Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flash Report! ATrampBoy Reports on the 98th Street Theater in Albuquerque, NM

Doc here with 2012's newest contributor, ATrampBoy. The scene of the report is Albuquerque, NM, and the location is 98th Street Adult Video


Hi Doc,

I have enjoyed your blog for a bit now and felt like I ought to relay a couple of experiences I've had at the less reported theaters. Unfortunately I have no pics or video, just my fond recollections. I am also not a writer so these will be amongst your poorest contributions no doubt.

Anyway, I'll start in chronological order...

98th Street Adult Video, Albuquerque, NM
The theater is not great but it is very couples friendly. My first time was the result of a posting on the local swinger's/adult club yahoo group. 'Fred and Wilma' would be there such and such and she wanted to take on all comers (cummers?) in the theater. As luck would have it I was without adult supervision that weekend and planned to make the 100 mile trip to Albuquerque that Saturday night. I kept checking with them via email through the afternoon to make sure it was a go and finally set off with a great sense of anticipation.

I had seen pics of Wilma so I knew who to look for - she's a tall woman, long legs, large tits, and apparently, a very healthy appetite! I got in, paid my admission and immediately saw that Wilma was down front just sitting on the bench (98th st has hard metal open weave benches, not comfortable!) with Fred on one side and an older guy on the other, they were either not yet started or taking a break, I'm not sure. Wilma had a tight, small, black dress, bunched around her waist, black knee pads and a blindfold. Te older gent had her tits in his hands and she was slowly stroking his cock.

To my surprise there were maybe 12-15 guys in a knot off to the side of the theater, I moseyed over but couldn't see what was going on so I went back to stick close to Wilma. As I returned she was up on her knees over the back of the bench and the older guy was doing her from behind. Fred was there telling him to move to her mouth when he was ready to cum. As I moved close Fred told me condoms for her pussy, bare in her mouth, fucking her pussy was for her, her mouth was for us and she wanted to swallow every load. Works for me!

The older guy pulled out and moved to her mouth as I slid in her wet, open, pussy and began thrusting. I noticed the group in the corner had  broken up and a cute young lady and her male companion were sitting in the back row watching, I guess that she must have been on her knees blowing him that elicited the large group, whether she did any others or not I don't know.

Several of the other guys queued up behind me which encouraged me to give up her pussy and move to her mouth. The next guy up slid into her as I slid into her mouth. He must have been there a while cause he didn't last two minutes and left the theater. After I came, which she swallowed without missing a drop, I moved away to watch. I mentioned the young couple, they watched intently and he periodically whispered something to her. a couple of guys in the row behind Wilma's head were there slowly stroking, each other. two young girls came in and stayed by the door watching and several guys were queued up for their turn.

As she wore down the group of guys and turned to sit back down in the chair, I moved beside her and began to finger her very wet pussy. She laid back and just let me suck her tits and finger her pussy. She started to really respond to my hand and I moved between her legs and stroked her vigorously, & when she came I was shocked! She squirted what seemed a gallon! I very nearly fell on my face the concrete floor was so slick. I started to withdraw and she grabbed my hand and made it clear I wasn't done. I was hard again so I suited up as I stroked her and moved up to slip back in that very wet pussy. I pumped her a while but another cum wasn't in the cards, so I went quite a while getting her very close to another explosion which was an incredible experience once more.

I moved back beside her and she leaned over to suck my cock but it was clear her energy was fading though a new comer did suit up and slip into her as she was sucking me. Whether he came or got stage fright or what I don't know but he left after just a few minutes and she sat back, holding my cock and just said something about  being sorry but she was 'all fucked out'. How could I complain!?  We sat there for a while she regained her composure, and sort of covered up.... I helped Fred get her to their car, one ass cheek exposed completely and one tit essentially on display.

We exchanged email, they had a playmate up near where I live that they thought might like to meet and I asked if I could get the pics Fred was talking throughout but I have not heard from them again.

So there you have it Doc. I will write the others separately.

Thanks for your good work!


Doc here again...Thanks ATB for a solid rookie report!  Fresh blood is always vital here at The Journal, and it's good to have ATB in the fold.  He has more reports on the way from the sands of New Mexico.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see in The Journal?  Just e-mail Doc Savage The Good Doctor at  I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and make your report spiffy.  You get the byline and the glory.


Flash Report! A Little Tease From Gloryhole Nancy

Doc here, New Year's Day, and I'm still getting the confetti out of my mustache... But enough about me.

I got a quick note from our good friends Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T, and it seems their gloryhole party just outside Detroit was a big hit.  And, as per their custom, they sent along a teaser image (in anticipation of their full report here at The Journal).

Here is Gloryhole Nancy and T and their update on last night's fun...


Hey there Doc,

Just wanted to let you know our gloryhole party was a huge success! I'll be sending a report and pics later but as is my style, I wanted to send you a teaser pic of Nancy in action. 

Hope you had a good weekend, we'll get back to you very soon....
T & N


Doc here again... In the words of Bart Scott, NY Jets linebacker...

"Can't Wait!"