Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi Checks In With His Weekly Report for 10/15/11

Doc here with this week's installment from our good friend Bob in Biloxi.  It looks like it's a wonderful life for Bob, and this is illustrated by this week's report from both the Gulf Coast Adult Theater and the ABS down the street.

So sit back, pop open a Fresca, and enjoy Bob's report...


This Week's Episode: "Everytime Bob Cums, An Angel Gets It's Wings"

Hey Doc,

Greetings from the beautiful Gulf Coast. The weather down here has been excellent, the nights cool and clear, perfect for playing, and playing is indeed going on!!

On Saturday October 15th, a red haired angel descended upon our ABS. She was dressed in a little black dress and promptly stripped upon entering. She started playing with her man, so I took the liberty and slid the little soldier through the hole on hopes she would give it some attention as well. She did, and boy did she!

Bob in Biloxi
It was an OMG moment... Her delicate soft hands began feather light caresses, and then her hot wet mouth followed (note to the ladies: Yes she could hold class on the perfect blow job). She has what could be considered a Master’s Degree in technique. She took her time and seemed to enjoy the fact whomever was on the other side of the wall was getting Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years and their birthday all in one instant.

Hands down the best blow job this author has ever received! She worked my cock for several minutes, then she decided to envelope it even further by backing a very sweet, hot, wet pussy over it. I tell you Doc, it felt softer than velvet. It was alive with soft muscular folds than seemed to give the gentleness of massages to the little fellow. Another great part to her performance was her killer ass slamming the wall making it squeak and crack, accompanied by her moans on the other side! She left me completely depleted of baby batter, spinal fluid and most of the other liquid contained in the human body. My knees were completely worthless, I had no blood in my brain, I had trouble pulling my shorts up, I had to try and remember how to walk again. Totally mind blowing I say.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
As I opened the booth door, I was greeted my one of two of the posse of straight guys. One after the other, she quickly reduced them to blabbing bags of goo. Neither of the two could walk a straight line after she was done. These two being somewhat short in length only succumbed to her oral skills, had she been able to put her pussy in play, it would surely have killed both of them.

After the last guy exited, a huddle was formed in the parking lot, albeit the lucky ones were able to sit down and drink water. The unlucky had to lean against various vehicles in the parking lot, save from falling face first into the asphalt. However all agreed the lady had remarkable, awesome and any other word you can come up with defining Angel-like talent.

Damn, I haven’t even made it to the theater yet. An alert went out there... One semi-regular couple was in attendance. Later a threesome came in, with two women and one guy who fell asleep. One of the ladies sat by herself and was playing with some lucky guy that sat next to her. She was only hand miming his cock, after several giggles and a few belly laughs, they left.

Back to the ABS, one older couple came in (60’s?) she was a blonde. Slim in stature with pants on (?)(Yuck) but they both went to the back and started servicing lucky guys. I wasn’t out of recovery mode yet, so I went back to the theater. In the short time I was between points, a small BBW with dark hair arrived with her man. They sat on the back row, left corner (my stomping grounds last weekend) where she was taking on all cummers!

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Around 11 pm a very young couple came in to the ABS. She had dark hair, she was about 5’3 or so, but she had on a sheer black top with what I think was black panties and black bra, she had on a pair of heels that the strap wrapped around her ankles several times. And that was it, no skirt or anything else!

I was able to get the booth next to them, she was on her knees in no time blowing her man. She spotted me peeking and ran her finger around the hole. Being the gentleman I am, I fed my cock through the hole and she started tasting the remains of our red haired angel. She must have liked it, because I felt her roll on a condom and proceed to back her young ass up to the hole. She was banging the hell out of it and all I could think about was the red head, so I dumped another load into the bag. Then I felt her take the condom off , so I bent down to the hole to say thank you. As I was peering through, I saw her dump the load from the condom onto her toes!! Got to love freaky women I guess... That was a first!

And that’s the high points from the Coast doc. Portland is coming up for me Nov 2nd thru the 9th, and I can’t wait! Flags all over the place up there. Maybe Brent can put out the word for the ladies up there to show poor Bob around ?

this thing of ours!! !


Doc here... Thanks again to Bob and his terrific report from the beautiful Gulf Coast.   Sounds like a great time this past weekend... I am sure Brent will put Portland on high alert for your visit right around erection day, 2011.