Monday, June 24, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper at Airport Video in Everett, WA (w/2 NEW PICS!)

Doc here with a very interesting Couple's Flash Report from senior reporters Bambi & Thumper.  In this report, they once again hit Airport Video in Everett, WA, and they have quite the tale to tell.
Here we go!
Hey Doc,
You called for reports, and we are happy to help. Now that the bridge on Hwy 5 has been temporarily repaired we made our way down to Everett this past Saturday night. Bambi was wearing (two pics attached) her black mules, dark brown stockings, jean skirt, and see through hoodie, not to mention the ever present anklet.
We made it into the theater around 9, noticing that the parking lot was only half full and we could get a spot close to the door. After Bambi stopped to use the locked ladies room, we paid our $10 and made it into the main theater. I noticed that they have either removed or failed to fix the door buzzer that sounds when some one enters the theater

The Real Bambi #1
We had to sit near the front as the back half was full with confused folks. Sitting on the hard green plastic seats, we waited for our eyes to adjust. One male asked if he could sit next to Bambi.  We started to kiss, at which point we heard a lot of movement. Chairs behind us and in front filled up fast. One guy asked if he could go down on Bambi. Politely declined he moved around to the front of us. After a while he then pulled out a pink vibrator from his pocket and offered it to Bambi. Another theater first for us. Again declined, he started feeling her up.
At one point she had her tits out of her bra, with one guy behind fondling both. Two guys kneeling in front (some one actually told these guys to stop blocking the movie and sit down!!) and then one guy beside me reaching across to grab a feel. Lots of hands but no action, it was like one big group massage. It started to irritate Bambi since no one was doing anything else but grabbing her, and they were all still fully dressed except her. So we decided to move to the booths. Just before she dressed to leave a guy and two girls walked in. One of them almost jumped when she saw the crowd around Bambi, who was half naked. I am guessing it was her first time to such a place. 
The Real Bambi #2
We were followed by Mr. Vibrator, who like me, stopped at the counter to get some change. He grinned at me and moved onto the booths. We walked in and selected one, and Mr. Vibrator moved right in next door. Bambi and I got comfortable, as much as you can in a small room occupied by a large outdoor green chair. Removing her top and skirt, she motioned for the neighbor through the hole. Out it came, and Bambi went to work with both hands. Very soon it was all over. Out came the now ever present wipes and hand-sani. Two more guests arrived soon after and received the same treatment. Bambi then sat on my lap and bounced up and down, making a lot of noise.
Then another strange incident, at least from our perspective. At this time we starting to make our way out of the booth, having dressed, when this huge cock comes through the hole. Bambi, startled by its size and sudden appearance did not know what to make of it. She tried to stroke it, but it's owner just keep pulling it out of the hole. This went on a couple of times. Then all of the sudden he shoves his whole arm through the hole, reaching around like some sort of zombie. Bambi jumped and screamed, and we quickly exited the booth, only to be greeted by a short man half dressed in spandex and wearing what looked like knee pads. He was the one with the horse cock, who started to thank Bambi. He was standing half naked in the middle of the booth area. We turned and walked out.  

We left just before 10. Doc, you don't seem happy lately. Hopefully this tale from the weird side will cheer you up.  
Doc here again... Many thanks to Bambi & Thumper for another top shelf report from this thing of ours. This report had elements of both Red Shoe Diaries & Tales of the Unexplained, with a little bit of The Walking Dead. This report had me both smiling and shaking my head...