Thursday, March 16, 2017

1 Hour Left To Jump In! It's Back! Doc's 2017 NCAA Bracket Busters Tourney! Join Now! Winner Take All!

Update 3/16/17 at 10:00am: Only 1 hour left to fill out your brackets and play the Dr. Lizardo Bracket Busters NCAA Tourney!  Winner take all tourney!

Right now we have 32 entries in the field, including some of the hottest adult theater girls I know!  If you are not in already, what are you waiting for?

Click here and get started!



Doc Roundball here once again!  It's time for a tradition unlike any other... The 2017 NCAA Bracket Buster Tourney, and hosted on Yahoo.

Join some of The Journal's top reporters, hottest girls, and loyal readers in our annual tournament!  All you need to do is click on the link below, join "Dr. Lizardo's Bracket Busters", come up with a bracket name worthy of our common interest in "this thing of ours", fill in your bracket QUICKLY and COMPLETELY (right, Mrs. Big O?), and you are all set!

Here is the link:

This is a wiener winner take all tourney this year!  The prize is an exclusive, brand new designed "Secret Room 2125" premium mug!  It different than previous year's prizes, and very cool!

Join the cool kids in class and join the "Dr. Lizardo's Bracket Busters" tourney!  We are looking to hit an all-time record of participants (23 was our high # in 2015)!  Hop on board! Games start early Thursday, and picks must be in by then!

Questions? Please e-mail me at

See you on the court!