Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Call For Entries! What Was Your Best 2010 Adult Theater Experience?

Doc here... As I was driving back to The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college after Thanksgiving, I was looking back at 2010 at what were my personal adult theater highlights.  There were several good ones...Really good ones.

But then it occurred to me, why not open this up to the thousands of readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters?  I could set this up like the very successful "Top 3 Adult Theater Women" contest.  I could post all entries, and at the end, set up the poll and we could vote away.

So, here are the rules, ladies and gentlemen of the jury...
  1. E-mail The Good Doctor using the "Submit An Adult Theater Report" button on the right hand side of the Journal.(or e-mail me direct at
  2. Write up your best 2010 adult theater (or ABS for that matter) experience.  Please include the following information: Location, when in 2010 it happened, and lots of detail.  You have read the 100 of stories here...Just use that format.
  3. Don't worry about spelling and punctuation - I will edit and doll up your submission.
  4. Provide a pen name that you want to use for your experience.
  5. Around mid-December, I will cut off submissions, and get the poll up. 
  6. Vote for your favorite 2010 adult theater experience.
Easy. Fast. And energy efficient.  That's the Lizardo Way.

So what are you waiting for?  Write up your favorite 2010 adult theater experience and get the report into me, The Good Doctor.

Let the reports begin!


Flash Report: "Decorating Her Snowy Globes With Their Pearly Essence" by Brent in Portland

Doc here with a Flash Report from our good friend Brent in Portland on the action at The Paris Theater this past weekend.  Take it away, sir!

"Decorating Her Snowy Globes With Their Pearly Essence (or jizzing on her titties)"

I was at The Paris Theater in downtown Portland Friday. Downtown was busy because it was the start of Christmas shopping season and the tree lighting ceremony had just taken place.

 The season was starting out cold and rainy. Rainy- what else is new? A new couple, or , one I hadn't seen before, came in to the theater around seven pm. The lady of the couple reminded me of a beautiful Irish red head, Christina Hendricks voluptuous type. Christina was already top less and looking fun and sexy. She was caressing her breasts and smiling a naughty smile. She and her man gathered their stuff and went down to the Paris Theater glory hole.. Its really a half hole, There was a mad dash and crush. But she said to the group ` "This guy gets first because he brought me some towels."

The first guy got sucked like royalty while she jacked and alternately sucked two other guys. She was wearing tights that pulled down easily past her pretty ass. She didn't want to be fucked but loved getting finger fucked. The finger fucking made her scream and yell like it was too much. The crowd was small and well behaved and she sucked every cock that was there. There was also a lot of titty fucking and a lot of dirty words like fuck and tits and come and cock she said when her mouth was not full of dick.

 The small crowd of men was enthusiastic but respectful. Later on after they left the crowd got bigger and the usual band of stair dwellers congregated by the stairs. Only one girl played after that. She was a BBW , pretty big and sexy .She spread her legs wide and frigged her cunt to a froth. Then she and her man went to the annex where she fucked a few guys on the exam table. But the usual yakkers in the crowd caused him to look over a few times like "WTF"? and so they went back into the couples section got dressed and left.

If they left because of the constant prattle, how can you blame them? I sometimes talk in the theater, but try not to when there is a couple playing. It's very disrespectful, Try doing that in a regular theater.
Two very pretty young couples came in and our hearts and expectations leaped - but it was gawker central and the usual suspects were on the stairs. Everyone watched them sit there and do nothing. It would have been nice if a third playful couple had been there to get the party started
but it wasn't to be.

Around 2 am , a young couple came in. She was a pretty petite girl with long hair that she had tied up, framing her face and her smile. She played with her small breasts while a small crowd of very horny men watched her.. She enjoyed the attention. She was nervous and excited. She stood up, pulled down her tights and showed us her pretty little ass. She was still smiling. She was still nervous and excited. Was it her first step into the world of adult theater sex?  I left after they did.

Tonight should be good for adult action around Portland. There is a birthday party at Angel's that will attract a lot of players.The Oregon Theater will have it's usual assortment of old men, gay men, straight couples , bi couples, trans genders and regular guys looking for action. I have not been there in a while. Maybe I'll head over there if it's slow at The Paris.

We are in the middle of a four day weekend for a lot of people and there are a lot of visitors in town for the holidays. Some of them may be able to sneak away from their relatives and come down and play inside The Paris or other fun places.
Thanks again Brent for your usual outstanding work!  Nobody spins an adult theater tale like Brent, and this (once again) is the proof.  Brent is quality.


Hump Day Bonus: A Tease From Gloryhole Nancy

Doc here with a Hump Day Bonus for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.  Our good friend, Gloryhole Nancy (and her guy, T) sent along a teaser pic that will part of their next full "Kneelin' With Nancy" report, due in the next few days.  Who knew Toledo would be so much fun?

So, here is a little feather to tickle your ass with... Enjoy! (remember, to enlarge, just click the image)


Flash Report: Gulf Coast Theater by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with a Flash Report from Senior Journal Correspondent, Bob in Biloxi.  If it weren't for bad luck, Bob would have no luck (lately).  Bob's tale of frustration is as follows:

Hi Doc,

11/27/10 Report: Gulf Coast Adult Theater

Two couples showed up at the theater Saturday night. One was a newbie, petite blond, slim, nice little ass. She was dressed in pants and a pullover top. They watched the movie for awhile, stepped outside for a smoke, and when they came back in sat on one of the front couches. One man next to them and started talking to them, when the husband got pissed off and they left. I asked the guy what happened, he told me she wanted to fuck him, but her husband wasn’t cool with that. So later on I found out they sat in the car outside and had an argument before coming back to the couch and having some guy lick her twat for awhile. Then they left for good.

Meanwhile, down at the ABS (aka Gay Social Setting) this drop dead gorgeous (Picture a Snooki look alike) dressed in fuck me boots, wearing a gray pullover dress, with stockings came in and proceeded to the booths. Two black guys (gay) jumped into the booth next to them and refused to give up the booth, effectively cock blocking anyone else from feeding her some fun. They changed booths once and the same thing happened. So they left and the gays went back to their “normal” behavior (if you can call it that) I sure hope they come back. I was disappointed they were cock-blocked by these gay fellows. I’m sure she was too, but things like this happen for no apparent reason.
I was wondering if any of the members had a way around this problem (shots being fired is un-acceptable of course). Do these happy fellows think by blocking a couple they can possibly attain residual cock? That didn’t happen, I stayed until they (gay guys) left and they were still at zero/zero.

I simply don’t understand the logic.
We feel your pain, Bob.  Seems like every other report coming across the newsdesk here at The Journal is about problematic patrons at adult theaters and ABS's.  And it's unfortunate.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Click on the "Submit An Adult Theater Report" section on the right hand side of The Journal, and fire away.  It's easy, and you will thank yourself in the morning.