Saturday, July 2, 2011

I-Team Report: The Return of Sable Mathison

Doc here, now breathing a sigh of relief... After dropping out of sight in this thing of ours late last year (from the Seattle scene), Sable Mathison has come back to us with an update on where she has been, and what she is now up to. I can now call off The I-Team investigative reporters I have had on her missing persons case, and repurpose them into finding my favorite pair of aviator sunglasses lost at a water park last weekend while on the Lazy River ride.

Here is the lovely and naughty Sable and her update...


Hello Doc! 

Sable is back. Sorry for dropping off the earth, but hey, life happens. I find myself in California. I am missing the Northwest with all my heart. Anyway, thought I would put a little note your way. 
The Real Sable Mathison @ Airport Video

I have yet to experience any theater action here, but hope to soon. I thought I would write about myself and Sky on our last mini adventure. Sky is your 5’8 beautiful sexy, horny bitch. She loves everyone and everything you give her. Literally. 

Well on a recent road trip, we decided to stop in Nevada. Since I am a confirmed local, I knew all the hot spots. We ended up in Reno, and found a very posh men’s club. Since I knew the owners, we were allowed in. After a few cocktails, Sky was getting her panties in a bunch. All of a sudden, in walk 2 gorgeous men. They stand at the bar and make small talk. Sky decides on one and goes in for the kill. She is wearing a black tank, low cut and a mini skirt with stiletto’s to die for. I am wearing simple low cut black, with heels. Sky and Mr. Wonderful, hit it off and start the play. Meanwhile, Mr. #2 starts hitting on me. 

We all decide to get a private play room. We move in there and have the place to ourselves. Sky decides to start dancing and slowly removes her clothes. Mr. Wonderful has a bulge in his pants, which makes me drool. I am wet watching her. She slowly pulls his hard cock out and begins to eat. I am envious. I want to join in. #2 is a little slow out the gate, but as soon as I remove my dress, he rises to the occasion. I dive in and we both are enjoying a delectable meal. There is a round bed in the room. Sky gives me the eye, and we both jump on. We entangle, and begin playing with each other, which amazes the men. They join in and we have a slurp and suck marathon. We all cum and we laugh. Good time had by all. 

Nevada - gotta love it.

Glad to be back! Next time maybe a theater trip.


It is so good to have Sable back in the fold here at The Journal. She provided some scorching hot theater reports from Seattle last year during trips to Hollywood Erotic Boutique and Airport Video (in Everett). Then poof, she was gone. The e-mail address I had for her was dead, and that's when I deployed The I-Team. That was then, and this is now. She's back, and that is a very good thing. We look forward to her next adult theater adventure, and if past performance is any indicator, it will be hot.

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