Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flash Report! Dan Do Right @ Swing Shift Theater in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Doc here, with a terrific Flash Report from our friends to the north, Canada. And holding the maple leaf flag strong and proud, is our good friend Dan Do Right.
Dan is back on his home soil, and has submitted an outstanding report from Swing Shift Adult Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario (in the north suburbs of Toronto).
So kids, pick up a dozen of Tim Horton's finest, and enjoy Dan's report...
Dear Dr.,
Here is a quick report from Swing Shift in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.
I grew up in Toronto and get back now and then.  I was unfortunate enough to have a long lay over on my way back from Washington DC a few weeks ago.  I have a lot of time to kill and I decided since there was very little else to do, I would drive over to Swing Shift in Richmond Hill and see if I could make the long layover a good layover.  Now, I have never been to swing shift and wasn't sure what to expect except for the reports I have seen on your blog.  I also get nervous about new places not know what the local authorities think about it.
The place is pretty good, there is parking in the back, the area around it is nice, new condos close by, not a seedy area of town.  It's a clean place that seems well run and not an intrusion in the neighborhood so I figured the place would be left alone. It is a fair drive from downtown Toronto just so people know, if you are in Toronto, this is Richmond Hill, a little drive north to get there.
Swing Shift Theatre
Richmond Hill, ON
 So, feeling at ease about the place, I went in and looked around a little, didn't really see any activity except for a few guys lurking about.  I talked to the guy manning the store and asked if they ever get any gals or couples in.  He said they did and fairly often but none right now.  I decided I had time to wait.  It was Sunday and they close a little early (9:30...I think) but it was early afternoon I had time before my connecting flight so I figured I would take a walk outside and come back.
I walked around a bit, grabbed a coffee about three blocks up the street, killed some time.  As I was walking back I saw a car driving around back with a nice middle aged guy driving and a women about the same age with him.  There is a drive to get to the parking between a church and the building next door, and they didn't look like there were going to church! I went in inside and waited.  Sure enough, in walked a couple.  I went into the theater.  The theater is smallish but clean.  There were about 3 guys in there.  I found a good spot to see the movie and the door.  About 15 minutes passed and I figure they were not the type to come in and play.  But, sure enough, the door opened and in they came.

She was about 5'6", dressed in a skirt and low-cut top, brown hair and a nice smile.  They sat down and he sat on the outside.  I assumed to shield her from the inevitable group that would form.  The guys were cool, looked but no one rushed to move.  I stood for a bit and watched as they got comfortable.  She started stroking his cock and he slipped up her skirt and was rubbing her pussy.  Another guy moved to the row in front and when they didn't stop, I figure that was a good sign to move closely too.  I sat in behind and couple of chairs to the side so I could watch.  She had her eyes closed and was enjoying it.  
The other guy in front stood up and moved over to where they were, cock out and ready.  She watched him stroke but didn't do anything.  I stood up too, cock ready and walked behind.  The guy looked a little worried at first, and I thought he would tell us to back off but, he asked why were weren't closer.  I came around and he moved to the other side so I was beside her.  She reached over to the guy in front and started giving him a hand job.  She grabbed me with her other hand and started stroking.  The hubby (I assume) lifted up her shirt and reviled her tits - she had come prepared, braless.
I grabbed a breast and started rubbing.  They were real and very soft, nice nipples.  She then leaned forward and started sucking my cock.  She has a velvet mouth, very hot and wet.  I help by stroking and soon enough, I told her I was going to cum; she started sucking harder.  I took the signal as permission to cum in her mouth and I shot my load (I wanted to cum on her tits but I think this was better).  She swallowed it all and continued to suck until I was totally dry.  It was awesome.
I zipped up and made room for another guy who had moved in close.  She got to work on him and I worked my way back out to watch for a while.  I enjoyed the view and action for a little bit and then decided to would head out to grab dinner before my flight.  I'd say that was a great lay over (or was that laid over).
As I left, the guy at the counter said to have a good night and I laughed and said I did and will.
Next stop is Miami at the end of November, I will see what is on offer there, any suggestions from you or your readers would be helpful.
Dan Do Right
Doc here again... Thanks to Dan Do Right for a great Flash Report from the great white north.  Keep up the great work, sir.

Flash Report! 0wlishly @ Horse Cave, KY by Jay

Doc here with a tremendous Flash Report from contributor Jay... On Saturday 11/3, Jay was lucky enough to witness an appearance by none other than 0wlishly and her guy at Horse Cave, KY.
Here we go with Jay's report on this crazy night in Horse Cave, KY.
They arrived Saturday night around 10 PM. They shopped in the store first buying a vibrator. As they walked in the theater we knew this would be a fun time.
She was a pretty young thing, wearing a raincoat; he was the size of a Tennessee Titan's linebacker. They took their seats in the middle of the theater and off came her coat. Underneath she had on a teddy. As she used the vibrator on herself  and he helped by finger fucking her. Then she did something I have not ever seen before.
She squirted, about two feet high, and she did this 5 times or so before they went back to the booths. In there she took care of six or so guys with what I am told was a very talented mouth and she swallowed. They came out to cool down and chat with the guys for a while. Then back to the theater where more play resulted in more squirting. At that point he took her and had her blow him which was nice to watch.
After a while he put her over the couch in front and doggy fucked her violently. She was loving it as he rammed his cock into her. He even put his fist in her mouth to keep her from screaming. They fucked and she sucked him as roughly as I have ever seen and they both loved it. They finished off with her going down on him on her knees with him standing, she was eager to lick her pussy juice off his cock and when he came he did so on her glasses, her face, her boobs and shoulder & arm.
After a little cleanup they dressed and left. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Hopefully will see them again. I believe she posts in this blog as Owlishly. Hopefully someday she will drench me in one of those squirts.
Note: Sadly the bookstore doesn't allow couples in for free or even to leave the building and come back in to play.
I bounced this report to 0wlishly after receiving it... And all the details were 100% validated.  She is Southern version of Koral from Portland.  Insatiable, adorable, and very naughty.
A big thanks to Jay for the report... Don't be a stranger, sir.