Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flash Report! Ray on Annabelle's in Winston-Salem

Doc here with senior reporter Ray and his latest report, this time from Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC. Ray's attention to detail is awesome, and this report illustrates it to a "T".

Take it away, Ray!


Dear Doc,

I may very well have spent the strangest night of my life in an adult theater last night. The scene was Annabelle's, the bookstore/video arcade/theater complex in Winston-Salem, NC. To borrow a phrase, it was the best of nights, it was the worst of nights.

My date for the evening fell through, and I couldn't get plan B to come through either, but since there is very little to do in Winston-Salem on a Saturday night, I figured I would go solo and run some recon on the place.

Winston-Salem, NC
First, the best. There were 10, count 'em 10, couples that graced the theater during my visit. I got there around 9:00 and found four couples already in the theater. The ladies were all middle-aged, a little heavier than they probably want to be but, hey, they were in a porn theater.

Couple 1 didn't seemed to be dressed to play. She was wearing pants and a top that kept everything very covered up. Couple 2 had promise. The lady was decked out in a little black dress. These two couples were sitting side by side in the main theater area. Couple three was tucked into the back of the same area. She was wearing a white, semi-see through top and a short denim skirt. Couple four featured a blonde in a nice short dress. These four couples, and about a dozen guys, were running their own comedy improv show when I walked in.

Before I proceed, let me give you a quick rundown of the layout of Annabelle's these days. It has changed considerably since I was last there. It costs 10 bucks to get into the theater/arcade area, a veritable maze that winds you past two theaters and the arcade area. Through the the arcade and out a side door there is an enclosed deck area for those who need a smoke break. No smoking in the building. The smaller of the two theaters plays gay porn and was only used by men when I peeked in throughout the night. The other theater is much larger. Actually, it is sort of divided in two, with two screens playing two separate movies. Leather couches, love seats, chairs and padded bar stools are arranged around the screens - more like a home media room than a theater. There is even a stripper pole tucked into a corner. Across the back of the room there are three small private rooms with windows. Couples can arrange to use them. Blinds on the windows give them as much privacy as they want. Now, back to the report.

I was in that large theater, toward the back, listening to (mainly) a single guy yuck it up with one joke after the next. The couples were laughing along, which was fine, but it really didn't allow them to relax and get into the mood of things. During all of this, couples 5 and 6 came in. Both girls were dressed in pink, both sporting impressive busts. The lady in couple 5 was actually wearing some sort of very thin nightie, which covered almost nothing when she sat down. Underneath she wore a tiny pair of matching panties. Couple 6 finished her outfit out with a nice mini-skirt. Couple 6 sat across the room, unnoticed by the other couples for nearly 20 minutes or so. Couple 5 came and sat with the rest of the gang. For the next hour or so, the couples would take turns heading out for smoke and bathroom breaks, then returning to watch the movie. Other than a little through the jeans dick rubbing by couple 3, there was no action to report.

When couple 7 came in the room, you could hear heads snap. She was tall with short, stylish blonde hair and wearing a pair of tight jeans that framed her ass in the nicest way. The skinny denim legs tucked down into a pair of boots that ran nearly to her knees and ended in some four inch heels. While she didn't look like she was there to play, she looked amazing! They did some nice making out while they were there and at one point I thought things were going to go further, till some dickhead came and stood nearly on top of her. Couple 8 was young - very young - and black. They looked a little overdressed for the porn theater. And they both looked like they were completely out of their element. They never got further than 6 feet from the entry into the theater. After about 5 minutes, they left. So far, 8 couples... and no action. 1-6 were still in the building, and we were still waiting, but nothing.

Couple 9 raised our hopes. He was older, but she was tiny, hot and wearing a teeny dress that clung to every inch of her tight early-20-something body. She smiled and said hi as she walked past me, looking for a seat. Since there was none, they spun around and headed out. 15 minutes later, couple 10 showed up. She was maybe 30, red hair, short denim skirt. She got spooked pretty quickly and they disappeared, but a few minutes later I saw him encouraging her in the hallway and they came back in.

In a nutshell, that's all there is to report. The only action all night consisted of the aforementioned cock-thru-the-pants rubbing by couple 3. A very subtle masturbation of the couple 4 lady by her man. Couple 2 taking a guy into a private room, blinds closed. And Couple 10 - after a few hours in the theater - taking the same room for a nicely noisy fuck session (blinds also closed). Oh yeah, the little hottie in couple 9 came back (with her man) and gave a pole dancing lesson to the willing girl in couple 5. Nice show. No nudity. No lesbian action broke out.

As I say, the best (10 couples in one night) and the worst (no action).

Chatting with some of the regulars, I learned that the first Saturday of the month is couple's night and the place is packed, but there isn't much more play than what I witnessed last night. The number of couples last night was high and USUALLY one can expect a little more of show, but there isn't much audience participation.

Annabelle's is nice place. A couple of nice looking ladies behind the counter to welcome you, a big spacious layout with some interesting nooks and crannies, pretty clean (although the uni-sex bathroom really needed some attention as the night wore on) and reasonably priced. Now if they could just get those couples play!


Doc here again...A big thanks to Ray, and his outstanding report from Annabelle's.... Keep up the great work, sir.


Flash Report! The PNW Kid Takles On Airport Video in Everett, WA

Doc here with a first time report from The PNW Kid.  I have a big need for a regular reporter covering the Seattle scene, as The Good Doctor doesn't find himself there  much any longer.  This is where The PNW Kid steps in...

So please welcome to The Journal of Adult Theaters, The PNW Kid!


Hi Doc,
I found myself with too much idle time on a Friday night, so I decided to pay a visit to Airport Video in Everett, WA. After checking out both the booths and the theater, I waited in the dvd area to see what fate might provide.

Twenty minutes later, a couple in their mid-30s arrived and walked into the theater. Both of them were dressed for a night at the clubs, with the pretty Jennifer Lawrence look-alike wearing a very short dress and three inch heels. She had long, blond hair with blue & red streaks and a very cute smile. I waited two minutes before entering the theater, in order to give them some time to settle into their seats, then wandered inside and took a seat at the end of the aisle across from this lovely lady.

Airport Video,
Everett, WA

Me and the other theater patrons waited patiently, but the couple only held hands and watched the movie. At one point I began to wonder if she was a local pro or if they were in town to visit uncle leo, especially when the guy started messing with his iPhone. Twenty minutes later, as the scene playing onscreen ended, they suddenly stood up and exited the theater. It's a good thing nobody was trying to enter at the time, because half of my fellow patrons (okay, me included) exited shortly thereafter to see where they were going.

The three guys loitering at the entrance to the booths was the only clue I needed. One lucky gent was already tucked into an adjoining booth and you could see the sexy woman's knees and heels moving against the floor of her booth as she got to know her new friend while her escort stood behind her. The booth area turned into a feeding frenzy at this point, with many patrons taking up positions in nearby booths or pacing back and forth. Management had to put out several announcements for folks to keep feeding the meters and to clear the area. When the door to the adjoining booth opened, another guy damn near dived inside. But it was a wasted effort, as the couple's booth door opened and they slipped out and into the night.
Keep up the great work! 



Thanks to The PNW Kid for an excellent first-time report here at The Journal.  Seattle has 3 different adult theater options: Airport Video here, Fantasy Unlimited downtown, and Hollywood Erotic Boutique.  Of the 3, I like HEB the best, due to it's great (Fight Club-like) atmosphere, and my personal luck there.

We are looking forward for more from The PNW Kid... And welcome to the ranks of Journal scribes.