Friday, May 21, 2010

A National Call for Reports and Reviews by The Good Doctor

Doc here with a call to arms!  The Good Doctor needs your reviews, reports, and past rememberances of adult theaters.  Whether it's a new report, a profile of your hometown haunt, or a vivid memory of that "one time at that adult theater when that woman walked in...", The Journal needs you.

I am working on a few brand new "House Calls" that will be published in the next week or two.  However, what makes The Journal thrive is you.  So join the ranks of  Brent in Portland, Sable in Seattle, Bob in Biloxi, OldBeatNik, JaxBchBum, and Curly. 

Put pen to paper. Then e-mail The Good Doctor at  And then, MAGIC!  Your report will be seen by the hundreds of visitors this blog gets each day.

So put down your Doritos and lets see what you have. 

It's easy. 

Trust me, I'm a Dr.

I-Team Report: The Kansas City Scene (or lack thereof)

Doc here with a repost from an entry in the comments section regarding what is not going on in Kansas City.
The state of things in K.C. is accurately described.

Erotic City - passed into history. A wimpy ABS still exists there, but the freewheeling booth area in the back is closed for good.

Bazookas - Smallish theaters (75 seats or so), an occasional couple or two, but almost no playing. They usually hook up and go somewhere else. Kansas City ordinances dictate no doors on the video booths.

The Strand - nasty, smelly pit of a place. Lots of broken/missing seats in the theater. About 99% M/M. Both Bazookas and the Strand periodically get raided. No doors on the few video booths there either.

There are no ABS gloryholes left in town, as far as I know.

The Olde Un in Columbia is a great place but about a two-hour trip from K.C. Big ABS in front, nice hallway full of booths with huge gloryholes toward the rear (the gloryholes are actually hinged, lockable doors you can stick your whole head through, which may not be enough anonymity for some folks), and in the back three "theaters." The theaters are each about living room size with couches arranged around and a big screen TV at one end showing porn. One theater is couples only, one is "coed," meaning singles and couples allowed, and one shows gay porn. Many couples on the weekends and lots of playing. Some of the braver couples venture into the coed theater occasionally for showing off or playing. It's a great place, very clean, not a dive, and a relaxed atmosphere.
Doc here again... The only theater I have heard of personally was The Strand, but in name only. 

Thanks to the anonymous poster who provided the I-Team worthy report.  If you have any intel ony anything adult theater related, please e-mail The Good Doctor at