Friday, February 3, 2012

Flash Report! The Return of Jessi Is A Bad, Bad Girl (w/new pics!)

Hey Doc!

Sorry it's been so long. Had a few things to take care of on my end.  I am back whorin' (OK i never stopped). lol. Went to CT's and to Truckers World this past Sat night and was fucked by over 25 strangers (not counting BJ's which would add another 12 or so). Everyone but 2 went bareback and came inside my nasty pussy.

Hubby took a lot of pics at CT's as always, but they didn't like them taken at Truckers World so we could only get one before they asked us to stop taking pics. Not fucking mind you (just the pics). Anyway sending a few of the pics. Hope you and everyone enjoys. Definitely gonna go back real soon.

Love everyone!




Thanks again to the very hardcore and naughty Jessi for another great photo gallery.  Please keep the pics coming Jessi!  You continue to be one of the rock stars of this thing of ours!