Thursday, January 2, 2014

Couple's Flash Report! Far East Correspondants Squidly and Hotwife at the DC Gloryhole Club (w/2 Pics)

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from new contributors Squidly and Hotwife. This take from the DC Gloryhole Club is all sorts of fantastic, and comes with two pics of Hotwife at the gloryhole.
Hey Doc,
Your Far East correspondents, Squidly and Hotwife checking in again.  Before the missus and I moved to South Korea, we used to be fairly active members of the DC Gloryhole Club (which you've published reports on in the past).  Well, the Club President has been asking the ladies of the club to provide stories regarding their GH party experiences.  I was finally able to convince the missus to submit her own story and I thought I'd also share it with you and your fine readers...

UPDATED! Couple's Flash Report! Moaning Lisa @ 15th Ave in Chicago on 12/28/13 w/NEW PIC

Doc here, a man who some say enjoys giving as much as receiving, with a great Couple's Flash Report to start off 2014.
My dear friend, the lovely Moaning Lisa, was in quite the mood last Saturday night. She had a fire burning, and need a few well qualified hoses to put out that fire. So off to Chicagoland's awesome 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa she went.
And what a tale she has to tell... Fasten your seatbelts kids.  Here we go!
Dear Doc and the Readers,

Happy New Year!!  2013 has been full of ups and downs, but I'm happy to report closing of this year
at 15th Avenue was tremendous!  Avid readers of the Journal may have caught the great report submitted by The Watcher (TW) about Saturday night the 29th.   My report will give more juicy details on the evening’s activities.