Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Blast From The Past/Peek Into The Future with The Scarlet Pimpernel

Doc here with a little something different... I received a note from The Scarlet Pimpernel, and it was an terrific journey of a report, so much so that I had to publish it.

You'll see why!  Take it away, SP!


Hi  Doc,

Allow me to introduce myself and let me say that I really enjoy reading your blog.  Your writing is witty and inspired!  Keep up the good work.  I know that curing society of its sexual hangups is difficult and your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

This isn't intended to be a report for your blog (ed. note: It is now!), but I thought you might like to read it anyway.  I'm shy (used to be much more shy) and haven't partaken in couples action in adult theaters, but I did have a near-miss at an adult theater in Los Angeles in 1974 when I was 28 years old. 

I  had driven up there from San Diego on a Friday evening, I believe.  It may have been in Hollywood and it may have been a Pussycat Theater.  The movie was "Sexual Ecstasy of the Macumba" with Nina Fause and maybe Marilyn Chambers or Linda Lovelace (can't remember).  It was a surprisingly hot film and I got a nice erection watching (the film has been lost to the ravages of time apparently, as I can't find it anywhere but there are incomplete references on the Internet).  The starlets were young and beautiful and the sex on film was honest and inspired. 

The theater had lots of empty seats.  I was sitting near the back and a nice looking late-30's couple came in and sat down in the aisle in front of me, just a few seats over.  He was very well dressed (for southern California) in a business suit and she was in a loose fitting summer dress with a floral print.  They were upscale and in-shape.  She glanced back at me a couple of times, and I think she smiled.  I was petrified with a combination of shyness and lust. 

After a while she got up, apparently to go to the restroom and returned a few minutes later.  I assumed she had removed her panties, as she proceeded to put her legs up on the seat in front of her and pulled up her dress.  I was further stunned at the show going on just a few feet away from me.  I didn't know such things happened in public theaters and I was both paralyzed and transfixed, unable move from my seat  (wish the Internet and your blog had been around then).  Anyway, after I watched them for a while a black man came down and sat next to her, in what was probably the seat they had reserved for me. 

She kept her visual attention on her male escort and hardly ever glanced at the black guy but I could see his arm move to her lap and I could see his shoulder moving.  I assume he was fingering her to orgasm as she leaned over and fellated her fella and perhaps jacked off the black guy.  After a while they left and I wished I had been more forward and taken her hint to move closer.  I thought of following them out of the theater and maybe thanking them for the show but I didn't.  I regretted my indecision and chalked it up to my ignorant youth.

Another public sex scene that I joyously happened upon by accident, but was less shy to enter, was the Namaita strip show clubs in Tokyo, Japan.  I was stationed in Japan in the early 80's and the sex scene was off the hook at the time.  I used to go to strip show clubs ("namaita"), similar to the early burlesque shows in the US., but where the ladies (pros and semi-pros) onstage did a strip and put on a live sex show. 

There were several "acts" as the lady removed her clothes and danced to various popular songs.  Eventually, during the penultimate scene, the woman would remove the final articles of clothing and wind up completely nude to the (usual) enthusiastic applause of the male audience.  She would bow, the lights would go out briefly, and then she would re-emerge completely nude, or perhaps wearing a sheer neglige, carrying a little "lunch box" filled with condoms and sanitary wipes.  She would sit in the middle of the stage, often with her head bowed in a submissive pose, and wait.  The announcer would then invite a male from the audience to go up on the stage and have sex.  When the male partially disrobed and sat down in front of the woman, the lights would dim slightly and the circular stage would begin rotating so all the other patrons in the club could get a full view of the action.  The female would lick and suck the guy to erection and put a condom on him and have sex to completion. 

Usually there were three lucky guys who got their turn with the woman, unless someone ran into "overtime" or something, and it was time for the next act.  Everything was very well run and they tried to stick to a schedule for each woman.  The audience would applaud energetically when the climax occurred and the man pulled out and the lady carefully removed the filled condom.  It was always safe sex, with condoms, sanitary pre-wipes and post-wipes, etc., although one time I had a particularly hot Japanese AV star insist on me fucking her bareback.  She didn't offer me a choice, just hopped on and started in cowgirl.  I guess she wanted a mixed race baby or something.  The crowd was very excited to see the unscripted show (as I was to be a part of it). 

There were some really hot women at these clubs from all over - Japan, Thailand, Philippines, South America (mostly Colombia and Venezuela) and Europe, and even the USA.  As I implied, occasionally I would be the lucky guy who was chosen (we usually played rock/scissors/paper to determine who would get on stage) and I got to have sex with some gorgeous women.  Being a gaijin (foreigner) and better endowed than many of the Japanese, the audience often applauded energetically when I got up because I was something out of the ordinary for them, a fair-skinned, red-haired, well endowed foreigner.  Sometimes it was like they had never seen a western male before.  While not John Holmes, I am a little bigger than the average white guy. 

Occasionally the women would look at me in shock when I she pulled my cock out of my shorts, but I was always gentle and respectful.  There were several of these Namaita clubs close to where I lived and I spent many hours on Fridays and Saturdays checking out the talent (similar to the denizens of the adult theaters in the U.S.).  I know my story is not exactly "adult theater" stuff, but I wanted to tell you about it in the interest of sharing.  I had many adventures in Japan and Asia during my time there in a number of sex venues.  There were the namaita, soaplands, massage parlors, pickup bars, etc.  I could say I reached my sexual maturity and lost my sexual shyness during my time in Japan.

I'm 66 now but I have a younger (44 y.o.) girlfriend who is attractive and highly sexed.  She has experienced swinging with other partners and has asked me to join her.  I aim to do my best to satisfy her urges but the problem is I live in NE Florida and she's in SE Georgia and the swinging scene is a bit anemic and there isn't much of a scene here.  I think she might enjoy adult theaters and I read on your blog that there's one near Gainesville, FL .  I might check it out some evening but it sounded hit-and-miss in the one report I read on your blog.  If that theater doesn't pan out I'm resigned to buying a couple of plane tickets and trying a theater venue elsewhere.

A little more information about my girlfriend, C.  She is 44, 5'9" tall, white, about 135 pounds, long brown hair, trimmed bush, slender thighs, and a nice flat stomach and silky tanned skin.  Her body is all natural with C-cup breasts, and I don't think she owns panties (at least I haven't seen any when I've been with her).  She is a natural pleaser who professes to love it when I shoot cum in her mouth and on her face and hair.  She loves oral sex (giving and receiving) and I think she would enjoy the theater scene :-).

The Scarlet Pimpernel

P.S., I am a doctor too.  I maintain a thriving dental practice on the island adjacent to the river near the airport ;-).


Glad to have you aboard, Scarlet Pimpernel. Keep the faith, and let The Good Doctor help you and the lovely C along in this thing of ours.

I made some suggestions to TSP, and we will see if they work out for C and himself.  Stay tuned!