Sunday, May 15, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Jean & Scott @ Fantasyland 1 Saturday Night 5/14/16 w/7 EXXXCLUSIVE PICS and Video!!!

Doc here, a man who some say believes in three things: prettier girls, faster airplanes, and bigger alligators. 

It's mid-May, and I am still wearing long johns here in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college. But there is one thing I am sure will warm everyone up, and it's the following smoking hot report from senior Journal scribes Jean and Scott.

These two former students of Charles Xavier are now full fledged adult theater superhoes superheroes and they call the Alkali Lake section of central Florida their home base, and the legendary Fantasyland 1 as their playground.

Without further ado, please welcome back Jean & Scott!


Hey Doc and Readers, 

Jean here. Thought you might want to hear about some dirty adventures from Friday night (5/13/16). Oh and there are NEW pictures as well! 

The Real Jean!
Scott and I were in Tampa on Friday night, so we decided to make a stop at Fantasyland 1. We had planned to be there around 10pm, but didn't make it until 11:30 or so. Luckily, there were about 15-20 cars in the parking lot so we went in to look for some action.

A little side note here: I was wearing a jean mini skirt and black very low cut shirt with heels. I generally don't wear jean skirts, they are more suited for teenagers than late twenties hotwives. Scott did not realize this and bought one for me to wear in "real life". He also didn't take my ass into account because after trying on this skirt you could see the entire bottom of it. This means that it was really only appropriate for one kind of place! I wore it proudly because when someone buys you something, you really should wear it around them to show appreciation!

Upon walking into the theater we saw about a dozen men in the hallway and a few in the theater room. There were also a few other couples and some good sounding fun coming from one of the private rooms. 

We went into the main theater and watched the video playing for a bit ( it was well scripted with excellent lighting, like always) before we headed into the gloryhole rooms. For those of you who have never been to Fantasyland, the gloryhole rooms are somewhat themed. We usually use "pirate" or for lack of a better description "Oriental". 

After getting a couple before pictures, I got down in front of the gloryhole for the first "cummer" of the night. He was well-endowed, which was nice because you don't expect to hit the jackpot on the first go. Scott jokingly asked if I wanted to buy the first car in the lot. Luckily I said "Fuck it" literally and figuratively. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of his dick opening me up. You could tell he kept slowing down to keep from cumming but all I wanted was to be pounded. He hit it real hard right before cumming which was just great. It was a nice 10-15 minute ride, that ended in some appreciative groaning from the other side of the wall. After cleaning up a bit, I got ready for the next guest! 

Fucking the first guy did set a bit of a precedent. It was expected after that. I am by no means a size queen, dicks are dicks. When fucking at the gloryhole though, a larger size is required for pleasure on the lady's side. Remember, you are losing a few inches between you and me before we even get to the good stuff. I don't want to play "just the tip", but I will certainly blow you regardless of dick size! 


I do have a small piece of advice/borderline complaint. Part of this is on us for arriving late, but it still stands. I am actually disappointed if I don't get someone off. On one hand I feel like a dick sucking failure and on the other, I don't know how to graciously ask you to step aside. If you have been at the theater for several hours and have already cum multiple times, odds are you aren't going to again. That happened multiple times. Either it never happened or it took so long my jaw started to hurt. 

 Not to humble-brag about this, but I can get you off in under 10 minutes. If I can't, it's you. Scott always tells me to put them on the clock, but I feel bad. 

In summary, If you've gotten off recently or multiple times that night, maybe don't make me feel bad? Oh and if you fuck someone earlier in the night, wash your dick. Condom or no, I can taste pussy in your pubic area. (ed. note: Fantasyland guys, take notice!)

Back to the fun stuff. I had fun with the second dick that came through, blowing him and getting a mouthful of cum for my efforts, he thanked me and left. In between dicks at some time, I decided that it was my turn. With Scott's help I had a great climax and felt ready to take on the world. Well the world of dicks anyways. 

The next two received hand jobs (when Scott and I first got together my hand jobs were apparently lacking, so thanks to adult theaters and strangers for giving me practice and making them "delightful" according to Scott anyways). 

Jean @ the Hole
The first of the hand jobs was given because of a non-dick smell that I didn't want in my mouth, he came all over my hand and arm. The second guy I blew for about 15 minutes before he asked if I could jerk him onto my ass. I rubbed his dick on my naked ass while jerking him and received a nice splattering for my efforts. 

After these two I got redressed and stopped by the ladies room to wash off my hands (and arms and various other sticky areas). Went back into the gloryhole room and was presented with another dick. This one I sucked for about 20 minutes with no end in sight. Finally I just kind of stopped and he got the hint. Luckily the next guy came fairly quickly so I was back in the black. 

and a job well done.
The next guy was super nice, but didn't quite have a comfortable position. It was a struggle for both of us and I felt bad. He told me I was beautiful, thanked me for my time, and left. The last guy was a return customer, but the one that just wasn't getting off. I took that as a sign and closed the door to get ready to leave. By this time it was 1:30 and the parking lot was emptying, so it was a good decision on our part. 

We had a great time and we were also looking forward to some more fucking when we got home. That resulted in some nice hard bed breaking sex that I had been craving all night.

Thanks for joining us on our sexy adventures! I heard a rumor that there would be a second report next week?!?! Perhaps this time it will be a (invite-only) gangbang story! We do that occasionally, so if this is something you are interested in feel free to email us at or where we're more likely to see it, on our Twitter : @jean_scott_XXX.

Hope you are having sexy adventures of your own!
Jean (and Scott)

Bonus Video from this Report!



Doc here again... I guess a good start would be "WOW!".  There is a good reason Jean and Scott have as many followers on Twitter as they have. It wasn't that long ago I was lending encouragement to them as they began in this thing of ours in Toledo. Now they are among the Mount Rushmore of adult theater couples.

Do yourself a favor...Follow Jean and Scott on Twitter, and you'll be in for a treat, from deep in the heart of Alakli Lake.