Monday, September 19, 2011

Field Report: Updates from Gentle Tongue

Doc here with two updates (with pics) from senior Journal reporter, Gentle Tongue.  GT has done a great job updating us on several adult theaters in the Midwest, and was kind enough to send us an update on two locations.

Here is Gentle Tongue...


Dear esteemed Dr. Lizardo,

To fulfill on my earlier promise I have attached a photo of the Fritz the Cat location in Triadelphia, WV or more commonly referred to as “Dallas Pike” at exit 11 of I-70. (ed. note: address info available on the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).
Fritz the Cat Theater
Triadelphia, WV

Although the photo is not so flattering it shows the state of affairs with the location.  The remodeling I had hint at in my report seems to be in full swing there.  I tried to confirm a reopening target date but so far have been unsuccessful.  I will surely update the legion of followers of the Doctor and “this thing of ours”.

Additionally I have included a photo of the Pioneer in or near Parkersburg, WV.  This location sits close to I-77, exit 179, not far after crossing over from Ohio.  On recent visits a lovely and young looking Paris Hilton type was working there.  She is like a china doll and quiet but very pleasant in helping.

The Pioneer ABS
Parkersburg, WV
The place is simply a novelty shop with booths.  In the past there have been reports of couples visiting and entertaining the faithful.  I am sure it is hit or miss and many might venture of from the Buckeye state to indulge. 

Although the majority of the booths are not operational the ones that are large (4) have glory port holes between them.  Yes, quarters will give you some good time to view the dozen and a half movies.  A little bit of updating and this place will once again rise.  The cleanliness is one of the best I have seen recently so a plus there.  Space is available to add a small theater and would be a good addition and draw.  For some reason I thought a theater did exist. Not as colorful but a bit of update and information to help avoid a wasted trip. 

Your humble contributor “GT”


Doc here again...Thanks to GT for another informative update on this thing of ours. GT has been a valuable addition to the team of reporters here at the Journal, and has filled in a void in reporting in the Midwest.  Thank you again, sir!