Monday, August 20, 2012

News Bulletin! LE Raid at The Adult Supercenter in Palatka, FL

Doc here... As a public service to you, the good readers of The Journal, I will do my best to alert you to any issues within this thing of ours.

There is trouble brewing in Palatka, Florida, and two reporters have checked in with information.  First up is senior reporter, JaxBchBum, who covers the Florida scene like a blanket for The Journal.

Here is that surfing stud himself, JBB, and new reporter, Cruiser:



Just a quick follow-up.  Putnam County FL Sheriff's Office again made arrests at the Adult Super Center theatre in Palatka, Florida in early August following their initial raid the previous week.  Arrested and booked one guy for lewd conduct in the theatre and also charged the store owner with operating a business promoting lewd behavior. 

From what I understand, store clerk is now required to go back periodically and check on activity in the arcade and theatre and kick out anyone that is engaged in lewd conduct.  Sounds like they have been given the "two strikes" warning and if they don't clamp down they will seek to close down these facilities or the entire store.  As I mentioned before, never seemed to be a real mega-draw for couples but hate that the option is in danger - at least through election time.

Had a productive visit to Pure Pleasures in Orange Heights this past weekend with 3 couples coming in at different times and all 3 playing to some level.  Will get a report written up and send to you.

Can't wait to read all the details about your visit to Hartford.


and this report from Crusier:

Just wanted to let you know that Putnam Cty. Sherrif's have busted the Palatka bookstore / theatre twice now. July 23rd and August 3rd.  Five arrested the first time, and two the second time. Clerk was charged both times.

By the way, the sherrif is up for re-election this year.

How about a pic?



Doc here again... Be careful out there, especially in Florida.


Flash Report! Old Marine Corps Guy @ Adult Shoppe #1 in Phoenix

Doc here with a Flash Report from this past Sunday from our good friend and colleague, Old Marine Corps Guy.

Take it away, OMCG!


Hey Doc,

I checked what might be in at the Adult Shoppe #1, at about 3:00PM on today. There was a young couple in the bookstore looking at videos.They were Hispanic, he in his late 20's and she looked just barely old enough to be in the store (it is 18 to enter). She had a blouse and VERY tight short-shorts on. Very cute girl and VERY big tits. A little plump, but the plump was all in the right places. She looked like she should have been in the cheerleading squad.

I went in and there were no couples in either theater, so I went over the Just for Fun to see if anything was going on there. There was a TV giving blow jobs,but not any couples. I stayed for about half an hour and nothing came in, so I went back to The Adult Shoppe.

I walked into the theater on the right and the girl that was part of the couple in the bookstore earlier was sitting on the bench leading to the gay theater all by herself and playing with her tits! I sat across from her and took out my dick and started stroking. There were two other guys on different benches stroking too. She got up and sat down next to one guy and he immediately got up and left. After a few minutes, she got up and went over to a black guy and sat next to him on the wood bench in the back. This whole time she still had her big tits hanging out.

Adult Shoppe
Phoenix, AZ
She kept playing with her tits, and the young brother kept rubbing his dick but not looking at her at all. This went on for about 15 minutes when he got up and left too. By this time I figured I'd give it a try and went back and sat next to her. We said 'hi' to each other and I asked her if she wanted some help playing with her tits. She said that it was OK to touch, so I started playing and then sucking her tits.

I was rubbing her legs and I told her that she should have worn a skirt to be able to get to the pussy, and she said that it was, "that time of the month" and that wasn't on the game plan for today. I asked where the man was that I saw her with in the bookstore and she pointed into the gay theater. He was standing in the corner, jacking off looking at us. She told me that he gets off watching her with other guys, but that every guy in the theater so far was either scared or gay. I told her that I was neither and asked her if her man got turned on watching her suck cock. She said that he really liked that, so I helped him out with his turn on.

I took out my dick and she reached over and started to get me hard. When she had it just right, she bent over and started sucking my dick. As soon as she started, her man came over to the doorway between the str8 and gay theaters and dropped his pants and started jacking off us. At one point her hair fell down and covered her face and he told her to move it so that he could see better.She eventually squatted down in front of me and sucked me that way until I came. She told me earlier that she didn't want me to cum in her mouth, so just when I was ready she took it out and jacked me off and made me shoot all over those pretty tits of her’s.

I guess her man shot his load too, because as soon as I came, he came over with his pants up and said, 'let's go' to her and they left. I said thanks and she waved. It was a nice, unexpected surprise for a Sunday afternoon.

You just never know when action will happen in the theaters.

Semper Fi


For new readers of The Journal, Old Marine Corps Guy has the most experience in this thing of ours.  He was there in the beginning, in the late 60's on the West coast, and hasn't looked back yet. So when a report from him comes over the teletype here at The Journal, I jump.

Thank you again, sir!