Ohio at the Summit News (address information located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database HERE).

A wonderful “Ivanhoe” alerted me to the fact that a couple would be using the private theater at the Summit.  In addition to the couple a lady was going to be in attendance.  Both were rumored to dine on the finer things on the menu. Just so happened that my lady friend was going to be around that day as well.  However, being the bad one I am I kept the entire knowledge of possible happenings to myself.

She became a bit suspicious with the grin on my face.

We arrived around 7:30pm, and as we exited the car saw a well dressed couple (K2) go past us to the door. Upon entering the store they were already engaged with the clerk in preparation for setting up the private theater movie.  We also found “Ivanhoe” and K1 (she has to be K1 as she is from that great place of good beer and sausage – Germany – Was ein Fraulein) waiting in the store area along with a good helping of polemen lingering.  The migration began for the chosen ones to the private theater.

Ivanhoe help work things out with Eric and the gentleman from the couple and allowed us to join the action.  In the short time before we came back and took our seat on one of the couches.  K1and K2 were already entertaining the hands on deck.  Oh the action was non-stop and all that were ready and willing were taken well care.

My lady friend didn’t waste much time joining in on the couch.  She immediately began playing music on the flesh flute seated on the couch with us. I was like a kid in a candy store just taking all the sweet action in.  Being the shy type I stay with my lady friend and insure she was happy and wet. She took on about 4 or 6 guys and drained them all.  She was dripping from the excitement.

I can’t even remember the number of guys that rotated in and out of the theater.  All the ladies gave it all to the crowd.  An respectful group that was there was even that much better. After K1 and K2 were winding down, we enjoyed the visit of some of the other regular couples.  The Amish Couple and another couple seen with the Amish couple joined the private room.  The Amish lady, oh what wonderful milk vessels she has, began to devour a nice tootsie roll, her preferred course.  The other lady allowed some light touching and enjoyed the show.

We exited shortly thereafter and made our way back for some rest and reflecting on the fun that was had.

Again the Summit lived up to the well deserved reputation it has earned in a relatively short time.

Will keep you up to date and informed of further developments.



A huge thank you to Gentle Tongue for yet another great report... To those of you who want to write a report for The Journal, this report from GT is a great template to work from.  His reports are entertaining, yet concise and to the point.  They capture the vibe inside the various theaters he has ventured to, and his blow-by-blow descriptions (cue rim-shot) flesh out the report nicely.

Thank you sir!

Now, it is time to submit YOUR adult theater report.  I know you have one... Just e-mail Sir Walter Scott The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format your report, and you get the byline and the glory.  Join the ranks of the outstanding reporters here at The Journal.

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