Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Quick Note (& A Request) From The Good Doctor

Doc here, your humble sea bass, with a quick note (& a request) from the newsroom desk here at The Journal. 

One of the goals of The Journal is to bring you the most up to date information from this thing of ours, albeit positive, neutral, or negative.

Last night, August 3rd, was a terrific night in some of the busiest adult theaters in the country.  It also was a disconcerting night in one well known adult theater.

It what meteorologists call a "seismic event", two of the hottest couples The Good Doctor has come across in this thing of ours met last night for the first time: M&A (The Asian Couple) from CTs in Gary fame, and Len & Kate, from 15th Avenue in Chicago fame.

The Lovely "A"
Both couples turned CTs inside out last night, and I'm personally dying to read your reports of the wet and wild fun that occurred at one of America's most hardcore adult theaters.

If you happened to be at CTs Adult Theater last night, 8/3, and would like to submit a report, PLEASE DO!  The Good Doctor wasn't there, so I need to lean on you, the good readers and reporters of The Journal for your reports on this special night. 

I have heard from both M&A and Len & Kate this morning, and what a crazy night it was for them and the other folks at CTs... I know they both would love to read your account of the night.  E-mail me direct at, and I will get your reports up.

Advance word from both couples was that there wasn't a dry eye (or floor) in the building after the display both couples put on for the troops.  So pretty please, with sugar on top, send in your reports from last night at CTs.

Next Item...

I picked up a note that was posted on Mary and Christine's Adult Theater Play Yahoo Group late last night, that there was LE activity at The Buford Highway Twin Cinemas in Atlanta. I have not seen anything on the web as of yet, but if you have intel on this situation, please drop me a note.

Knowledge is power in this of ours...

Thanks again, play safe, and play smart.