Friday, May 5, 2017

Flash Report! Henry Chinaski's "An Afternoon of Bliss, Part 2" at the Bliss Adult Theater in Dallas, TX

Doc here, a man who some say has the ability to call certain farm animals by name, and they respond in kind. It's magic. 

New contributor Henry Chinaski is back with Part 2 of "An Afternoon of Bliss". When we last left our hero, he was just on the business end of a top-shelf handie, and was heading back to work...or was he?

Take it away, sir!


So I exit into the beautiful Texas sun on a lovely Friday. I've just been expertly drained by the hand of the nicest body I have experienced in the theater game, and I still have time to finish those TPS reports that are cluttering my desk. As the poetry-mobile roars to life I decide I should head back to work right? But . . . I mean I am over here in thew epicenter of Dallas' dirty deeds depository. Its a good 35 minutes from my work and an hour from home. I mean it wouldn't hurt to go see what else was cooking would it. Determined to be as bad an employee as possible I head my vehicle to the other members in good standing of the theater community. 
Xposed Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
Within 5 minutes I am pulling into the parking lot of the Xposed Adult Theater and Megastore. I described the theater a little in part one. The parking lot was nearly empty (never a good sign) and filled with 5-6 African-american transvestites that have taken up an odd residency here. Again, nothing wrong with that and god bless you if that's what moves your needle, it's just not for me. The most passable of the group, in fact she may have actually been female smiled and waved me over. While I was optimistic for the day I was not for my chances here. I politely declined and left without entering the theater. I say this not to bash Xposed. I have had some good times there and hope to again. In fact its lay out is probably my favorite of all three, but one must be wise with one's theater budget so it was au revoir Xposed.
New Fine Arts ABS
Dallas, TX
Continuing my commitment to let my little friend have as much fun as possible, I took a detour to New Fine Arts Adult Bookstore. Now this is not a theater per se. Its a chain of adult bookstores in Dallas. There are 3 locations and they are very clean, very safe and very well kept up. These are the stores the buttoned up head of the PTA goes when she wants to spice up her marriage with some toys and clothes that show off her T & A. This location does have a series of viewing rooms though. Now I have never even heard tales of a single guy stumbling into any play here without a pre-arranged partner, but it was close and hope springs eternal and all that jazz. 

Three traffic lights and 5 minutes later I am entering the parking lot and lo and behold I see the unicorn of all unicorn. An attractive single woman leaving the store with a bag in her hand. Late 30s early 40s short blond hair, pretty face. A milfy girl next door with nice large breasts and well proportioned hips. She was dressed nicely in a colorful dress and low heels and was probably one of those PTA types referenced above. However, the dress was tight enough and low cut enough to make you think. I nodded and said hi as I walked past her on her way to her car. She smiled back and said hi. I hoped she would reverse course and follow me in but it was not to be. 

TONIGHT! It's "Kinko de Mayo" - The Next HUGE Party at The Oregon Theater in Portland on 5/5/17