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Time To be Thankful!

The Good Doctor will be taking a few days off to travel back to his homeland for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I feel it's time to get recharged with some crazy traffic and bad air quality back east. The Lizardo 3000 is gassed up for the trip, and there is no turning back.  Plus, I am wearing my new cummerbund.

I will be returning to The Journal of Adult Theaters on Monday November 29th.

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Blast From The Past: Old Marine Corps Guy on the Presidio Theater in San Francisco

Doc here with another classic Blast From The Past by our good friend Old Marine Corps Guy.  In this chapter of "Blast", OMCG tells us the tale of The Presidio Theater in San Francisco in the early 1980's.

So, now hailing from the dessert sands of Arizona, here is Old Marine Corps Guy and his Blast From The Past:


Back in the day (the early 80’s), there were lots of theaters up in the San Francisco Bay area.  Mostly they were down in the Tenderloin area (Pussycat, Bijou, etc.), and over in North Shore and they got the majority of the tourists, and a lot of action.  But, there was one theater up there that got most of the local, and some tourist action that was way off the beaten path.  It was the Presidio Theater.

The Presidio Theater
circa 1983

  The Presidio was in a residential neighborhood, about a block off of Lombard St. (The Crookedest Street In the World).  It had once been (and now is again) a 1st run movie house.  It was probably the largest porn theater I’ve ever been in.  It had a downstairs section that probably sat 200 or more people, and then a VERY high balcony that sat an addition 200+.  To get to the top rows of the balcony you almost had to stop for breath about halfway up.  But, once you got up there…that’s where the action was.  There was a large middle section (probably 25-30 seats across) and two side section of 15-20 seats across.  The very top corner rows were just 3 seats in each corner.
The theater itself was always dark, and from the main floor level you could not see all the way up to the back rows of the balcony.  Each row of seats going up to the top rows was at knee level with the next row up.  That meant that if you had a lady in a dress sitting behind you, and you turned around, you were looking straight into “wonderland”.  And, as things often turned out, if you got on your knees in your seat and turned around you were at just the right level to give that lady a little friendly “lick”.  Conversely, if a friendly lady was sitting in front of you and turned around, she was at just the right level to give you one of those friendly “licks”, too.
There were so many couples that went there it would take pages and pages to describe them all, so I will only tell you about the one that I have always thought of as the strangest that I’ve ever seen at that theater, or any other.

 San Francisco has one of the largest “Chinatowns” of any city in the states, and a lot of Chinese (single males, couples AND single females) frequented the theaters up there.  But there was one that was at the Presidio on a regular basis that always blew my socks off.  It was a Chinese couple in their 50’s, and their DAUGHTER!!  They always came in on a Tuesday in the early evening (8ish) and always went to the very top 3 seat row in the right hand corner.  If that row was full when they got there they would wait until it was vacant and then move back there.  Dad would always wear a suit, Mom would wear a floor length dress and Daughter would always wear a mini-dress.  She was probably just barely legal to get into the theater (I think the minimum age was 18 to enter).  Cute face, very thin and boobs that were almost nonexistent.
To my dismay, their thing was black guys.  I got to know them a little bit and they were friendly, but they did not want anything to do sexually with white guys.  All the brothers in the theater knew of there preference, and as soon as they walked in and started up the stairs to the corner there was a stampede of brothers heading up to get into the row right in front of them. 
Momma sat in the middle and was the director.  She would lean over the row of seats in front to judge each guys cock and then point to the one she wanted.  Dad would get up and stand next to Mom and Mom would move over to where Dad was and the guy would sit in between Mom and Daughter.  Mom would then kind of “present” the Daughter to the guy for him to do whatever he wanted.

One time a friend of mine was picked.  His name was Cecil and he had a telephone pole for a cock.  After he sat down he took out his “monster” and started stroking it for Daughter.  Mom reached over and took her hand and put it on Cecil’s cock and she started giving him a well practiced hand job (remember…they had been doing this same thing for quite some time).  While this is going on, Dad was standing next to Mom and Mom reached over and took out his cock and started playing with it.  Cecil, in the mean time had already pulled up her dress and started to play with Daughters pussy and then got down and started sucking her off.  He did this until she came (VERY loudly), and then she leaned over and started sucking Cecil’s dick.  She could barely get the head into her mouth.  After a couple of minutes Cecil got down on his knees in front of her and started fucking her.  It obviously hurt her at first because she started crying out, but Momma said something to her in Chinese and Daughter shut up and just went along for the ride.  Cecil fucked her for about 5 minutes and then stood up and came all over her belly and legs.  This whole time Momma had been jacking Daddy off (poor guy only had about a one and a half inch dick) and Daddy got off watching this.  When they were all done, both Mommy and Daddy were saying to Cecil and Daughter, “Hao, Hao, Hao” (means good, good, good in Chinese). 

Everyone straightened up then and the family said, “Shea Shea” (thank you) and walked out of the theater.  This was the same act they did almost every week.  Cecil told me later that she had a very tight pussy (hell, with his dick EVERY pussy was tight) but that she really knew how to fuck.  She even used the muscles in her pussy to “milk” his cock.  Since Asian women are my favorites, I always felt jealous about the brothers getting all the action (especially with this cutie) but then there was always enough for everybody back then…black, white, brown and purple. 

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again….I miss the old days.
Thanks Old Marine Corps Guy for the fantastic Blast From The Past.  Make sure you check out OMCG's terrific Yahoo Group here

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